Security is a key consideration for motorsport circuits. Regardless of the circuit grading, there’s always room to improve your facility’s security with security software. This means installing pit lane systems, warning lights, and starting lights which can provide an additional level of monitoring, track control, and signalling for drivers and service personnel. The key with circuit software is to find a system that incorporates multiple functionalities and flexibility in its operation. Security software can be grouped into various categories depending on the function it plays including signalling, race control, and incident detection software. 

Signaling Software 

Motorsport drivers and service personnel rely on signals to know when it’s safe to enter or exit a circuit, become aware of the traffic on the track and monitor incidents that require their response. 

Pit lane systems are critical for circuits, given that the pit zone is often the most danger-prone area in the circuit. Pit in lights are the first line of defence, notifying drivers on whether the pit zone is open or closed. 

Pit exit lights also notify drivers whether the pit zone is open or closed. But, they also alert them about the traffic status on the track, including when an incident occurs anywhere in the pit lane. Another pit lane system is a warning system which uses vehicle detection to notify people along the pit lane of approaching vehicles so they can move out of the way. Pit lane warning systems must be loud enough to cut through the common noises associated with circuits and catch the attention of personnel, drivers, and spectators. 

All pit lane systems must adhere to the guidelines of FIM and FIA, including using the standard colours and meanings for each light. 

Race Control Software 

A starting light system is a must-have race control tool for motorsport circuits. They tell drivers when to start and indicate the direction of a race. Starting lights systems incorporate:

  • Light panels which communicate instances of driver misconduct, and mechanical issues, and display flags to drivers 
  • Jumpstart lights which notify the race control team when a driver makes a false start 

In addition to meeting the standardization guidelines by the FIA, the lights in these systems must be visible during all weather conditions. 

Lap counters are another race control feature that allows drivers, spectators and race managers to know how much time or the number of laps remaining for each race. This information is critical in helping race managers control starting and stopping procedures for the circuit.

Incident Detection 

Incidents are common in motorsports. Knowing when and where an incident occurs can help protect other drivers during a race or practice session and protect spectators and personnel out of harm’s way. 

Incident detection software and tools include a set of cameras placed throughout the circuit combined with vehicle recognition software. 

Such software can help service personnel identify where, when and the exact vehicle involved in an incident. Once they identify the incident and the affected vehicles, those monitoring the software can alert service personnel of the location of the incident and mobilize the appropriate response teams. In addition, these systems notify drivers in real time in case an incident that could put them at risk occurs. For example, if there’s a crash ahead, they are notified to help them make the necessary adjustments. 

Monitoring Track Safety with Software

Motorsport safety is an ongoing concern for motorsport circuit owners and managers. Security software can be used to have a better picture of the entire circuit, allowing remote management and monitoring of incidents that occur in the circuit. The security software you install should meet the standards of the FIA and FIM and must be compatible with the hardware systems within the circuit. Most importantly, the software and remote monitoring system must be capable of capturing and relaying real-time data for better decision-making and incident response. 

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