is one of the largest small-group adventure tour operators. Offering everything from short breaks and expeditions to classic cruises, they provide trips of a lifetime. takes great pride in offering intimate trip experiences through small group tours of 10 travelers or less, which allows for more social dining at restaurants and fitting into bars and clubs together. 

Additionally, this allows Intrepid to be more flexible with itineraries and take advantage of opportunities unavailable to larger companies; plus, they strictly prohibit reserving large blocks of seats at popular restaurants.

Moreover, they have been carbon offset since 2013, and 21 exciting re-launched itineraries will showcase delectable plant-based experiences on local food tours this year.

Most of their tours are carbon offset and aim to minimize their impact on the ground by employing local guides, staying in simpler accommodation styles, and offering plant-based food experiences wherever possible. is dedicated to offering its users a delicious selection of food and drink. Their restaurant partners range from traditional cafes to Michelin-star establishments, giving their users access to an assortment of mouthwatering cuisine.

These individuals also strive to minimize their environmental footprint, by carbon offsetting travel, limiting internal flights and using public transportation whenever possible, staying in simpler forms of accommodation, and opting for plant-based meals.

What Is IntrepidFood.EU?

Since 1989, Intrepid Travel has been one of the world’s premier small group tour operators with over 1,000 trips across Original, Comfort, and Premium tours to choose from. Their tours combine life-affirming encounters with world wonders with authentic local experiences – their leaders know exactly where they take you; believing that with great adventure comes great responsibility.’s mission is to connect people around the globe for exploration that benefits local communities and the environment, sustainably. Their commitment to positive impactful destinations includes environmental sustainability, community development, and animal welfare – three areas they focus on when making their visits. 

Intrepid is proud to be recognized as a Certified B Corporation which requires them to meet rigorous standards of verified social performance, public transparency, and legal accountability balancing profit with purpose.

On Intrepid trips, meals typically consist of both traditional fare and locally sourced specialties from the region being visited. Moreover, many trips offer the option to try local restaurants or food stalls that might not have been included as part of the itinerary. Intrepid is also leading by example in animal welfare initiatives by being among the first tour operators to ban elephant rides and end lion walks.

Thornton Travel also encourages flight-free travel by eliminating short-haul flights when rail alternatives exist, which has proven popular among travelers looking to reduce their carbon footprint while exploring. Travelers should also purchase travel insurance and bring along lockable bags/money belts as precautionary measures against theft during explorations.

Authenticity offers an expansive array of products and services. Their dedication to quality can be seen through their meticulous sourcing processes and relationships with trusted suppliers while prioritizing customer satisfaction by gathering feedback and testimonials that help enhance offerings and services continuously. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart from their competition.

Authenticity is at the core of their culinary travel itineraries, giving travelers an authentic experience of local cuisines and cultures first-hand. Whether that means browsing markets for fresh seafood in Peru, taking part in a cooking class in Vietnam, or meeting an iconic street food vendor in India; they know that tasting culture is the key to understanding it better.

Intrepid is an industry-leading provider of food tours and travel experiences worldwide, using small group sizes and locally owned hotels to deliver authentic experiences to travelers. 

Additionally, they encourage their customers to support local businesses by purchasing from street-side vendors or hiring local guides when possible; furthermore, they offer carbon-offsetting trips as part of their itineraries to promote sustainable practices in culinary travel itineraries.

They offer an impressive range of culinary travel itineraries designed to suit every budget and palate, with something suitable for every budget and taste. Their itineraries aim to unveil some of the world’s most delectable food cultures with Intrepid’s classic grassroots travel style blended with passion for cuisine for an unforgettable culinary journey experience.

Food is a universal language and unites us all. Intrepid’s culinary itineraries don’t simply offer delicious dishes and cultural sights – they also foster lasting connections between those you meet on your journey.


Intrepid Food recognizes that food is more than just an everyday necessity; it’s an experience. Their platform offers customers customized culinary adventures designed to have a positive effect on the local community, with products ranging from pantry essentials to specialty specialty items for different palates and preferences. offers both small group tours and culinary travel programs designed to explore diverse cuisines from around the globe. Their product offerings encompass small group excursions as well as culinary journeys that incorporate every aspect of culture into one experience. Intrepid Food prioritizes customer satisfaction by using feedback to constantly refine its services.

Gastronomy Adventures tours are led by knowledgeable local guides who are eager to share their passion. Their guides possess an intimate knowledge of each region’s cuisine and its traditions, while always looking for new ways to celebrate local food culture. Their tours provide a journey into each destination’s heart – guaranteeing full bellies and lasting memories.

Food is the language we all share. By exploring new cuisines on every trip, Intrepid travelers have the power to form meaningful connections with local people while leaving lasting impacts behind in each community they visit.

Intrepid provides exceptional small-group tour sizes that allow visitors to experience local culture. Plus, they prioritize responsible travel by banning elephant riding; supporting local communities through their Intrepid Foundation; and prioritizing gender equity among their guide team.

Intrepid’s website is user-friendly, and its customer service representatives are always at hand to assist with any needs you might have. They can answer any queries and provide detailed information on each trip they offer based on your interests and budget, book accommodation and transfers for you as well as arrange activities like city or beach breaks during your stay.


Intrepidfood is committed to supporting sustainable food production and distribution. Their extensive library of resources includes news, events, publications, and webinars on topics related to EU food safety and quality, plus interactive tools designed to help users learn about and apply what they know.

Intrepidfood promotes sustainable consumption of local ingredients and practices that support small-scale farmers while encouraging consumers to adopt healthier eating habits through offering organic produce and other artisanal goods. Their customer loyalty program creates repeat orders while creating brand affinity.

Intrepid Travel has long been at the forefront of environmental sustainability since its establishment in 1989. Their People and Planet Charter guides their philosophy of social and environmental responsibility; travel itineraries are designed with minimal footprints in mind; carbon offset trips are preferred where possible; public transportation may also be used more often, or alternative activities like walking and cycling instead of flying; they work with locally owned accommodation providers, as well as eating at sustainable restaurants that specialize in sustainable cuisine.

The company is working to increase awareness of sustainable tourism within the tourism industry and beyond, with their Responsible Tourism Awards honoring businesses that have demonstrated commitment and leadership towards practicing responsible tourism practices. They serve as a platform for these companies to showcase their achievements while inspiring others to become more responsible.

At present, the company’s main priorities include improving its supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint and use more eco-friendly materials in packaging. Furthermore, they support responsible agriculture and animal welfare by forgoing pesticides and antibiotics; furthermore, they strive to minimize waste through recycling food scraps as well as using energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Intrepid Food is taking steps to ensure the safety of its products by working closely with suppliers and implementing stringent quality control measures. In addition, they have joined the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Hotel Sustainability Basics Program and verify sustainability standards in their hotels. 

Intrepid Urban Adventures

Intrepidfood takes great pride in maintaining an exceptional standard of quality and variety in its product offerings. Through careful sourcing and strategic partnerships with trusted vendors, the platform strives to meet and surpass customer expectations by meeting and exceeding them every time. 

Moreover, to this commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental footprint, customer satisfaction and feedback are equally prioritized by Intrepidfood as testimonials are valued highly by their organization.

The company’s grassroots travel model seeks to take tourists off the beaten path and into the heart of a destination by employing local guides, staying in small accommodations, and using locally owned transport and restaurants. Plus, this firm places great emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility by investing in projects that support local communities.

Intrepid provides family-friendly trips. These itineraries are tailored specifically for families traveling with kids and include hotels and activities suitable for young travelers – such as exploring the food culture of cities like Istanbul or volunteering at animal rescue centers. 

In addition, Intrepid also offers “In Focus” experiences which give travelers access to individuals involved with particular issues in a region – Syrian refugee centers in Istanbul; Kathmandu Entrepreneurship Training programs for women or employment support services for the homeless are just some examples of such experiences that travelers can explore during these trips.

G Adventures and Intrepid Travel both offer exciting adventure travel for every type of traveler, but G Adventures stands out as providing more itineraries than its rivals. Additionally, it guarantees departures – something which may be particularly helpful for travelers with commitments like mortgages and children.

Intrepid Real Adventures

Intrepid Real Adventures is an online travel platform offering trips for travelers around the world. Specializing in small group tours and tailor-made itineraries for adventurous travelers, accommodation options include a variety of types. 

Intrepid Real Adventures carefully sources products to ensure quality while its user-friendly interface makes browsing and purchasing effortless. Furthermore, their sustainability efforts contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

The company strives to take its travelers off the tourist track and into local culture. To meet this goal, they use English-speaking leaders as more of a resource than typical tour guides; additionally, they limit trip sizes to 16 participants.

Additionally, the company promotes responsible tourism as it is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and supports wildlife-friendly travel by way of supporting the Jane Goodall Institute and wildlife-friendly travel. Their commitment to sustainable tourism can be seen embodied by their leadership as demonstrated through their ethos and values embodied within their company culture. is one of the pioneers of adventure-style guided tours, offering trip itineraries created by local experts that feature various activities. Additionally, they are leaders in ecotourism with an expansive network of local operators in each destination they serve; flexible departure dates; no single supplement for solo travelers (which is truly remarkable!); flexible payment options including installment payments and money-back guarantees; plus 24/7 customer service are some other stand-out features of Intrepid tours.

Intrepid Vegan Real Adventures

Food is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in local culture. Intrepid’s Real Food Adventures combines their classic grassroots travel style with culinary experiences.

Intrepid has long provided trips suitable for vegan travelers. But now they have gone one step further with their Real Food Adventures range of tours, which now includes 21 tours incorporating plant-based experiences as part of every itinerary – an effort designed to reduce carbon emissions and foster more eco-conscious travel practices.

These trips are guided by vegan experts like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of the Food for Thought podcast. Her trips span various locations worldwide such as Dordogne in France in 2021; Tuscany in December 2021 and Botswana and South Africa in June 2022.

As part of its commitment to responsible travel, Intrepid offsets all trips with carbon credits donates through The Intrepid Foundation, and works toward gender equity among tour guide staff. They discourage any unnecessary plastic usage while encouraging guests to reuse luggage wherever possible. is known for its small group size, which helps reduce costs and ensures every member of a trip enjoys an authentic experience. Also, they partner with numerous community projects across various destinations to give travelers an immersive glimpse into a place. Thus, their core values of creating positive change through travel while balancing profit with purpose are embedded at every level within their organization.

Intrepid Responsible Travel

Since 1989, this company has been a pioneer of ethical small-group adventures. Working closely with local partners, it creates trips that benefit and support local people they visit; for instance, encouraging more women to join its team of porters and trip leaders thereby creating equal employment opportunities for local women; additionally, it supports environmental conservation through community projects like reforestation and marine protection.

Intrepid Travel is committed to addressing the climate emergency through its investment projects that take carbon from the atmosphere and convert it back into clean energy, as well as being the first tour operator to introduce carbon-neutral trips.

Additionally, they have earned certification as a B Corp company which means that their practices meet rigorous standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal accountability, and shareholder value maximization while still meeting euprofit-with-purpose goals.

Intrepid Travel is a leader in sustainable tourism, with a particular emphasis on protecting the environment and supporting local communities. They were among the first companies to ban elephant riding altogether; furthermore, they promoted other initiatives to boost local guides while informing travelers of their impacts on host countries.

Intrepid is committed to giving more people from diverse backgrounds the chance to experience and change the world through travel. They’ve developed Intrepid Responsible Travel as a tool that helps travelers understand the impact of their trip, how to minimize its effects and ways they can reduce them during vacation time. This tool provides tips and tools for making vacationing less impactful than before!

Bringing You the Best of Europe’s Food Scene

Olga will prepare a hearty Zharkoe stew in her Ukrainian home, as well as fresh Pomegranate Juice that she presses herself, or you might enjoy some delectable Greek galaktoboureko from your local guide – each culinary adventure offers you a journey into local cultures through centuries-old recipes that will remain with you long after your return home.

Experience authentic culinary adventures during your travels through Europe with Intrepid! Indulge in Italy’s exquisite pasta dishes like carbonara or lasagna; relish Spain’s tapas and paella; or delve into Greece’s Mediterranean classics such as moussaka and souvlaki for unforgettable dining experiences that only Intrepid can provide. You’ll discover that more than simply being delicious, these culinary delicacies provide insight into a culture you only find with an Intrepid tour.

Food is a universal language that brings people from different walks of life together, and Intrepid believes strongly in building friendships between travelers and locals through food. On all their tours, you’ll meet local chefs, producers, and experts who can show you around their favorite spots; share family recipes, or even host you for meals in their kitchens! is committed to sustainable travel and takes environmental considerations into account at every step in their processes, using eco-friendly packaging and all delivery vehicles are hybrid or electric-powered. Additionally, they work closely with suppliers to reduce any negative environmental and community impact caused by business operations.

Intrepidfood also recognizes the significance of customer satisfaction and feedback for continuous product/service improvement. Through their robust social media presence, they enable their customers to easily share their experiences.

Intrepidfood’s customer loyalty program rewards customers with free delivery and member-exclusive promotions. Signing up is fast, simple, and free of charge; points will begin accruing automatically on every purchase; higher tiers can be unlocked by reaching certain thresholds of points earned.

Bringing You Closer To The Locals

Intrepid Travel is committed to supporting local communities. They do this in many ways, from cooking classes and homestays to excursions to markets. Additionally, they hire local guides when possible and try using public transport instead of flying when possible – helping the economy while giving back.

These organizations understand that sharing experiences and having common ground are the keys to connecting with people, so they strive to facilitate meaningful interactions while providing opportunities for participants to expand their world knowledge and learn about other cultures – whether that means sampling banh mi on the streets of Hanoi or dining with Bedouin families in Morocco – food can bring people together.

Their small group tours are limited to no more than 12 people, which allows everyone to become familiar with one another and ensures you always have someone there for you. Furthermore, there’s flexibility with meals not included so you won’t be forced into sitting at an unsuitable tourist restaurant with everyone else in your group.

Travel tours cater to travelers who seek an immersive cultural experience of any country and its people, connecting travelers with locals through activities and experiences as well as catering to dietary restrictions or allergies so everyone can have an enjoyable trip.

Intrepid Travel is dedicated to protecting its customers, employees, and partners by upholding stringent quality standards and risk management processes, monitoring customer feedback, and continuously striving for improvement. Their goal is to deliver exceptional services while striving for continual development.

Intrepid has tours designed for both first-time travelers and experienced adventurers and offers various trip styles that cater to different interests and budgets. Additionally, they provide complimentary travel insurance. 

However, before committing, be sure to inquire about optional activities’ pricing as some optional activities can become costly depending on the destination; be aware of this fact and adjust accordingly!

Bringing You Closer to The Food

Food has long been used to bring people together and form lasting memories. Intrepid’s trips offer more than a delicious feast; they allow you to explore the heart of cultures around you through food. From tasting Olga’s delectable shark stew in her Lake Baikal home to learning to craft soba noodles in Japan, you’ll come to understand a country and its people through its cuisine. is dedicated to connecting travelers with local cuisines and experiences through their app, making Intrepidfood easy for users of all skill levels to access recipes tailored specifically for them. Furthermore, special dietary options allow travelers with specific dietary restrictions to easily locate meals that align with their preferences.

Intrepidfood is dedicated to ethical practices and eco-friendly packaging that reduces its ecological footprint, as well as to upholding local customs and traditions while exploring different cuisines.

As a unique offering, offers its customers a customer loyalty program. Customers earn points with every purchase and unlock new tiers with increasing benefits. Membership of this loyalty model is free and seamlessly connected to an Intrepid travel account for real-time tracking of purchases – helping build repeat business and brand affinity in real-time.


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