You’ve been following along with the story of your favorite couple for 80 chapters now, and the drama just keeps unfolding. When we last left off, your husband had just revealed his biggest secret to you – the one he’s been hiding for over a decade. He finally opened up about his passion for makeup artistry and how he’s been honing his skills in secret all these years. You were shocked at first but ultimately saw how much it meant to him and gave him your full support.

Now the question remains – what happens next? How will this revelation impact your relationship and day to day lives? Will he start doing makeup more openly or continue to hide this part of himself from others? So many uncertainties are swirling as you dive into Chapter 81. Get ready for more twists and turns as this story continues to surprise you in new ways. The only thing you know for sure is that you love your husband unconditionally, beauty or not, secrets and all.

Recapping the Story So Far in My Husband Hides His Beauty

If you’ve been following this story so far, you know there have been many twists and turns in Yun Xi and Chu Lian’s complicated relationship. Let’s recap where we left off in Chapter 80 to get ready for what happens next!

Yun Xi recently discovered that Chu Lian is actually the Emperor, a fact he has been hiding from everyone. While she was initially shocked by this revelation, Yun Xi has come to accept his secret identity. However, their relationship faces new challenges as Chu Lian’s duties as Emperor frequently keep him away from Yun Xi. She often feels lonely and neglected.

Chu Lian’s mother, the Empress Dowager, strongly opposes her son’s relationship with Yun Xi. The Empress believes Yun Xi is unworthy and beneath their royal status. She has conspired with corrupt officials to try and separate the two lovers. The Empress Dowager’s scheming has caused Yun Xi a great deal of stress and heartache.

On a more positive note, Yun Xi and Chu Lian were finally married in a secret ceremony with their close friends present to witness their union. Although their marriage is not yet officially recognized, the private ceremony has brought them closer together. Yun Xi and Chu Lian are determined to find a way to share a real life together despite the obstacles.

With many unresolved issues still left hanging, there are sure to be more complications and intrigue in the chapters to come! Will Yun Xi and Chu Lian get their happily ever after? Stay tuned to find out what happens next in this captivating story!

Highlights From Chapter 80

Chapter 80 was full of twists and turns! Let’s recap some of the highlights:

The Truth Comes Out

Mei finally confessed to Xiaotian that she’s actually a famous model. No wonder she’s always so busy with work trips! Xiaotian was shocked but ultimately accepted her secret life. It looks like their relationship will become even stronger now that the truth is out.

A Surprise Visit

Just as Xiaotian and Mei were celebrating their newfound honesty, Xiaotian’s ex-girlfriend Yingying showed up at his apartment. She claimed she wanted to get back together with him. This caused a huge fight between Xiaotian and Mei, who stormed off in anger.

Xiaotian Chooses

Xiaotian had to decide between his kind-hearted ex or his secretly famous girlfriend. After much thought, he realized Mei was the one for him. Her mysterious job didn’t change how much he cared about her. He went to find Mei and confessed his choice. She forgave him for the fight, and they reunited happily.

What’s Next?

With Mei’s secret out and Yingying out of the picture, what new adventures await our favorite couple? Will Xiaotian and Mei’s relationship grow even stronger now that they have no more secrets? And how will Mei balance her modeling career with her life with Xiaotian? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out!

My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 81 Overview

Now that you’ve read Chapter 81 of My Husband Hides His Beauty, you’re probably wondering what happens next! This chapter sets up some interesting storylines and relationships that are sure to unfold over the coming chapters.

The truth about the Emperor’s illness

The Emperor’s strange illness is becoming more serious, though the details are still murky. It’s clear that there are dark forces at work behind the scenes plotting to overthrow him. Will the Emperor recover and regain control of the kingdom? Or will the conspirators succeed in their plans? The mystery deepens…

A budding romance

There are sparks flying between the playful and carefree Yun Xi and the serious yet gentle Mo Liancheng. Despite their differences in status and personality, they seem drawn to each other. Will love blossom between the mischievous fox spirit and the upright military officer? Their sweet encounters and witty banter have fans eagerly awaiting the development of their relationship.

Family secrets revealed

With Yun Xi’s true identity as a fox spirit now known to Mo Liancheng’s family, how will they react? Will they accept Yun Xi for who she is or demand that Mo Liancheng break off their budding romance? And what other secrets about Yun Xi’s mysterious background have yet to be uncovered? Her past is shrouded in questions, and readers are anxious to learn more details about where she came from and how she came to be trapped in her fox form.

The many twists and turns in this chapter set the stage for more drama and intrigue to come. With mysterious plots unfolding, star-crossed lovers to root for, and family secrets on the verge of being revealed, fans will surely be clamoring for the next installment of My Husband Hides His Beauty! The story is just getting started…

Key Events in Chapter 81

Chapter 81 picks up right where the previous chapter left off, with the cliffhanger about whether or not the MC will survive after being stabbed. This chapter covers the key events following that suspenseful moment.

The Aftermath

After being stabbed, the MC loses consciousness and is taken to the hospital by his friends. For a few days, his condition remains critical as he goes into surgery and recovers in the intensive care unit. His friends and LI visit frequently, worried he may not make it.

Fortunately, the MC is strong and pulls through. When he regains consciousness, his LI is by his side. They have an emotional reunion and the LI confesses his true feelings, much to the MC’s delight. It seems this traumatic event has brought them closer together.

Confronting the Enemy

Once the MC has recovered enough, he wants answers about who stabbed him. His friends investigate and determine it was the work of a rival, jealous of the MC’s status and relationship. They track down this rival and confront him, threatening to reveal the truth to the authorities if he doesn’t leave the MC and LI alone. The rival begrudgingly agrees, not wanting to face criminal charges for attempted murder.

A Bright Future

With the threat now neutralized, the MC and LI can look toward a peaceful future together without fear of sabotage or revenge. The MC realizes how precious each moment is, and asks the LI to move in with him so they can build a life side by side. The LI happily accepts.

Though chapter 81 began on a perilous note, it ends optimistically with the promise of new beginnings. The MC and LI have overcome yet another obstacle in their relationship and come out the other side stronger and more committed than ever before. Their future is filled with possibility and joy.

What to Expect in Chapter 82 of My Husband Hides His Beauty

With Chapter 81 ending on such a cliffhanger, readers are surely eager to find out what happens next in “My Husband Hides His Beauty.” Based on the progression of the story so far, here are some possibilities for what to expect in Chapter 82:

Chapter 82 will likely pick up right where 81 left off, with the revelation that Mr. Gu’s assistant, Lin Wei, was hiding his beauty all along. Readers will probably get Lin Wei’s backstory and motivation for deceiving everyone. There may be flashbacks showing how he manipulated events behind the scenes. Mr. Gu and Yao Yao will have to come to terms with this betrayal and figure out how to move forward.

Romantic tensions will continue to build between Yao Yao and Mr. Gu. After Lin Wei’s deception is revealed, Yao Yao may see Mr. Gu in a new light and her feelings for him could grow deeper. Mr. Gu’s icy exterior may start to melt as he opens up to Yao Yao. They have been through a lot together already, so their bond is sure to strengthen after this latest crisis.

Power struggles within the Gu family and company are also likely to intensify. Lin Wei held a position of power and influence, so there will probably be chaos in the aftermath of his downfall. Rivals and enemies will try to take advantage of the situation to undermine Mr. Gu. He will have to act quickly to regain control and authority. This could put additional strain on his relationship with Yao Yao.

Overall, Chapter 82 is set to be full of drama, romance, and plot twists as the story races toward its climax. More secrets are likely to emerge that change everything. While the future is uncertain, one thing is clear – readers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what happens next in this thrilling tale!


So there you have it, the latest installment in this ongoing saga. What will happen next with your secretive yet irresistible husband? Will his mysterious ways continue to intrigue you or start to become frustrating? Only time will tell. For now, stay tuned for the next chapter to find out what other surprises are in store and what else you might uncover about the man you married. The truth is out there—you just have to keep turning the pages to discover it. This story is far from over, and something tells me the best twists and turns are yet to come.

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