You’ve played the classic Pokemon games for years now, catching em all from Red and Blue to Sword and Shield. But if you’re getting bored of the same old Pokemon, have I got some exciting news for you. The fan-made Pokemon Infinite Fusion lets you fuse any two Pokemon together to create all-new hybrid species. The combinations are endless!

Today we’re going to look at one of my personal favorite fusions: Larvesta and Victini. This adorable fusion of the Torch Pokemon and Victory Pokemon is too cute to handle. With Larvesta’s fiery mane and Victini’s signature V-shaped ears, Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s Larvesta is a Pokemon mashup made in heaven. Get ready to catch this cutie on your next playthrough. The only downside is you may never want to stop cuddling those fluffy, fiery locks!

How’s that for shaking up your regular Pokemon adventure? Let me know if you end up fusing any other unconventional Pokemon pairs. I’d love to see what wild and wacky species you come up with! The possibilities really are infinite.

What Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made modification of Pokemon games that allows players to fuse any two Pokemon together into a brand new Pokemon. Players can mix and match their favorite Pokemon to create unique fusions with different types, moves, stats, and appearances.

To fuse Pokemon, you first need to catch them in the game. Then, take them to a Fusion Lab where you can select two Pokemon to combine. The fusion will result in a Pokemon that inherits characteristics from both parents. For example, fusing a fire type with a water type might produce a Pokemon with both fire and water moves. Fusing a fast Pokemon with a strong Pokemon could result in a speedy powerhouse. The possibilities are endless!

Appearance and Typing

The fused Pokemon’s appearance will blend features from the two Pokemon used to create it. Its typing may be a combination of the parents’ typings or something new. A fusion of Bulbasaur and Charmander could be a Fire/Grass type, while fusing Pikachu and Jigglypuff might produce an Electric/Fairy Pokemon.

Stats and Moves

The new Pokemon will have a blend of stats, strengths, and movesets from its parents. If you fuse high-Attack Pokemon, the fusion may excel in Attack. If the parents share a move or move type, the fusion may learn those moves or have a propensity for that move type. Some fusions may even have signature moves that combine the essence of the parents’ signature moves.

With infinite possibilities, Pokemon fusions allow you to create a team of completely unique Pokemon. If you can dream it, you can fuse it! What will you create?

Introducing Larvesta in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Larvesta is one of the newly introduced Pokemon in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. This adorable Fire/Bug-type Pokemon resembles a cocoon covered in flames. Despite its cute appearance, Larvesta can pack a punch with its high Special Attack stat and access to powerful Fire-type moves.

Finding Larvesta

Larvesta can only be obtained through breeding or catching its pre-evolution, Volcarona, in the wild. Volcarona has a 5% chance of holding an item called a Larvesta Egg, which can be hatched into a Larvesta. The egg takes a long time to hatch at 25,000 steps, but the reward is well worth the wait!

Moveset and Stats

Larvesta’s best stats are its Special Attack and Speed. With a Modest or Timid nature, Larvesta can take advantage of moves like:

  • Fire Blast: Powerful STAB move with a chance to burn.
  • Bug Buzz: Strong STAB move that may lower Sp. Def.
  • Quiver Dance: Boosts Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed.
  • Flamethrower: Reliable STAB move with a high burn chance.

Larvesta also gets Flare Blitz, a powerful physical Fire move, but its Attack stat is mediocre so special moves are optimal. With EV investment in Sp. Atk and Speed, Larvesta can sweep unprepared teams after a Quiver Dance or two. Its typing also gives useful resistances, though its weaknesses to Rock, Water and Flying moves must be played around.

Overall, Larvesta is a great special Fire-type Pokemon in Infinite Fusion. If given the care and patience it needs, this little firebug can become a formidable threat! With the right moveset and held item, Larvesta has the potential to blaze a trail through the metagame.

Larvesta’s Stats and Moveset in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Larvesta has some great stats and moves in Pokemon Infinite Fusion that make it a formidable opponent.


Larvesta has high HP, Attack, and Special Attack stats, allowing it to deal good damage. Its Defense and Special Defense are somewhat low, so be careful of opponents that target those weaknesses. Larvesta’s Speed is average, letting it outspeed some slower Pokemon but still get outpaced by faster ones.


Larvesta learns many powerful Fire-type moves to make use of its high Special Attack, like:

  • Flamethrower: A strong special Fire-type move with 90 power that has a high chance of burning the target.
  • Fire Blast: A very powerful special Fire-type move with 120 power, though its accuracy is a bit low at 85%.
  • Overheat: An extremely powerful special Fire-type move with 140 power, though it harshly lowers your Special Attack after use.

Larvesta can also learn some useful support moves:

  • Will-O-Wisp: Burns the target, halving their Attack stat. Great for weakening physical attackers.
  • Morning Sun: Heals Larvesta for up to 50% of its max HP. Helps offset Life Orb or Stealth Rock damage.
  • String Shot: Lowers the target’s Speed by one stage. Can help Larvesta outspeed opponents or allow allies to outspeed the target.

With TMs, Larvesta has access to moves like Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, and Bug Buzz which provide extra coverage. It can also learn Roost to heal itself and Defog to clear entry hazards.

Overall, Larvesta has the power and moveset to be a formidable special attacker in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. With the right team support to patch up its weaknesses, Larvesta can blaze a trail through opponents. Its solid HP and useful recovery moves allow it to endure in longer battles, steadily chipping away at the other team. Any trainer would be lucky to have a Larvesta as powerful as this!

How to Get Larvesta in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

To get Larvesta in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you’ll need to encounter it in the wild. Larvesta can only be found in certain locations, and even then it has a low spawn rate, so you may need to search for a while.

Find Larvesta in the Desert Resort

One of the best places to look for Larvesta is in the Desert Resort. In particular, search the areas around Relic Castle and the Desert Resort Camp. Larvesta tends to spawn in the sandstorms here, albeit rarely. Walk or bike around in the sandstorms until you encounter one. It may take time and patience, but with perseverance you’ll eventually find Larvesta.

Look in Castelia City

Another location where Larvesta can sometimes be found is Castelia City. Specifically, search the areas around the piers and Skyarrow Bridge. Larvesta is most likely to appear in dark, grassy patches and near sources of heat or fire. Check near lit buildings, trash cans, vents and other heat sources. Again, Larvesta spawns are uncommon here so you’ll need to thoroughly comb the area.

Use Honey or Sweet Scent

Using Honey or the move Sweet Scent can increase the odds of encountering a Larvesta. These items attract wild Pokemon, raising the chance that a Larvesta may appear. Apply Honey to dark, grassy areas or use Sweet Scent in the locations mentioned above. The boosted spawn rates will improve your chances, though there’s still no guarantee of finding a Larvesta.

With diligence and patience, you can track down the elusive Larvesta. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you multiple attempts. Once you finally spot one in the wild, weaken it in battle and catch it with an Ultra Ball to add this unique Pokemon to your team!

Using Larvesta Effectively in Battle in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Larvesta has some useful moves and abilities for battling in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Here are some tips to use Larvesta effectively:


Larvesta learns some great Fire and Bug type moves as it levels up. Flame Charge and Ember are good for Fire damage, while String Shot and Bug Bite are useful Bug moves. As Larvesta evolves into Volcarona, it gets even more powerful moves like Fiery Dance, Quiver Dance and Hurricane.


Larvesta has two useful abilities: Flame Body and Swarm. Flame Body has a 30% chance of burning an opponent that makes contact with Larvesta. This can be handy for weakening physical attackers. Swarm powers up Bug type moves when Larvesta’s HP gets low, so you can hit hard with Bug Bite or String Shot.

Held Items

A good held item for Larvesta is the Charcoal, which boosts the power of Fire type moves by 20%. This complements Larvesta’s Fire type attacks like Ember and Flame Charge. You could also give Larvesta the Metronome to increase damage each time the same move is used consecutively.


Larvesta has high Special Attack and decent Speed, so focus on special Fire and Bug type attacks. Larvesta’s Defense and Special Defense are quite low, so be careful of super effective Rock, Water and Flying moves. Use Larvesta’s Speed to hit first with Flame Charge, then follow up with special attacks.


A good strategy is to start with Flame Charge to boost Larvesta’s Speed, then hit opponents with special Fire moves like Ember. If an opponent uses a contact move, there is a chance they will get burned by Flame Body. You can also set up Quiver Dance with Volcarona to sharply boost Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, then strike with a powered-up Fiery Dance or Bug Buzz.

Larvesta and Volcarona can be great additions to your team in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. With the right moves, held items and strategy, these Fire and Bug types will blaze a trail through opponents. What tips do you have for using Larvesta and Volcarona effectively?


You’re now equipped with all the knowledge you need to create your very own Larvesta fusion. With infinite possibilities in the fusion generator, who knows what unique Pokemon you’ll end up with. Maybe you’ll get a Fire/Rock type with Flame Body and Sturdy, the ultimate tank. Or possibly a Bug/Electric combo with Swarm and Motor Drive for some speedy special attacking action. The potential combinations are endless. Now get out there, catch some Pokemon and start fusing! See if you can create the most powerful Larvesta fusion of all. And be sure to share your results with the community. We’re all excited to see the new fusions you come up with using this underappreciated little fire bug. Happy fusing and good luck!

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