We at Android Users love the classic Bubble Bobble from the Year 1989. That’s why we decided some time ago to develop a fan-based own interpretation. We would like to present these to the fan base Ad-free full version free available.

How does Legends of Bubble Bobble gameplay work?

After starting the game you will find yourself in the world and level selection. The game consists of 5 worlds with 20 levels each. The aim of each level is to enclose all opponents in a soap bubble and then burst it again.

Each opponent then leaves behind points that you can collect. All 50,000 points you receive a diamond. Once you have collected 5 diamonds, you can redeem them to skip a level. So if you get stuck on a level at some point and just can’t complete it, click on the right button to skip the level after a game over.

Ab Level 16 you can also click on that Jump soap bubbles on itto get to a higher level. With a little practice it works quite well. Once you jump on a bubble, hold the Jump button pressed. With this, Bubble Bobble bounces on the bubble the whole time and gets to higher levels.

How does the control work?

In this game we bet on one classic controls. However, we have the actual one Touchzone slightly expanded to simplify gameplay. You don’t have to hit the exact buttons to run left or right, jump or shoot.

We have expanded the touch zone of the controls to simplify gameplay.
The control elements have an extended touch zone.

Support for older Android smartphones

In order to also benefit users of older Android devices giving the opportunity to enjoy the game is what it is Lowering the graphics quality a nice option. This does not mean that the graphics are displayed in lower quality, but rather that objects that serve to create the atmosphere are hidden during the game, such as the rising soap bubbles in the controls, clouds and extras such as the snowfall in the second world. You can find the option to reduce the graphics quality on the home screen Settings.

Wie installierst du Legends of Bubble Bobble?

The installation is actually quite simple. After downloading the file, you will be asked if you want to allow installation from unknown sources. However, on older Android smartphones you still have to activate this option. To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone, look for the option “Allow installation from unknown sources“ and activate it.

Allowing installation from unknown sources is necessary because we do not offer Legends of Bubble Bobble in the Play Store, but only as a download here for Android users. After you have made the settings, you can download the APK file from the website here and install it by clicking on it.

How do you receive updates?

We have our own for Legends of Bubble Bobble Update mechanism built-in. The game’s home screen checks whether a newer version of the game is available on the Android user’s server.

When the game starts, it checks whether an update exists on the Android user's server.
Check whether a newer version of the game exists on the server
After downloading the update, you can easily update the game.
After downloading, you can easily update the game.

If this is the case, a dialog will be displayed and you can download the new version directly. If you still have the previous version in your Downloads folder, you must click the “Download again” button. Then click on the downloaded file and select that Game should be updated.

Download von Legends of Bubble Bobble

You can always find them here latest version von Legends of Bubble Bobble for download. The current version of the game runs on Android smartphones with at least Android 5.1 (Lollipop). The target Android version is currently Android 13 (Tiramisu).

Legends of Bubble Bobble v2.0 (12.09.2023) Download


We are always happy when someone reports about our game. We are therefore happy to provide a press kit for download that contains the logo, a high-resolution functional graphic and some screenshots.

Bugs und Feedback

Despite a lot of beta testing, it still happens from time to time that a few bugs have crept in. If you discover something, for example if you get stuck somewhere or the buttons in a dialog are not clickable, or you just want to give us feedback, please write us about it in the comments.

The Android User team wishes you a lot of fun playing 🙂


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