If you are a small business owner in London, you have probably heard that ads are a great way to reach your potential customers. As you start searching for experienced marketing agencies to run ad campaigns, you will come across many digital marketers and ad experts recommending local Facebook ads for your small business.

You might already have come across such ads while you scroll through your feeds on Facebook. Facebook advertising for local businesses has become a powerful tool these days for small businesses like yours. So, in this article, we will unleash the power of Facebook ads for local businesses while exploring its top ten benefits.

1. Micro-Targeting Your Potential Customers

You can micro-target your specific audience if you’re running Facebook ads for local businesses. The detailed feature of Facebook ads lets you narrow down your choices for every ad you run. In Facebook ads local targeting, the segments, for example, include gender, age, location, spoken languages, interests, education level, job title, income, political affiliation, major life events, recent purchases and more. You won’t find these many filters in Google or Bing ads.

2. Highest ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) for Any Social Platform

Ads on Facebook promote your business locally, and people are likelier to click on them than other ads they see on Google or other social media platforms. This makes Facebook a highly recommended platform for making ad investments and generating greater ROAS. It dominates the ad world through its feed, marketplace and Messenger, with all types of ads taking the top spots.

3. Affordable and Low Cost

Like any other pay-per-click (PPC) platform, Facebook ads, with its ad manager tool, are available for free. The only cost that you have to bear is the cost associated with supplying the budget for running the ads to advertise locally on Facebook. The Facebook local advertising cost depends on many factors, such as your budget, ad type, industry, and more. But usually, you’re expected to pay anywhere from a few cents to a couple of pounds per click.

4. Fast Results

Local business Facebook ads start generating results as soon as they go live. If you hire a Facebook ads agency London, they will set up an ad campaign for your small business, which will then be reviewed by Facebook later. Usually, it takes 24 hours for your ads to get approval. Once the ad goes live, Facebook will instantly start showing your products and services to a wide range of audiences, and you will start making sales within a couple of days. 

5. Measurable Results

There’s no guesswork involved in Facebook advertising for small local business. You can measure the results. You can see the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions your ad campaigns for Facebook Marketing London are receiving. By installing Meta Pixel on your website, you can keep track of the conversions you’re receiving. 

6. Connection Building for Target Audience

You can engage with your target audience through Facebook ads for local services and develop strong relationships with them. As people engage with your ads through likes and comments, you can do the same by liking and replying to them. The more you connect with them, the more likely they will convert. 

7. Increased Blog Traffic

Blogs are known to develop deeper connections and build trust and credibility for your small business, but they can’t grow without traffic. You can do that easily by running Facebook ads. A Facebook advertising agency London can help your blogs get the right amount of exposure and attract traffic instantly. 

8. Ease of Setting Up

If you want to promote your business locally Facebook ads can be set up easily. The entire system for creating ads is available on Facebook itself. You only need a business page or an advertiser’s role for your existing page. You can create ads through “Business Manager” from the admin menu, ad creation page or Ads Manager mobile app. From there, your Facebook marketing agency London can easily find audiences and set up goals and ad campaigns.

9. Filters to Block Specific Audiences

In Facebook ads, your Facebook marketing company London also gets the option to block your ads for a specific set of audiences which serve no purpose or who aren’t your target audience. For this, they set up “block lists” in the ads campaign itself. This way, your ads don’t appear on certain URLs, pages, apps, videos, blogs and more. This increases the efficiency of your ads, improves ROAS, and generates more sales.

10. Boost Existing Content Marketing Results

If you do content marketing and want to promote business locally Facebook ads can boost traffic to your core website content, whether it’s a simple ad copy, cornerstone site content or a blog. These ads can get you more impressions and a click-through rate (CTR). You can set up ad objectives such as traffic, engagement, or video views as per your requirements.

On a Final Note

After going through the numerous advantages of Facebook ads, you shouldn’t have any doubts about how it will benefit your small business. If you need help in creating powerful Facebook ads, we highly recommend Telsa Media as a top agency for Facebook advertising London.

They have been known in the digital marketing industry as a leading agency that creates the best Facebook ads for small business. They have helped numerous businesses level up their revenue digits using effective Facebook advertising. Get in touch with their ad experts to discuss your project requirements now.

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