“Cultures of Oceania” includes six new cultures, six new wonders, seven independent peoples, 15 narrative events, and a new soundtrack. Get a 10% discount when you buy before September 11!

Paris, August 29: Get ready to set sail for new horizons with Cultures of Oceania of HUMANKINDnow available to pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $102.99 MXN!

Cultures of Oceania It will arrive on September 11 along with a major free update, “Bonny Patch”, focused on improving naval gameplay, trading and resource management. As a bonus, there will also be a special free culture coming: the Pirates of the Caribbean, available to everyone who owns the game.

HUMANKIND is a turn-based historical strategy game where players combine cultures from different eras to create a civilization that is as unique as they want. In total, Oceania and the Bonny update will bring the number of cultures in the game to 86. There are millions of ways to customize your game!

New DLC now available: Cultures of Oceania

Six new cultures:

  • Era 1: Pama-Nyungan (Aesthetics): The Pama-Nyungan languages ​​were spoken by groups that spread over most of Australia from the mid-Holocene onwards. Pama-nyungan speakers brought not only their languages ​​and social organization, but also new cultural and artistic practices as they put down roots.

  • Era 2: Polynesians (Expansionists): During the last centuries of the first millennium BC, the triangle formed by the islands of Tonga, Samoa and Uvea was the birthplace of Polynesian culture. In this vast expanse of ocean, the Polynesians developed innovative navigation techniques with which they set out to conquer the Pacific.

  • Era 3: Rapa Nui (Builders): The Rapa Nui colonized Easter Island around the year 1100. In this isolated territory they managed to overcome difficult conditions to survive, taking advantage of the earth’s mineral resources and covering their territory with monumental statues and ceremonial structures.

  • Era 4: Maori (Militarists): Māori populations settled mainly in Te Ika-a-Māui, the North Island. Here they built a prosperous and complex society, structured around clans and extended families, whose bonds of solidarity were maintained through conflicts and wars.

  • Era 5: Hawaiians (Agrarian): Beginning in the late 18th century, Hawaiian society entered a period of profound change. Political unification and increased contact with foreign cultures transformed their highly stratified systems, even as the Hawaiians continued to manage the wealth of both land and sea.

  • Era 6: New Zealanders (Scientific): In the 1940s and 1950s, New Zealand accelerated its separation from the British imperial framework. During the following decades, its leaders expanded the social model inherited from the Seddon and Savage governments, while investing in technologies to guarantee the country’s energy independence.

six new wonders

Plus, seven independent villages, 15 new narrative events, and new themed music tracks composed by Arnaud Roy.

Major game update + free bonus culture

In addition to Oceania, we will be adding a major free update and more content at no additional cost:

  • Bonny Patch: Major updates to naval gameplay, trading, and resource management. More details are available at Games2Gether.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Free Culture: Era 4 (Militarist) – Play as the infamous pirates of the Caribbean in Era 4 to improve your militaristic skills!

“Cultures of Oceania” and accompanying free content will launch on September 11. Even if summer is over, we look forward to seeing you all on one more trip to the ocean!


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