The Mercado Pago account was born with a commitment: to make financial services accessible to everyone. By having a Mercado Pago account, you can manage your money, in addition to enjoying savings and benefits at no additional cost.

This includes an account with no maintenance fees and an annual fee-free credit card. And if you need to withdraw money, this option is also available for a fee of R$5.90, which we will explain in detail.

Another option is Pix Saque do Mercado Pago, which allows up to eight free withdrawals via Pix per month, eliminating the need to go to a bank branch or use the card.

How can I make withdrawals from my Mercado Pago account?

Withdrawals can be made at the self-service terminals of the Banco24Horas network throughout Brazil, both with and without a card. Follow the step by step:

1. Go to the Banco24Horas ATM of your choice;

2. In the Mercado Pago app, access the “Withdraw money” option;

3. Then, access “Digital Withdrawal with QR”;

4. Choose the amount you want to withdraw;

5. On the ATM screen, select the “Digital Cash Out” option and then tap on the “QR Code” option;

6. Point the cell phone camera at the QR code on the ATM screen;

7. Finally, wait for the operation to be processed and check your money.

How to make withdrawals using Pix Loot and Pix Swap?

You have the option of making up to 8 free withdrawals per month using Pix Loot and Pix Troco. Follow these guidelines below.

Withdrawals with Pix Loot:

1. On the main screen, choose the alternative “Withdraw”;

2. Then, on the map, filter by selecting Pix Loot and Pix Change;

3. Go to the chosen location and indicate the amount you want to withdraw using Pix Loot;

4. Access the application again and, on the main screen, select the “Pix” QR code reading icon;

5. Point your cell phone camera at the QR code given to you on site;

6. Done! Check the withdrawn amount.

Withdrawals with Pix Change:

1. On the main screen, choose the alternative “Withdraw”;

2. Later, on the map, filter by Pix Loot and Pix Change;

3. Visit the place of your choice, select your products and inform them that, in addition to paying for the purchase, you also want to make a withdrawal using Pix Troco;

4. Indicate the amount to be withdrawn and access the application again on the main screen;

5. Select the “Pix” QR code reading icon;

6. Direct your cell phone camera to the QR code given to you on site;

7. Done! Just check the withdrawn amount.

It is worth noting that the purchase amount will be deducted from your balance, along with the withdrawal amount.

If you face any difficulty with your transaction, you need to contact the call center. Contact options are available this page.

What is the fee for withdrawing from Mercado Pago?

When you decide to make a withdrawal, it’s important to keep in mind that the amount you want to withdraw is not the only component to consider. In addition to the amount you wish to withdraw, there will be an additional R$5.90 debit from your account.

This fee is related to costs related to the use of the physical facilities of the partners involved in the withdrawal process. Therefore, when withdrawing an amount such as BRL 100 from your account, it is necessary to have a minimum balance of approximately BRL 105.90 available, for example.

In scenarios where the withdrawal is carried out outside Brazil, it is good to be aware that there will be extra charges. In this case, a fee of BRL 9.90 will be applied, in addition to a percentage of approximately 5.38% corresponding to the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations).

This percentage is collected by the Government on all international financial transactions. Therefore, when making withdrawals abroad, it is important to consider both the fixed rate and the percentage corresponding to the IOF to calculate the total cost of the operation.

gratuity: By directing your salary to the Mercado Pago account, you can make two free withdrawals through the QR Code. That is, there is no cost to withdraw money – just go to a Banco24Horas ATM and that’s it.

Members of the Mercado Pontos program also have benefits, depending on their level of participation. For level 5, one free withdrawal is granted, while level 6 allows two free withdrawals.

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Minimum and daily amount for withdrawing from Mercado Pago

The minimum withdrawal amount is BRL 20, while the daily maximum is BRL 2,000.

Keep in mind that these amounts may vary depending on the bills available at each ATM.

Why are withdrawals charged to the Mercado Pago account?

The fee of BRL 5.90 charged for withdrawing from Mercado Pago corresponds to the expenses involved in the physical infrastructure of our partners and the taxes associated with the transaction. It is worth mentioning that this fee is fixed and does not vary according to the withdrawal amount.

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