Lumote is a game developed by Lukasz Rosinski and published by Wired Productions.

The premise is simple but captivating: guide a biomorphic creature through a world of challenges visuals and jumps precise. With its minimalist art and meticulous level design, Lumote offers a fresh experience for puzzle lovers.

Game mode

The game takes place in a 3D puzzle world with more than 50 levels to solve. The goal is to guide Lumote Through each level, collecting energy spheres to activate checkpoints and reach the finish line.

The main mechanic is your character’s ability to change color, which allows them to stick to surfaces of the same color to get past obstacles. For example, if Lumote turns red, he can scale red walls and platforms. The player must analyze each level to determine which way to go and which color to turn on at the right time.

The difficulty is progressively increased, introducing new elements such as portals, switches, moving platforms and more elaborate puzzles. Overcoming each challenge requires reflection and precision. Although Lumote can “die”, the game does not penalize and allows free retry.


The main character is Lumote, a cute round jellyfish-like creature. He does not know how to speak but makes expressive sounds. He is accompanied by Flow, a mysterious ally who guides him telepathically through the levels.

As for enemies, Lumote must avoid the dark spheres that try to chase him and do him damage. Some levels also feature traps like spinning spikes and cannons.

graphics and sound

Graphically, the game stands out for its minimalist 3D style. The settings are abstract, with white geometric structures on solid colored backgrounds. This visual simplicity allows the puzzles to be the focus of attention.

Lumote’s animation is fluid and lovely, especially when changing color and reaching for objects. Lighting effects contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere of the game.

The sound section accompanies in a subtle way. The soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, combines relaxing electronic tones with evocative melodies. Effects apply distortion and echo to highlight Lumote’s actions.


Due to its structure of puzzles in 3D platforms, Lumote compares to titles like Monument Valley, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker y Fez. They share the mechanics of manipulating the environment to find the right path.

Compared to Monument Valley, Lumote’s puzzles are more dynamic by involving physics and precision jumping. Compared to Captain Toad, Lumote can move in all directions and is not limited to a fixed perspective.

Where Lumote differs is in its color system. This distinctive mechanic brings an extra dimension to the puzzles, requiring consideration of color along with spatial orientation.


Lumote is an excellent title for lovers of 3D puzzles. Its color system, meticulous level design, and minimalist art style make it a fresh take on the genre. The puzzles are carefully designed to challenge the player to think in multiple dimensions and find creative solutions. The difficulty gradually increases, introducing new elements without being overwhelming.

Apart from having well-crafted challenges, the game stands out for its captivating aesthetics, charming characters, and immersive soundtrack. Gameplay is intuitive and each new world features fresh mechanics to master. Although the story is simple, with dozens of levels Lumote offers a lengthy challenge that will delight fans of the genre.


  • Beautiful and colorful graphics.
  • Soothing and satisfying sound.
  • Challenging but satisfying puzzles.
  • adorable characters.
  • Intuitive gameplay.


  • The game may be too difficult for some players.
  • Not much variety in the types of puzzles.
  • Some mechanics get repetitive.


Lumote is available for PC in Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 y PlayStation 5.


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