Jayson Tatum e Jaylen Brown, certainly, form one of the best duos in the NBA today. The results corroborate this. The duo has played together for six seasons with the Boston Celtics and played in four Eastern Finals. The title, however, has yet to come. the controversial Patrick Beverley recognizes the talent of the young stars, but does not bet that the partnership will be champion of the league.

“I don’t think the two will be champions together. I don’t think they can, because they are very similar. They’re the same type of player, so they don’t complement each other enough to make it to the top. They even complement each other in some aspects, but not enough”, evaluated the veteran point guard. The statement was made at an event, after a question from a fan of the Massachussets team.

If the two cannot win together, the natural reaction is to think that one of them must leave. Therefore, soon after, the fan questioned which of the two players should be exchanged. Beverley then toneed down and was contradictory. After all, he said neither should be traded for the Celtics to win a title. The defensive specialist advised the team to bring in reinforcements.

“You don’t send any of them away. You just need to add to the group and bring other complementary pieces. Look for a defensive point guard and a defender who hits three-point shots, for example. It contradicts a pivot that protects the rim and spaces the court, but they’ve done that with Kristaps Porzingis. By the way, I think this guy improves the team a lot”, nailed the Philadelphia 76ers point guard.

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Beverley is far from the first person to suggest that this partnership won’t lead to the Larry O’Brien trophy. An NBA champion for the Celtics, for example, has already given a similar opinion. Using even the same argument as the veteran. Kendrick Perkins also signaled that the way for Boston is to trade one between Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

“The fact is, the franchise needs to negotiate one of the two. It’s time to ‘break’ this duo, as they don’t play well together. Whenever one has an excellent performance, the other faces problems on the court. They are not complementary, to sum up”, defended the commentator of the ESPN, last year. He never went back on his statement.

Perkins, however, went further than talking about the fit of the two stars. He always gets a bad impression of the young stars’ willingness to effectively be a duo. “Jayson and Jaylen’s body language gives me the impression that they don’t like acting together. Therefore, the team stagnated one step away from the top”, concluded the former pivot.


The discussion about the ability of Tatum and Brown to share responsibility for a championship team is not new. And as a result, wingers have to defend the partnership constantly. Not only do they reaffirm each other’s individual quality, but they deny rumors of a bad relationship. Recently, Tatum assured that the two work with a strong mutual trust.

“I think we are the best duo in the league, but we didn’t think about that. I believe in Jaylen’s skill and ability. We’ve already proved that we can play together at a high level and be very successful. But above all, we want to be the best team. After all, our ambition is to win a championship. And, if we are the best duo, I bet we will win”, guaranteed the four times all-star.

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