Anime fans and otakus alike have a lot to look forward to in 2024, as several exciting anime conventions are set to take place across the United States. These conventions offer a range of exciting activities, including cosplay competitions, industry panels, and opportunities to meet and greet some of the most popular voice actors in the anime world.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the anime scene, these events provide a haven for anyone who loves anime, manga, and otaku culture. Fans are encouraged to mark their calendars, gather their friends, and prepare for an unforgettable experience at some of the largest and most impressive anime conventions of 2024.

Anime Expo (AX) – The Colossal Animation Celebration

Dates: July 4-7, 2024
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

They don’t call it the largest anime convention in North America for nothing! Anime Expo (AX) lives up to its massive hype, drawing over 100,000 diehard attendees to downtown LA for four epic days of Japanese pop culture immersion.

From the second you enter the convention center, you’ll be transported to a whirlwind world of vibrant cosplay, pulsating J-music, and absolutely endless entertainment.

The exhibitor halls stretch as far as the eye can see, packed with exclusive anime screenings, revealing industry panels, and a mind-bogglingly huge Artist Alley showcasing incredible fan art and creations.

One of the biggest draws is getting up close with celebs like legendary voice actors and anime directors who greet fans and dish out behind-the-scenes intel. You can also look forward to wild cosplay masquerades, late-night dance raves, gaming tournaments, and more unforgettable antics.

In short, Anime Expo offers a truly all-encompassing otaku utopia that every self-respecting fan needs to experience at least once. Just be ready to open your wallet because resisting the exhibitor hall’s amazing merch is futile!

Anime NYC – The Big Apple’s Animated Extravaganza

Dates: August 23-25, 2024
Location: Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

New York City hosts one of the East Coast’s premier annual anime bashes—the appropriately grand-scaled Anime NYC! It happens over three epic days at the iconic Javits Convention Center in late August. The celebration of Japanese animation and culture represents a once-a-year opportunity to dive headfirst into the biggest stars, exhibits, and attractions the scene has to offer.

The lineup promises one-of-a-kind exhibits loaded with rare vintage merchandise, film reels, and astonishing anime paraphernalia guaranteed to make hardcore fans say “Sugoi!” You’ll also encounter special guests, including some of Japan’s most revered creators and voice talents, dishing unparalleled behind-the-scenes insights, such as how anime sausage is made.

Of course, Anime NYC also brings full-force cosplay passion with creative showcases and masquerades around every turn. The convention’s central Manhattan location is also a huge perk, allowing attendees to easily travel to or from the festivities via NYC’s rapid transit system.
After experiencing the sheer sensory overload and pop culture bliss that is Anime NYC, you may never see the Big Apple the same way again. This is an absolute must-attend for East Coasters and animation fans worldwide!

Otakon 2024 – The Longest Running Yearly Anime Event

Dates: August 2-4, 2024
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC.

For those on the East Coast, the place to be in early August is Otakon 2024 in Washington, DC.! This long-running convention, launched in 1994, celebrates its 30th anniversary as a summer staple for exploring the latest and greatest in Asian pop culture – anime, manga, movies, video games, music, and more.

Otakon consistently draws a passionate, dedicated crowd of enthusiasts who aren’t just casual fans but actively seeking out what’s new and hot in the genre. As an attendee, you’ll have a chance to get up-close previews and insider access like nowhere else.

Exhibitors will showcase their upcoming releases; special guests will offer behind-the-scenes commentary, and the energy on the convention floor will be absolutely electrifying.

Held in the heart of DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Otakon is an incredibly accessible East Coast destination con. You’ll simultaneously get your anime fix while being just steps away from the nation’s most historic sites and attractions. Let’s be real – what’s better than balancing your Naruto fandom with a stroll around the National Mall?

So, Which Convention Are You Attending?

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