You may have heard the name Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith lately and wondered, who is this guy? What’s his deal? Why’s he suddenly getting so much hype? Well, strap in, because you’re about to get the full lowdown on this rising star. We’ll cover everything from his musical roots to his collaborations with today’s hottest artists. We’ll explore the unique sound he’s cultivated and the eclectic influences that shape his artistry. And we’ll look at how he went from an unknown producer to one of the most sought-after talents in the game. By the end, you’ll understand exactly why Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith is poised to become the next big thing in music. So let’s dive in and get to know the past, present and future of this inspiring artist.

Introducing Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith

Najee Smith is an American jazz saxophonist and flutist known for his virtuosic technique and innovative style. Born in 1957, Najee has been a pioneering figure in contemporary jazz for over three decades.

Early Life and Influences

Najee grew up surrounded by the sounds of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Grover Washington Jr. He began playing flute at age 4 and added saxophone a few years later. By his teens, Najee was performing with local groups in New York City. He cites Coltrane, Washington, and Ronnie Laws as major influences.

Education and Early Career

Najee attended the New England Conservatory of Music before launching his professional career. He recorded his first album as a sideman on Jeff Lorber’s “It’s a Fact” in 1982. Najee’s debut as a solo artist came in 1986 with “Najee’s Theme.” The album was a smash hit, reaching number one on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.

A Pioneer of Smooth Jazz

With a distinctive R&B-inflected sound and soulful improvisational style, Najee helped define the smooth jazz genre. He has recorded over 20 solo albums, many of which have topped the jazz charts. Najee is also an acclaimed live performer, touring regularly with his band and appearing at major jazz festivals around the world.

Through talent, passion, and dedication, Najee has established himself as one of the all-time greats of contemporary jazz. His evocative melodies and superb musicianship have made him a pioneer of the genre and won him a devoted following spanning over 30 years. Najee’s timeless music will continue to inspire jazz lovers for generations to come.

Najee’s Early Life and Upbringing

Najee was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1963. He grew up in a musical family, with his father being a jazz musician and his mother a singer. Najee started playing the saxophone at a young age, picking it up when he was just 11. He honed his craft throughout his teenage years, performing in school bands and at local clubs.

Developing His Sound

In the early 1980s, Najee began studying jazz and performance at Howard University in Washington, D.C. This is where he developed an interest in combining jazz with R&B, funk, and pop. He was inspired by prominent saxophonists like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Grover Washington Jr. After graduating from Howard University, Najee moved to New York City to launch his music career.

First Breakthrough

Najee’s big break came in 1986 when he was asked to tour with Jeff Lorber Fusion. This exposure led to Najee signing his first record deal with EMI Records and releasing his debut album “Najee’s Theme” in 1986. The album was a success, reaching number 4 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. From this point onward, Najee’s smooth jazz sound and soulful melodies started gaining popularity.

Over the next few decades, Najee went on to release over 20 studio albums, including hits like “Sweet Love” (1988), “Just an Illusion” (1992), and “My Point of View” (2005). Through his music, Najee has become known for effortlessly combining jazz, R&B, pop and soul. His sultry sound and masterful solos on the soprano and tenor saxophone have resonated with audiences worldwide, cementing his status as a pioneer of contemporary jazz.

Najee’s Music Career and Discography

Najee’s music career began in the early 1980s. He released his first album, Najee’s Theme, in 1986. The album was a huge success and reached number one on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. The single “Najee’s Theme” is still frequently played on smooth jazz radio stations today.

Over his 35-year career, Najee has released over 20 studio albums. Some of his most popular albums include Day Dreaming (1989), Just an Illusion (1992), Share My World (1994), and My Point of View (1996). His music blends elements of R&B, soul, and funk with contemporary jazz. Najee is known for his impressive solos and catchy melodies.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Najee won two Soul Train Music Awards and received several Grammy Award nominations. He has collaborated with many well-known artists like Will Downing, Meli’sa Morgan, Gerald Albright, and Jonathan Butler. Najee continues to record, tour, and inspire new generations of jazz musicians.

If you want to get into Najee’s music, I’d recommend starting with one of his greatest hits compilations like The Best of Najee or The Very Best of Najee. His albums from the late 1980s and 1990s are also a great place to start. Some of his most recognizable songs are “Najee’s Theme”, “Sweet Love”, “Just an Illusion”, and his cover of “The Look of Love”.

Najee’s impressive discography and decades-long career have established him as a contemporary jazz legend. His soulful sound and masterful solos have inspired so many musicians. I hope this overview of his music career and albums will inspire you to give his music a listen. You’re in for a real treat.

Notable Collaborations and Performances

Collaborations with Fellow Musicians

Throughout his career, Najee has collaborated with many acclaimed jazz and R&B artists. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, he toured with jazz legend Miles Davis and served as a featured soloist on Davis’ Amandla album. Najee also collaborated with vocalists Phyllis Hyman, Jon Lucien, and Jeffrey Osborne, playing saxophone on their albums.


As a talented saxophonist and flutist, Najee has performed at major music festivals and venues worldwide. He has played at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, and the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. Najee has also performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” and “Soul Train.”

Tribute Albums

In 2000, Najee released Najee Plays Songs from the Key of Life, a tribute to Stevie Wonder. The album featured instrumental covers of Wonder’s hits like “Superstition,” “You and I,” and “Overjoyed.” Najee’s 2003 album My Point of View paid tribute to Herbie Hancock, with renditions of “Watermelon Man,” “Maiden Voyage” and “Cantaloupe Island.” These tribute albums showcase Najee’s musical influences and his ability to reimagine iconic songs in his own soulful style.

Over the course of his career, Najee has established himself as a preeminent contemporary jazz artist through his collaborations, live performances, and tribute albums honoring the musical legends who inspired him. Though he has released over 20 solo albums, Najee continues to expand his musical horizons through new partnerships and creative projects. His memorable live shows and timeless covers of classic songs have cemented his status as a pioneer of smooth jazz.

The Legacy of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith

Najee Smith’s impact on jazz music cannot be overstated. Over his decades-long career, he pushed the boundaries of contemporary jazz and introduced innovative new sounds and styles. Known for his masterful combination of jazz and hip hop, Najee helped bring jazz to younger audiences and inspired countless musicians.

Pioneering Jazz Fusion

Early in his career, Najee was at the forefront of fusing jazz, R&B, hip hop, and electronic music. His albums like “Sweet Love” and “Just an Illusion” seamlessly blended these genres and produced some of the most well-known jazz fusion songs of the era. Najee’s experimentation with electronic keyboards, drum machines, and digital recording techniques shaped the sound of contemporary jazz.

Mentor to Young Musicians

Beyond his own accomplishments, Najee has been an inspiration and mentor to up-and-coming jazz musicians. He is known for collaborating with and promoting young talent, giving them opportunities to perform and record. Najee’s support of musicians from diverse backgrounds has helped make jazz a more inclusive genre. His mentorship and advocacy have been instrumental in launching the careers of many contemporary jazz artists.

Timeless Influence

Nearly 40 years after his debut album, Najee’s music still sounds fresh and innovative. His stylistic fusion of genres influenced both contemporary jazz and hip hop and introduced a generation to jazz music. Najee’s vast body of work, including over 20 studio albums, has enduring power and relevance. His seamless blend of musical styles created a jazz sound that continues to inspire musicians today. Najee’s pioneering artistry and vision have cemented his status as a jazz legend.


So there you have it – the fascinating story of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith. From his humble beginnings to his rise to fame, his life has been filled with intriguing twists and turns. While he’s faced his share of controversies, he remains one of the most prominent and influential figures in his field. As he continues to shape the landscape through his groundbreaking work, it’s clear Najee’s legacy will live on. His tale serves as inspiration that even through life’s ups and downs, with passion and perseverance, we can still achieve greatness. Najee’s journey shows us that sometimes it’s the imperfections and difficulties that help forge who we become.

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