Ever wonder what life is really like for an internet influencer? As an average social media user, you follow your favorite internetchicks and envy their glamorous lives. But behind the scenes, life as an influencer isn’t all free clothes, exotic trips, and likes. The real story is one of hustle, strategy, and keeping it real for their followers. We went inside the world of three internetchicks with different niches – fashion, travel, and lifestyle – to get the truth about what it takes to build audiences of hundreds of thousands of followers and turn that influence into a full-time job. What we discovered was a mix of determination, authenticity, and the willingness to be vulnerable that fuels their success. Get ready to meet the real women behind the influencer curtain.

What Are Internetchicks?

Internetchicks are influencers who leverage social media to build their personal brands and businesses. They’re content creators, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social media mavens.

The Rise of Internetchicks

With the growth of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, it’s easier than ever for regular people to build an audience and make money from their online content. Internetchicks have tapped into this opportunity and built thriving businesses around sharing their lives, thoughts, and recommendations with their followers.

Some of the most successful internetchicks have turned their social media fame into media companies, product lines, sponsorship deals, and other business ventures. They make money through brand partnerships, affiliate links, online courses, merchandising, and more. While the potential to earn money as an influencer is appealing, becoming a successful internetchick requires a major time commitment to creating content, engaging with your followers, and building strategic partnerships.

What Do Internetchicks Do?

Internetchicks share details of their lives, interests, and expertise through social media and on their own websites or YouTube channels. The content they create includes:

  • Vlogs discussing their daily lives, routines, and experiences
  • Blog posts or videos on topics they’re passionate about like fashion, beauty, travel, or entrepreneurship
  • Sponsored posts promoting products from brands they partner with
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of photoshoots, events, or projects they’re working on
  • Q&A’s, livestreams, or podcasts where they engage directly with their followers

The key to an internetchick’s success is connecting with followers in an authentic way through the content they create and the online community they build. While the path to becoming an influencer isn’t easy, for those able to build a loyal following, the potential rewards of this new media career are huge.

The History and Evolution of Internetchicks

The internetchicks community has been around since the early 2000s, evolving alongside the growth of social media and influencer culture.

The Birth of Internetchicks

In the beginning, internetchicks referred to a new generation of young women who were early adopters of platforms like LiveJournal, MySpace, and Xanga. They shared details of their personal lives, thoughts, and interests with strangers online. This was revolutionary at the time and opened the door for today’s influencers and content creators.

The Rise of the Influencer

By the 2010s, the social internet had exploded. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat made it possible for internetchicks to build audiences and even make a living from creating content. Beauty gurus, fashionistas, and lifestyle vloggers came to prominence, curating an aspirational personal brand and turning their popularity into business empires and media deals.

A Community and a Lifestyle

Today, internetchicks encompasses a diverse community of women who have made the internet their domain. They might be gamers, musicians, activists or entrepreneurs. What they have in common is a desire to shape culture, build connections, and make a living on their own terms. For many internetchicks, sharing their lives online is not just a hobby but rather a means of empowerment, creative fulfillment and financial freedom.

The internetchicks of today are a far cry from their LiveJournal-ing foremothers. But at their core, both groups share a spirit of female empowerment and a willingness to openly share their lives through the powerful medium of social media. Long may the internetchicks reign!

The early days of the internet gave rise to the first “internetchicks,” women who gained fame and notoriety for their online personas. Some were pioneers, while others caused controversy, but they all helped pave the way for today’s social media influencers.

Carolyn Burke (1996)

One of the first popular internet personalities was Carolyn Burke, better known as her online alter ego “Carolyn Van.” In 1996, she launched Carolyn’s Diary, a personal website chronicling her life as a university student in Toronto. Her open, confessional style resonated with readers and gained major media attention, landing her guest spots on talk shows and profiles in magazines. Although her fame was short-lived, Burke helped demonstrate the potential for connecting with audiences through sharing your authentic self online.

Amor Hilton (2000)

The early 2000s saw the rise of “camgirls,” women who streamed live video from their homes via their webcams. One of the first to gain notoriety was Amor Hilton, a law student who went by “Bubbles” online. Her flirtatious and provocative broadcasts on CamWhores.com earned her countless fans and media notoriety. While controversial, Hilton’s success demonstrated how the intimacy of webcamming and interactivity with audiences could be leveraged for fame and even fortune.

Julia Allison (2004)

In the mid-2000s, blogs became a platform for oversharing about one’s personal life. Julia Allison epitomized this, gaining fame for her dating escapades and upscale lifestyle in New York City. Her blog “NonSociety” and appearances at elite social events and in gossip magazines established her as a boldfaced name. Allison represented a new breed of internet-savvy socialites adept at turning their glamorous lives into online entertainment and personal brands.

The internetchicks of years past broke barriers by unapologetically sharing themselves with the world. While some were controversial, they were ahead of their time, paving the way for today’s influencers who have turned oversharing and cults of personality into an art form. The internet wouldn’t be what it is today without these pioneering women.

The Impact and Influence of Internetchicks

Internetchicks have become major influencers and voices for women online. Their impact extends far beyond the time you spend watching their videos or scrolling through their feeds. ###

Internetchicks give women role models and a sense of community. Seeing other women succeed in male-dominated fields like tech, gaming, and podcasting shows young girls they can pursue their passions too. The comments and conversations build connections between viewers and creators. For some, their favorite internetchicks become like trusted friends.

They drive important conversations. Internetchicks use their platforms to discuss issues like equality, mental health, body image, and relationships. By sharing their experiences and opinions, they start meaningful discussions that can lead to greater understanding and change.

They support other women. Many internetchicks make a point of collaborating with and promoting other female creators. They suggest channels and accounts for their viewers to follow. They invite other women onto their shows and podcasts as guests. They amplify and endorse products, services, and businesses run by women. This spirit of empowerment and community strengthens and inspires women in digital media and beyond.

Of course, with influence comes responsibility. Internetchicks have been criticized at times for promoting unrealistic beauty standards or spreading misinformation. Some feel the focus on oversharing personal details of their lives crosses privacy boundaries or sets unrealistic expectations. However, many internetchicks are mindful of these issues and aim to use their platforms to spread positive messages and make a meaningful impact.

Love them or not, internetchicks have become powerful role models and their influence will likely only increase over time. For the women and girls who look up to them, internetchicks can be a source of inspiration, community, and empowerment. While not without flaws or critics, the rise of internetchicks demonstrates how digital media has opened doors for women’s voices in new ways. Overall, internetchicks are shaping the future for women online and changing what it means to be an influencer.

The Future of Internetchicks

Internetchicks has come a long way since its early days. Where will it go from here? The future looks bright.

Expanding Content and Creators

Internetchicks will continue expanding into new content areas and attracting diverse creators. There are so many talented people with stories to share, and the platform makes it easy for anyone to start creating and building an audience.

Expect to see more podcasts, video essays, livestreams, and other multimedia content. The variety of voices and experiences on Internetchicks will become even more diverse. More creators from marginalized groups will find their place on the platform.

Enhancing Discovery

Internetchicks’ discovery features will get even smarter. The recommendation algorithm will become adept at suggesting content based on your unique interests and viewing history. It will highlight up-and-coming creators you might not otherwise discover.

Searching and browsing by topic, format, creator, and more will make it easy to find exactly the kind of content you’re in the mood for. Themed content collections curated by Internetchicks’ staff will expose you to new favorite channels.

Monetization Opportunities

Successful Internetchicks creators will have more ways to earn a living from their content. The Partner Program already allows bigger channels to run ads and sponsorships. New programs may include subscription options, tipping, and product placement.

Creators will be able to diversify their revenue streams based on the formats and topics they explore. The most entrepreneurial creators could build media empires spanning multiple content types, social platforms, and business ventures.

The future of Internetchicks is community-driven, creator-first, and endlessly entertaining. As technology, social media, and online video continue to evolve, Internetchicks will be at the forefront – giving creators innovative tools for sharing their stories and audiences new ways to be inspired. The possibilities for connection and creativity are infinite.


So there you have it, a glimpse inside the world of internetchicks. While the lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone, for those willing to put in the work it can be an exciting and rewarding career path. At the end of the day, internetchicks are entrepreneurs who have found a way to make a living by being their own boss and setting their own hours. Sure, there are challenges like dealing with inappropriate messages or the uncertainty of a fluctuating income. But for the internetchicks who find their niche and build a loyal following, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you have an adventurous spirit, love connecting with new people, and want to forge your own path in today’s digital world, then the life of an internetchick just might be for you. But if not, at least now you know a little more about the real lives behind the screen.

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