Ever find yourself longing for life hacks and insights from successful tech entrepreneurs? Then you need to start listening to Geekzilla, the number one podcast featuring interviews with the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Hosted by entrepreneur and angel investor Annie Chang, Geekzilla gives you a front row seat to candid conversations with the pioneers building the future.

Through the podcast, you’ll learn how people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg got their start, handled obstacles, and built their empires. You’ll discover their secrets for productivity, hiring the best talent, and creating a culture of innovation.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, tech enthusiast or just curious about the forces shaping our world, Geekzilla is your backstage pass. Tune in and learn from the masters so you can geek out, dream big, and start building that idea that’s been brewing in the back of your mind. The future is yours to create – if you’re willing to take a few notes from the best along the way.

Introducing the Geekzilla Podcast: A Podcast for Geeks, by Geeks

The Geekzilla podcast is hosted by Bill and Ted, two self-proclaimed geeks who love talking about all things sci-fi, tech, gaming and pop culture. Their casual conversations and contagious enthusiasm will have you eagerly awaiting each new episode.

A podcast for geeks, by geeks

Bill and Ted met at a comic convention a few years ago and bonded over their shared interests in things like Star Trek, retro gaming and craft beer. They started the Geekzilla podcast as a way to keep the conversation going and share their passions with fellow geeks.

Informative and entertaining

Each episode focuses on a specific topic, like the latest Marvel movie, a classic sci-fi novel or the coolest new technologies on the horizon. Bill and Ted have an easy rapport and their humor-infused discussions are as entertaining as they are informative. They frequently have on expert guests but also do “free talk” episodes where they just nerd out about whatever they find interesting at the moment.

Join the community

Beyond the podcast episodes, Geekzilla has built up an active online community. Listeners connect on the show’s website and social media to swap theories, share fan art or just gush about their obsessions. Bill and Ted frequently interact with and highlight content from community members on the show. Listening to Geekzilla feels like grabbing a drink with friends who share your quirky interests – even if those friends happen to be podcast hosts you’ve never actually met.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted podcast to scratch your geek itch, you can’t go wrong with Geekzilla. Fire up your podcatcher of choice today and start listening!

Top 5 Episodes of the Geekzilla Podcast You Need to Listen To

If you’re just discovering the Geekzilla podcast, you’re in for a treat. This show features in-depth interviews with leaders in tech, science, and futurism. Here are five must-listen episodes to get you started:

Episode 42: The Future of Transportation with Elon Musk

In this episode, host Lex Fridman interviews the one and only Elon Musk about the future of transportation and space travel. Get a glimpse inside Musk’s vision for hyperloops, electric vehicles, and life on Mars.

Episode 19: AI and the Future of Humanity with Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei

Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei discusses how his company is building AI that is aligned with human values and the future of AI safety research. Hear Amodei’s perspective on ensuring AI systems of the future are beneficial to humanity.

Episode 101: The Science of Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Judson Brewer

Dr. Judson Brewer, psychiatrist and director of research at the Center for Mindfulness, explores the neuroscience behind mindfulness meditation. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness and how it can literally rewire your brain.

Episode 73: The Future of Work with Obama’s Former Chief Economist Jason Furman

Jason Furman, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Obama, shares his vision for how technology may transform jobs and the economy in the coming decades. Get valuable insights into how you can future-proof your career.

Episode 61: How to Master Your Money and Live Life on Your Own Terms with Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi, personal finance expert and author, teaches you how to earn and invest more money so you can live life on your own terms. Sethi shares practical tips for increasing your income, optimizing your spending, and building wealth over the long run.

Key Lessons Learned From the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom for aspiring podcasters and content creators. Hosted by self-proclaimed “geeks” Tara and Kay, the show shares the duo’s journey to build their podcasting empire from the ground up. Through their candid conversations and behind-the-scenes insights, you’ll discover several key lessons to apply to your own creative pursuits.

Start with your passions

Tara and Kay built their show around the kinds of conversations they were already having as friends. Their enthusiasm for topics like pop culture, technology, and fandom shine through in each episode. When you create content based on your genuine interests, your passion will fuel your motivation and connect you with your ideal audience. Don’t chase trends or make something just for the sake of it. Start with what excites you.

Build your audience one fan at a time

Geekzilla didn’t become an overnight success. Tara and Kay grew their dedicated listenership through consistent high-quality content, active social media engagement, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Don’t get discouraged if you only have a handful of listeners at first. Focus on serving your existing fans and building real connections with them. Loyal audiences that truly resonate with your work will support you for the long haul.

Learn and improve along the way

Looking back at early episodes, Tara and Kay readily admit the show’s rough edges and technical difficulties. But they didn’t let imperfections stop them from getting started. You don’t need fancy equipment or expertise to begin. You’ll gain skills and improve with experience. Tara and Kay are now audio pros, but they took the plunge as amateurs. Have patience with yourself, ask for feedback, and make the most of opportunities to learn. Your abilities will grow over time.

The story of Geekzilla is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and continuous learning. By following your interests, serving your fans, and improving your craft, you too can build something meaningful. Tara and Kay make it clear that everyone starts from scratch—so take that first step and get started! Success will follow.

How the Geekzilla Podcast Stands Out in the Crowded Podcast Space

The Geekzilla podcast stands out from the crowd in a few key ways:

Authentic Conversations

The hosts have natural, unscripted discussions about the week’s tech news and how it relates to society. It really feels like you’re listening in on a conversation between friends. The hosts share their genuine reactions, opinions and concerns about issues, not just repeating news headlines.

In-Depth Discussions

Rather than quick soundbites, the Geekzilla team dives deep into the implications and ethics behind technology stories. They debate controversial topics from multiple sides, challenging each other and listeners to think critically about the role tech plays in our lives.

###A Humane Perspective

Technology is meant to serve human needs and values, not the other way around. The Geekzilla podcast evaluates new innovations and startups based on how they might improve lives, not just generate hype or profits. The hosts consider the societal impact of technologies and call out potential downsides like privacy risks or job disruption. They advocate for progress that benefits humanity.

A Weekly Dose of Curiosity

From AI and biotech to space travel and renewable energy, the Geekzilla podcast covers emerging technologies in a wide range of industries. You never know what new idea or startup they’ll discuss each week. The sheer variety of topics and guests will spark your curiosity about what the future may hold.

The tech podcast space may be crowded, but shows like Geekzilla that foster meaningful conversations around human-centered technology and progress stand out from the noise. By tuning in each week, you’ll get an illuminating and thought-provoking look at the technologies shaping our world.

Why Every Geek Should Be Listening to the Geekzilla Podcast

Every geek has a passion for learning and expanding their knowledge. If you want to keep learning from the best in an entertaining way, you need to start listening to the Geekzilla podcast. Here are a few reasons why:

Insight from Industry Leaders

The host, Rex, interviews leaders and experts in science, technology, gaming, and pop culture. You’ll get insights into innovative technologies like AI, VR, and space travel straight from the pioneers building them. The discussions go deep into the latest discoveries and what the future may hold.

Learn Useful Skills

Many episodes feature how-to lessons and life hacks you can apply. You’ll pick up coding techniques, photography tips, and even magic tricks. The range of topics means you’re bound to discover a new skill or hobby.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Technology and pop culture move fast. The Geekzilla podcast releases new episodes every week, so you’ll always be up on the latest trends in movies, TV shows, gaming, gadgets, and more. Rex and his guests will tell you about the hottest new Kickstarter campaigns, must-have tech gear, and movies worth streaming this weekend .

Entertainment Factor

While highly informative, the show is also just plain fun to listen to. Rex’s enthusiasm for all things geeky is contagious. The casual conversations with guests feel like listening in on a chat between friends. The humor and stories shared make even complex topics accessible and enjoyable for all.

Whether you’re a tech geek, movie buff, gamer, or maker, the Geekzilla podcast has something for you. Tune in to learn from industry leaders, pick up useful skills, discover the latest and greatest, and be entertained along the way. Every geek owes it to themselves to become a regular listener.


So there you have it, a few gems of wisdom from one of the best tech podcasts out there. The Geekzilla team has been putting out weekly episodes for over five years, so they know a thing or two about building an audience, running a successful show, and diving deep into fascinating topics. Tune in, subscribe, and soak up the knowledge. You’ll be glad you did. These guys are pros, but they keep the show fun and make even the most complex subjects easy to understand. Give the podcast a listen and you’ll be hooked. But don’t say I didn’t warn you – once you enter the Geekzilla universe, there’s no going back!

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