At the Campingat a Power failure or even if you to travel have to supply two children and their technical devices with electricity in the car – one Portable Power Stationa portable power stationis in many situations a savior in need. We kindly have those now Portable Power Station T-500 von Grecell for a test in the editorial office.

What’s in the box? Unboxing the T-500 Portable Power Station

The orange carton with carrying handle contains the well and safely packaged mobile Powerstation T-500 in orange and black design. The scope of delivery also includes the user manual in five languages, the power pack for the socket (AC100-240V), a charging cable for the 12 V car connection and a charging cable for a solar panel. There is also a carrying bag for the cables. A solar panel can be ordered optionally. Grecell recommends using a 60/80/100/120W solar panel for the T-500.

General specifications of the portable power station

General Information
rated capacity 519.48 Wh
weight (net weight) 6.1 kg
Weight (including accessories) 7.1 kg
product size 294 x 202 x 202 mm

Input voltage for charging 12-26 V
input power for charging 105W (Max)
AC/DC Adapter AC 100-240V (50 Hz/60 Hz), DC 25V, 4A
Solar-Ladeeingang 12-26V, Max. 105W
car charger DC 12V, Max. 105W
AC output voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
Nennausgangsleistung 500W
output waveform pure sine wave
Overload protection performance 550 +/- 40W
Auto outlet exit 12V — 10A (total 10A)
DC 55*2.5 output x2 12V — 5A (insg. 10A)
Wireless charger 10W
USB output QC3.0/18W
Type-C output PD 60W

battery pack
standard capacity of the batteries 22.2V 23.4 Ah 519.48 Wh
discharge temperature -10 to 40°C
Heat temperature 0 to 40°C
storage temperature -20 to 45°C

Product overview – Where is which connection?

At the Grecell T-500 Portabel Power Station It is a rectangular black box with orange rubber trim/anti-collision stops. The fold-out carrying handle with rubber coating and the Wireless Charging Pad.

On the right as well as on the left are the Cooling fan. Furthermore, on the left is the Lampe. The lamp like that too portable power station yourself will be over the power and light button activated.

You’ll see this next to the power button Display as well as the PV-Input and DC input connector.

The front shows all available ones connectionsstarting with the left DC 55*25 output and Auto outlet exit and right next to the four USB ports with three USB Quick Charge 3.0 and einem Power Delivery PD 60 W Connection. Next are the two 500W Rated AC Output Sockets. Each connection must be activated separately using the button above it.

Product overview of Grecell's T-500 Portable Power Station

Covers for the sockets and the 12 V connection would have been nice. If you have the portable power station outside and a rain shower is pelting down, it can happen that the connections get wet.

How do I charge the Power Station? Difference between lithium-ion batteries and LiFePo4 batteries

Die Grecell T-500 Portable Power Station has, like many other portable power plants, three waysto the built Lithium NCM battery (lithium nickel cobalt manganese <- a type of lithium ion battery) charge. The Lithium-NCM-Akku has one high energy density on, but does not come close to the service life of a LiFePo4. LiFePo4 Battery also offer after around 3000 charging cycles still 80 percent the actual battery capacity. With lithium-ion batteries, 80 percent is already reached after 500 cycles.

  • The two best options among the wide range of Lithium Ion batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Ion NCM (NCA).

Charging even before first use is recommended. The battery in our test device was still 47 percent charged. The outputs can still be used during the charging process.

Possibility 1 – charging the Portable Power Station with a 230 V mains plug

The Charging the T-500 with the mains plug (100-240V) is the fastest way to fully charge the battery. It takes about 6 to 7 hours to fully charge, which is still relatively long. To charge, attach the mains plug to the DC input and connect it to the socket. The loading takes place immediately.

Option 2 – Charging the T-500 with the car plug

Another way to charge the T-500 is the Use of the car plug while driving or when the car is running. With 12 V you have to plan the duration of 7 to 8 hours to charge the battery. The variant is practical when you are on the freeway and the portable power station supplies the users in the back seat.

Option 3 – (optional) Charging the portable power station with a 120W solar panel

The T-500 has a connector for a solar panel. This must additionally purchased and is not included in the scope of delivery. With a 120W solar charger, a charge takes 6-9 hours, depending on the sun conditions.

How loud is the T-500 when loading and unloading?

During charging, our portable power station T-500 is not audible. The gentle loading speed was between 102 and 103 watts per hour through the mains plug.

When discharging or using more than 300 watts, the T-500 can be clearly heard, depending on the connected device. The more power required from the devices, the more audible the Power Station becomes. Not as loud as other power stations, though.

What happens if the portable power plant is overloaded?

Do you plug in a device that clearly too much performance required (e.g. our Remington hair dryer with 1850 watts, or the kettle with 2500 watts), turns off the T-500 directly. It can only be used again when you unplug the device from the socket and switch the Power Station on again.

The Philipps Airstyler with a peak of 583 watts ran for a few seconds before the T-500 also switched itself off.

The T-500 has one advanced BMS (Battery Management System) protection. This includes overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overcharging and overheating protection.

Which devices can be charged with the Grecell T-500 Portable Power Station?

The T-500 is very suitableone Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or even one Lampe to supply with electricity. However, you have to look at how many watts your devices consume in total or individually, so as not to emergency shutdown of the portable power plant. This meant that hair dryers and other styling devices could not be used with the T-500. Our kettle also required more watts than the T-500 could give. This is also stated by Grecell in the FAQ.

The portable power station Grecell T-500 in an outdoor test

Grecell itself still advertises the power supply for a mini fridge (40W) or a TV with 60W.

The Display the Portable Power Station always shows the current battery status and currently consumed watts. You will also find the Active light indicator or one active fan.

As already written, it depends on your devices and the resulting withdrawal amount. But you can uptime approximately Calculate by dividing the watt hours of the T-500 (519 Wh) by the required wattage of the connected device. You will then receive the approximate operating time.

The old MacBook Pro from 2015, which now only runs with the power cable connected, requires between 60 and 80 W when in use. Dividing 519 Wh by 60 watts is approximately 8 hours usage the Portable Power Station.

Grecell T-500 – Fazit der Portable Power Station

Die Grecell T-500 Portable Power Station is a portable power station and for a continuous load of 500 W (Peak power for a short time 1000 W). The station offers many connections and is ideal for Camping trips in nature and for that Bridging in the event of a power failure. It is also advertised as Power generator for a CPAP machine (breathing machine used to treat obstructive sleep apnea). Here has to Rated power but less than 500 watts be. Overall, the Grecell T-500 allows you to charge several times or have an emergency power supply for hours.

Not working however, we have that Wireless Charging Pad on or top of the device. All smartphones that charge on other pads could not be charged at the station, only with a cable.

Die Portable Power Station Grecell T-500 ist at a price of 426.30 euros via Amazon available. Currently on offer for 332.88 euros plus coupon code save another 100 euros.


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