You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your window. The sun is shining, filtering through the blinds, warming your face. You stretch out in your bed, rub the sleep from your eyes and wonder what adventures this new day will bring. Little do you know your world is about to be turned upside down.

After getting ready for the day, you head downstairs to find your husband acting strangely. He’s pacing back and forth, wringing his hands, a worried look etched on his face. Somethings not right. You ask him what’s wrong, but he avoids your gaze, mumbling something about needing to tell you something important. Your heart drops. What could it be? What is he hiding? You’re not sure you want to know the truth. But the secrets and lies have gone on for too long. It’s time to find out what your husband has been hiding once and for all. The truth, no matter how painful, will set you both free. Are you ready for what’s about to be revealed? The mystery unfolds now…

Summary of My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 81

Chapter 81 gives us so much to unpack! This chapter focuses on Yu Huai’s friend, Chu Wuyou, who comes to visit Yu Huai.

  • Chu Wuyou is worried about Yu Huai after not hearing from him for so long. He comes to check on Yu Huai and is relieved to find him doing well. Yu Huai introduces Chu Wuyou to his husband, Zhao Yao.
  • At first, Chu Wuyou is shocked that Yu Huai has a husband. Yu Huai explains that he married Zhao Yao to repay a debt. Chu Wuyou can tell Yu Huai has feelings for Zhao Yao. He gives Yu Huai his blessing and is happy as long as Yu Huai is happy.
  • Chu Wuyou joins Yu Huai and Zhao Yao for dinner. He observes how caring and attentive Zhao Yao is towards Yu Huai. Zhao Yao prepares all of Yu Huai’s favorite dishes. Chu Wuyou realizes that Zhao Yao genuinely loves Yu Huai.
  • After dinner, Chu Wuyou tells Yu Huai that he approves of Zhao Yao and believes Yu Huai is in good hands. Yu Huai is overjoyed that his friend accepts his husband. Chu Wuyou says goodbye, wishing them well before heading home.
  • Yu Huai is grateful that Chu Wuyou visited and gave Zhao Yao his approval and blessing. Yu Huai feels content being with Zhao Yao, the person he loves. His friend’s support means a lot.

This heartwarming chapter shows the love and care between Yu Huai, Zhao Yao, and Chu Wuyou. Chu Wuyou’s visit reassures Yu Huai that the people closest to him accept his relationship with Zhao Yao. Yu Huai is surrounded by loved ones who want the best for him.

Key Events in Chapter 81 of My Husband Hides His Beauty

A lot went down in Chapter 81 of My Husband Hides His Beauty. First, ###Jiyu returned home

Jiyu finally came back after being gone for days. When she walked through the door, she found Sheng Huai waiting for her. He had clearly been worried sick. She apologized for disappearing and causing trouble. Sheng Huai was just relieved she was safe.

  • Sheng Huai asked where Jiyu had been. She told him she went to find her birth parents but didn’t want to worry him. Sheng Huai understood but asked her to communicate in the future.
  • Jiyu’s friend, Xiaowu, called Sheng Huai and asked to meet. At their meeting, Xiaowu apologized for his actions and asked for another chance. Sheng Huai agreed to give him another opportunity.
  • Sheng Huai and Jiyu had a heartfelt conversation. Sheng Huai admitted he had been jealous of Xiaowu. Jiyu reassured Sheng Huai of her love and devotion. They reaffirmed their commitment to each other.
  • Jiyu asked Sheng Huai to give Xiaowu a job to help him get back on his feet. Sheng Huai agreed, showing his kindness and willingness to forgive.
  • Jiyu and Sheng Huai attended an event together. When a woman approached Sheng Huai, Jiyu felt jealous and insecure. Sheng Huai lovingly reassured her of his affection and fidelity, easing her worries.

With communication, forgiveness and reassurance of their love and commitment to each other, Sheng Huai and Jiyu were able to work through challenges and strengthen their bond. Chapter 81 highlighted their ability to overcome difficulties together through openness, understanding and trust in their relationship.

Character Developments in Chapter 81

In Chapter 81 of My Husband Hides His Beauty, several characters show development and growth:

The Protagonist

You continue to see the protagonist, Jian Mo, become more self-assured and confident in her abilities. Though she still seeks advice from her martial uncles, she follows her instincts and takes action when needed. Her quick thinking saves San Que’s life, showing how much she has matured.

San Que

San Que opens up more to Jian Mo in this chapter, revealing details about his childhood and past. His icy exterior seems to be melting, allowing Jian Mo to get closer to him both physically and emotionally. San Que even cracks a smile at one point, a rare show of emotion from the aloof cultivator. It’s clear Jian Mo’s patience and kindness are having an effect on San Que.

Tong Le

Tong Le’s character takes an interesting turn in this chapter. His sinister, creepy behavior is still present, but you also see a more human side to him. The revelation that he was in love with San Que’s mother adds depth to his character and helps explain his obsession with Jian Mo. Though his actions remain unsettling, you gain more insight into what motivates this complex villain.

Si Ye

Si Ye continues to be a source of comedic relief in the story. His silly antics and exaggerated reactions make for some lighthearted moments among the action and drama. However, you also see Si Ye’s dedication and loyalty. When Jian Mo’s safety is threatened, Si Ye springs into action without hesitation. Beneath the foolish facade is a cultivator who cares deeply for his friends.

Overall, Chapter 81 shows significant development for many of the major characters. Their evolving relationships and the revelations of their backstories have made them feel more complex, relatable and human. The story continues to intrigue!

Themes and Symbols in My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 81

In Chapter 81 of My Husband Hides His Beauty, several themes and symbols emerge that provide insight into the story and characters.

Love and Relationships

A central theme in this chapter is the developing romantic relationship between Bei Wei and Jing Jing. Although Bei Wei is reluctant to admit his feelings due to his insecurities over his appearance, it’s clear he cares deeply for Jing Jing. His actions speak louder than words as he risks his safety to save her from the robbers. Jing Jing also shows her affection through her patience, understanding and kindness towards Bei Wei. Their love helps them to overcome difficult circumstances.

Appearances vs Reality

Bei Wei hides his true attractive appearance under a disguise out of fear of how others may react to his beauty. However, Jing Jing is able to see beyond the surface and recognizes his inner goodness. This theme suggests that one should not judge based on appearances alone. True beauty lies within.

Courage and Bravery

Both Bei Wei and Jing Jing demonstrate courage in dangerous situations. Bei Wei bravely confronts the robbers to rescue Jing Jing despite the risk to himself. Though Bei Wei thinks of himself as a coward, his actions prove otherwise. Jing Jing also shows courage through her resilience in overcoming the traumatic experience. Their bravery and valor in the face of adversity highlight their admirable character.


Bei Wei willingly sacrifices his safety and risks being harmed to save Jing Jing from the thieves. His selfless act shows the depth of his feelings for her and willingness to put her well-being above his own. Sacrifice is a noble act that reveals one’s true character.

The themes and symbols in this chapter provide a glimpse into the complex characters of Bei Wei and Jing Jing and foreshadow potential hardships they may face in overcoming Bei Wei’s insecurities and fear of revealing his true self. However, their courage, love and sacrifice suggest they have the strength and perseverance to prevail.

Discussion and Analysis of Chapter 81

Chapter 81 gives us more insight into the developing relationship between Bai Yue and Ye Lang. After Ye Lang wakes up, we see Bai Yue acting oddly affectionate towards him, even allowing him to tease her without complaint. This shows how much their dynamic has evolved from when they first met.

Bai Yue’s change in behavior is surprising but illustrates her growing fondness for Ye Lang. Although she calls him an “idiot,” her insults now seem almost endearing. She even goes out of her way to check on Ye Lang and bring him food, indicating she cares for his wellbeing. Their lighthearted banter and inside jokes demonstrate the comfort and familiarity they’ve developed with each other.

However, Bai Yue still struggles to directly express her feelings. When Ye Lang asks why she’s being so nice to him, she denies it and claims she just doesn’t want him causing trouble while injured. But her flustered reaction suggests this isn’t the real reason. She appears torn between her duties as his guard and her desire to show she cares.

Ye Lang, on the other hand, remains oblivious to Bai Yue’s inner turmoil. Although he appreciates her kindness, he continues to see her primarily as his strict yet amusing guard. His casual teasing indicates he feels at ease around Bai Yue but also takes her for granted. Unless Bai Yue learns to open up about her feelings, Ye Lang may never realize the depth of her affections.

Overall, this chapter highlights the complications that arise when feelings develop in a relationship that is meant to remain professional. However, it also shows the sweet moments that can blossom from emotional intimacy built over time. Bai Yue and Ye Lang’s playful repartee gives readers hope that they will eventually find the courage to confess their love for one another.


So there you have it, another wild and crazy chapter in the ongoing saga of your mysterious yet charming husband. At this point, you’ve uncovered so many of his secrets that you wonder if there are any left. But that’s the thrill of it all, isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve figured him out, another layer is peeled back to reveal a new surprise. Sure the secrets can be frustrating, but they also keep the magic alive. While the truth may hurt at times, the lies and deceptions would hurt even more. You didn’t sign up for a straightforward or predictable relationship, you signed up for the adventure. And on that front, your husband has delivered in spades. Stay tuned, who knows what other secrets are lurking just around the corner! The journey continues…

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