Ensuring your child is safe from the dangers of the road is something every parent must go through. From reckless drivers to speedy bikers, there’s a lot that can potentially harm your children when they’re out and about.

Cars are one of the most common modes of transport in the UK with around 41 million registered vehicles on the roads This is an increase on previous years and more cars means more potential for accidents to occur. That’s why teaching your kids how to stay safe when they’re around roads is paramount in 2024.

There’s a lot to teach them about the road, so we’ve put our top tips into this article. This should make it easier to cover all bases and ensure they’re ready for the roads next time they leave the house. Keep reading to find out more.

Why is road safety so important?

Road safety is extremely important in the UK. In 2022, there were over 130,000 road incidents, showing just how common they can be. According to Brake, 17 children died as a result of a pedestrian road accident in 2022 too.

This is an unfortunate amount of injuries to children, so make sure yours are better prepared for the dangers. By doing this, we can reduce this number in the future.

How can I keep my child safe while out and about?

No one wants their child to be involved in a road accident. Increase the chances of your kids being injury-free by teaching them the following road safety tips: 

Teach them how to cross the street safely

Crossing the road can be scary, especially when it’s busy. Encourage your child to try to use zebra crossings or traffic lights when they need to get across to the other side. This should ensure cars give way to them and there won’t be a chance of a vehicle speeding into them.

If they need to cross but no crossings are in sight, teach them to look left and right to make sure the road is clear before they make their way across.

Make sure they wear bright colours

Bright-coloured clothing makes them more visible to drivers, so they’ll have more time to slow down if they see your child in and around the road. If your kids are heading out at night, consider putting them in a high-visibility jacket, so the car lights reflect off them.

Ensure the adult is alert to the dangers

While the child should be vigilant at all times, adults with the kids should act as role models. Keep an eye out for potential dangers and practice the lessons you preached to ensure they do the same if you’re not with them next time they’re out and about.

What should I do if my child is involved in a road accident?

We know how traumatic a road accident can be for both parents and the child. The following can help them get what they need:

  • Call the emergency services or take them to a hospital if the injury isn’t serious
  • Speak to a medical negligence expert to see if you have grounds to make a claim
  • Talk to them about their feelings
  • Take them to a child psychologist if their mental health has taken a negative turn off the back of this

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