The world is growing up fast. I think you’ve noticed, haven’t you? Nothing is the same as when we were kids. Competition is increasing. In fact, e-commerce a decade ago would have seemed futuristic. But now it’s a fact.

And as it’s growing, you have to grow with it and adapt to the changes and innovate. Part of that is personalization in the shopping experience. Users are increasingly looking to connect with the product they are buying. To feel that it was made by and for them.

We believe it is so important that we made an article to talk about it. We will analyze 7 reasons why it is important to focus on personalization in ecommerce and how this will allow you to: drive growth, improve satisfaction and brand loyalty.

1. Enhances User Experience

User experience is everything. Every online customer (and if not ask yourself), wants personalized experiences and this applies crucially to website personation. Different disciplines such as data analytics and nowadays, AI, help to obtain very precise data on how online users behave, what their preferences are, etc. (it can be scary how much they know about each one) All this added together allows them to offer recommendations for each type of person.

  • Some of the most common methods used are:
  • Suggest products based on previous purchases
  • Offer personalized search filters

When a person sees that the store meets and satisfies their needs, they will continue to be interested and look to buy more products there.

2. Boosts Conversion Rates

Obviously, if users find a personalized site, sales will increase, and with it the conversion rates of your business.

By recommending products according to their needs, retailers who have an online business can help streamline the buying process for their users.

Think about what you would do. If you quickly find products that match your interests and preferences, the faster you’ll fill your cart and end up buying. Not to mention if you add promotions, personalized discounts or 2-for-1 sales to this equation. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that encourages shoppers to complete their transactions.

3. Encourages brand loyalty (the objective is to be loved).

Getting them to love you, to be loyal to your brand and to choose you every day is heaven for every company. These experiences can create bonds and connections with customers. You can even connect with their innermost emotions.

Let me give you an example. If the store you frequent remembers your birthday and congratulates you, won’t you be more likely to keep using it? and if they give you a special gift? This shows that the brand cares and values its customers.

Retail customers will come back to the store again and again, even recommending it to others.

4. Drives Customer Satisfaction

We are not going to deny it. The sector in which you are immersed is extremely competitive. That’s why customer satisfaction is an essential point in any good strategy. It must be the engine that drives you

When customers find personalized recommendations and tailored content, the purchase is smoother. Plus, it’s not all about purchases. They will also rate you publicly with reviews. Something that will attract new customers.

5. Facilitates Decision Making

Did you know that personalization also generates valuable data that will help you in the future? This will help you make better decisions in the future.

Through behavioral analysis, market trends, preferences and areas for improvement can be ascertained. This allows entrepreneurs to optimize products, market new product strategies and improve marketing.

6. Say goodbye to abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence. Even all of us have done it more than once. By understanding why customers abandon carts, it will help prevent it from happening.

Some strategies that can be used are:

  • Sending personalized email messages
  • Tailored product recommendations
  • Personalized offers or discounts

This will remedy this phenomenon and maximize your revenue.

7. Differentiates From Competitors

There is a saying among the business community that goes: “do the same as your competitors but outperform them”. This is true. It is important that you imitate their strategy but that you seek to make a difference with what they do so that you can stand out in the market.

Personalization in e-commerce gives you a golden opportunity to offer differentiated experiences and solutions that resonate in the minds of your customers. Whether it’s to create custom products or to create completely new products.


In short, if you want to be successful you must: customize, customize and customize. This is the cornerstone for success. If you start prioritizing the experience customers have on your site, you will drive conversions, foster brand loyalty and become more competitive in the marketplace.

Obviously, it’s crucial that you stay informed. This is a fundamental strategy to create value and establish lasting relationships.

By applying these tips you will see how your revenue will start to grow day by day.

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