You’re totally obsessed with Materialistic Princess and dying to know what happens next, right? Who doesn’t love the drama and opulence of Mimi’s over-the-top lifestyle? Well, strap in, because we have some juicy spoilers about what’s coming up on the show. From Mimi’s new love interest to her ongoing feud with her sister Tina, we’ll give you a sneak peek at all the craziness in store. Get ready for more catfights, shopping sprees, and relationship rollercoasters as Mimi continues her quest for fame, fortune, and the perfect selfie. This is one show you won’t want to miss, so read on for all the deets on the wildest moments ahead!

Materialistic Princess: The Story So Far

We’re halfway through season one of this addictive new drama, and oh boy, has it been a wild ride. Let’s recap where we left off with our fashionable protagonist, Ava.

  • After finding out her dad cut her off financially, Ava was forced to (gasp!) get a job at a boutique to support her designer wardrobe addiction. Talk about a rough life!
  • Luckily, Ava’s new coworker Jess has been helping her learn some responsibility. But we just know it’s only a matter of time before Ava reverts to her materialistic ways.
  • In the last episode, Ava met a hottie named Liam while shopping at the boutique. He asked her out, but she turned him down because he didn’t seem rich enough for her standards.
  • Meanwhile, Ava’s best friend Harper has been drifting away, tired of being dragged on shopping sprees and watching Ava throw tantrums when she can’t have the latest overpriced handbag.
  • And Ava’s mom is still pushing her to settle down with Brandon, a nice guy who comes from a wealthy family. But we all know Ava won’t give him the time of day either!

Where do we go from here? Will Ava learn the value of hard work? Or will she continue seeking status through shallow purchases? One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment with this material girl!

Major Plot Points and Twists Revealed

  • The season starts off with a bang when Isabella’s credit cards are suddenly declined while shopping. Her father cut her off financially, insisting she get a job and learn responsibility. Isabella is forced to – gasp – work at a department store to make ends meet.
  • Isabella starts dating a new guy named Liam who seems really down to earth. But it turns out he’s actually the son of a billionaire and is slumming it to teach Isabella a lesson about materialism. Plot twist!
  • Isabella finally lands her dream internship at a fashion magazine. But she quickly realizes the glamorous world isn’t all she hoped for. The environment is toxic and her boss is a total nightmare.
  • In the finale episode, Isabella gives an empowering speech about how she’s learned to value relationships over things. She breaks up with Liam, quits her internship, and decides to travel abroad. Fans are left wondering – will a more grounded Isabella emerge in season two?

So there you have it folks, the crazy rollercoaster that awaits you this season. Tune in to see superficial Isabella get taken down a peg, with some valuable lessons learned along the way. Just when you think you know what’s coming next, this show will surprise you!

Character Developments and Relationships

  • The main character, Alexandra, starts off very shallow and materialistic, only caring about clothes, money and status. However, as the story progresses, she begins to change.
  • When Alexandra loses her fortune, she struggles at first. But slowly she realizes there is more to life than material things. She starts making real connections with people.
  • Alexandra becomes closer to her maid Maria, who has a loving family despite not having much money. She sees what really matters in life.
  • Alexandra also softens towards William, who had pursued her before despite not being rich. She starts to fall for him once she sees his good heart and character.
  • Alexandra’s personal growth allows her to mend broken relationships.
  • She reconciles with her father, who she had previously rejected for not funding her lavish lifestyle. Their relationship strengthens.
  • Alexandra also reconnects with her childhood best friend Lucy. She realizes Lucy has been a true friend all along, unlike other socialite “friends.”
  • Other characters also develop in positive ways.
  • Maria’s kindness and work ethic inspires Alexandra to change.
  • William persists in his care for Alexandra despite her initial rejection.
  • Lucy remains dedicated to their friendship even when Alexandra is rude.
  • In summary, relationships improve meaningfully as the characters undergo personal growth and learn to value the right things. The story emphasizes that money can’t buy happiness – it comes from love, friendship and character.

What to Expect in Upcoming Episodes

The next few episodes of Materialistic Princess promise some major drama and reveals. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Jane’s lavish birthday party is coming up, but her boyfriend Mark is having second thoughts about their relationship. Will he break things off before the big day? Or go through with the party anyway?
  • Jane’s best friend Sara has been hiding a shopping addiction that is leading her into serious debt. She’ll reach a breaking point where she finally admits she needs help.
  • Jane will unexpectedly come face-to-face with her ex Noah, leading to a tense confrontation about their past romance and breakup.
  • In a surprising twist, Jane will learn that Mark actually comes from a very wealthy family, making her question his motives.
  • Jane’s overbearing mom will continue to be a thorn in her side, pushing Jane to live the glam lifestyle no matter what sacrifices it takes.
  • By the season finale, Jane will be at a crossroads, forced to take a hard look at herself and make a choice about the path she wants to take in life. Will she stay focused solely on materialism and status? Or decide to make a change for the better?

The drama is really going to ramp up in the coming episodes. Make sure to tune in each week—you won’t want to miss the twists and turns in store for Jane and the rest of the characters!

Materialistic Princess Spoilers FAQ

Have you reached the end of Materialistic Princess and need to know what happens next? Let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about the ending and future episodes.

  • What is Yeju’s reaction when she finds out about Eunho’s secret?

Yeju is understandably upset when she learns that Eunho hid his wealthy background from her. She confronts him about lying and questions whether she can trust him going forward.

  • Does Yeju end up choosing between Eunho and Jinsu?

The season finale leaves Yeju’s choice up in the air. She is torn between her feelings for both men. Fans will have to wait for the next season to see who she ultimately picks.

  • Will there be a second season?

While not officially confirmed yet, the open-ended finale strongly hints at a second season coming. The show’s popularity makes it very likely the story will continue.

  • What could happen in season two?

There are still unresolved storylines around Yeju’s career, family issues, and romantic relationships to explore. New characters and love triangles may emerge. Expect lots of drama, romance, and character growth!

  • When will season two be released?

An exact premiere date is not known yet. However, new seasons often air about a year after previous ones. If renewed, fans may see it in mid-to-late 2023.

The finale leaves lots of questions unanswered! While waiting for official updates, fans can speculate about what twists and turns are in store for our materialistic princess. Exciting developments surely await in the next chapter of her journey!


So there you have it! The latest scoop on our favorite materialistic princess. While her lavish lifestyle may seem over-the-top to some, you can’t help but envy her glamorous world just a little bit. Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but it seems to buy her everything else she could ever want! We’ll just have to keep tuning in to see what other extravagant adventures she embarks on next. Wherever she goes, you know it will be first class all the way. Her posh lifestyle makes for such fun escapism. At the end of the day, who doesn’t fantasize about living like a princess? This glimpse into her privileged world is a guilty pleasure we just can’t get enough of!

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