Ashina: The Red Witch is an adventure game full of mystery and fantasy, developed by Stranga Games. We will immerse ourselves in an epic adventure to try to rescue the protagonist’s sister, Ash, from the fearsome kidnapping of the Red Witch.

Ashina: The Red Witch combines the genres of aventura, fancy and puzzles in a captivating supernatural world. We will play Ash, a brave young woman who must go into the disturbing afterlife to find her sister Tena de ella before the Red Witch uses her soul for a ritual.

The game stands out for its captivating narrative, its retro aesthetics pixel artand its gameplay that mixes exploration, puzzle solving and turn-based combat.


It all starts when Tena, Ash’s sister, disappears in the woods after chasing a strange red light. Ash decides to follow in her footsteps by entering a portal that transports her to the afterlife, a place inhabited by spirits and strange creatures.

There he will meet Nix, who reveals that Tena has been kidnapped by the fearsome Red Witch for a sinister ritual. Thus begins Ash’s mission to rescue his sister before it’s too late, helped by curious characters like the prankster Zee or the mysterious Kuro.

Although she will also have to face evil beings like the cunning Lila or the creepy minions of the Red Witch, who will try by all means to stop her. All the characters have complex personalities and motivations that will be revealed throughout the adventure.

Game mode

The title has two main game modes:

Exploration: We will have to go through the picturesque pixelated settings solving puzzles, finding hidden objects and talking with characters to obtain clues and progress in the plot. Meticulous exploration is key.

Combat: When we run into enemies we will enter this system in turns where we will have to use strategy and combine elemental abilities to win. Each character has unique powers that we must take advantage of.

In addition, we will be able to unlock new abilities, improve statistics and equip objects thanks to the progression. The challenge is tailored to each player to entertain without being overly frustrating.


The game features a cast of captivating characters, each with their own personality and unique weapon:

  • Ash: The protagonist, uses a mystical bow to defeat from a distance. Determined character.
  • Nix: A spirit guide with a spear imbued with water, capable of healing. He is optimistic.
  • go away: Enigmatic wizard who wields a scepter of fire. Akin to technology.
  • Zee: Carefree prankster with wind daggers. Always positive.
  • Lila: Antagonist with a dark scythe. Cold and calculating.

Weapons grant unique elemental abilities that we can strategically combine in turn-based combat to emerge victorious.


Our adventure will be full of all kinds of challenges and puzzles that will put our ingenuity to the test. From environmental puzzles and brain teasers to logic and stealth mini-games.

Element-based puzzles stand out, where we will have to use the powers of our characters to alter the environment and thus progress. For example, freezing part of a lake with Kuro’s ice to create a platform.

There will also be platforming, stealth, orientation and memory challenges that will force us to be attentive and think creatively. Overcoming these challenges is key to our quest.

graphics and sound

One of the great attractions of the game is its beautiful retro pixelated aesthetic, with settings full of details that reinforce the feeling of exploring a fantastic world.

The sublime soundtrack with evocative melodies and ambient effects also envelop the player, reinforcing the immersion in this magical place. Both the graphics and the sound section are taken care of with great care.

For lovers of fantastic adventures

Ashina: The Red Witch falls within the genre of 2D adventures like Little Nightmares or INSIDE. However, it differs in its spiritual and mythological theme, its colorful pixel art, and its fantastic characters, giving it a more fantastic tone.


With its captivating story, charismatic characters, challenging puzzles and strategic combat, Ashina: The Red Witch is a must-have title for anyone who enjoys the fantasy adventure genre. A jewel with dozens of hours of fun in a world that captivates from minute one.


  • Captivating story and characters
  • High-quality graphics and sound
  • Varied and challenging gameplay


  • Its duration is somewhat short

Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X y Nintendo Switch


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