As a parent, you always want the best for your children. Their happiness and well-being are your top priorities. When they find love and companionship, you rejoice in their joy. However, what if that love and companionship come at a cost to you? What if your child’s new partner pulls them away and comes between you? This is the painful situation explored in the story “Mama Ga Aitsu Ni Netora Reta,” where a mother finds herself losing her son to a manipulative woman. Over 12 episodes, we follow the mother’s emotional journey as she grapples with her son’s unhealthy relationship and her own feelings of loss and loneliness. The story is a poignant reminder that parenting doesn’t end when children become adults and leave home. A parent’s love is forever.

The Story of Mama and Her Lover

Your mother, referred to as “Mama”, had an extramarital affair with a man known as “Aitsu”. The tale of their forbidden relationship and its consequences serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of fidelity and honesty in relationships.

Mama was married but sought companionship from Aitsu, with whom she had a passionate tryst. Though their liaison was short-lived, its effects were long-lasting. Mama became pregnant with Aitsu’s child, a development that could have destroyed her marriage if discovered.

Fearing the unmasking of her betrayal and the subsequent retribution from her spouse, Mama attempted to terminate the pregnancy. Her efforts were unsuccessful, resulting in the birth of a son, referred to as “Boku”. Mama then deceived her husband into believing the child was his own to hide the truth of her unfaithfulness.

The deception was eventually revealed, shattering the family. The betrayal of trust and damage to the marital bond proved irreparable. The husband left, unable to forgive the duplicity that had occurred for so long behind his back.

Mama was left alone to raise Boku, a constant reminder of her shame and sin. Her life serves as a cautionary tale for those who would forsake fidelity and honesty in their relationships. Though temptation may seem pleasing in the moment, its bitter fruit can last for years to come. The story emphasizes the importance of faithfulness, trust and communication in maintaining a healthy, long-term relationship.

How They First Met and Fell in Love

The first time you laid eyes on each other, there was an instant connection. As your mother walked into the coffee shop that fateful morning, the mysterious stranger sitting at the table next to the window glanced up and caught her gaze. In that split second, something just felt right.

After exchanging shy smiles, he stood up, walked over and introduced himself as a new professor who had just moved into the neighborhood. His name was Aitsu. Before she knew it, your mother had invited Aitsu to join her. They chatted for hours, discovering many shared interests and life experiences they never could have imagined.

A whirlwind romance quickly blossomed. Aitsu would pick her up for spontaneous picnics in the park and surprise visits to the museum. Your mother felt young again in his presence. His zest for life was contagious.

Within a few short months, Aitsu proposed. While concerned it may be moving too fast, your mother couldn’t deny her heart. A small ceremony was planned where they pledged their eternal love and commitment to one another.

At first, married life was bliss. But soon cracks began to appear in the facade. Aitsu became frequently absent, giving vague excuses. His loving gestures and affection started to wane. Your mother felt confused and alone, unsure of how to reconnect with the man she had so quickly given her whole heart to.

Little did she know, the deep betrayal that was to come would shake the foundation of her world, leaving behind a trail of destruction that might never be repaired. The loving memories of how they first met would haunt her, a painful reminder of all that had been lost forever.

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