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Featured » Selling my old iPhone! Starting price 1,000,000 euros (The Column)

Someone else said it wasn’t worth buying new stuff, putting it in a drawer for 16 years and then selling it again. There are sometimes increases in value of more than 300 times. On July 16, 2023, in Auction house LCG Auction sold an old iPhone for $158,644, with the fees the buyer had to shell out over $190,000. But it wasn’t just any iPhone! Up for sale was the very rare (nothing) 4GB iPhone, which cost $499 at the time. This A1203 model was only sold for a very short period from June to September 2007, before being superseded by the 8GB model (same model number) (back then, Apple realized the entry-level variant was ridiculous). The owner was smart enough to not only leave it unused in the original box to this day, but also left it wrapped in the protective film. Whether this device is actually in there, we will probably never know. If I had bought the iPhone, there is no way I would unpack it and leave it in a drawer for another 16 years (well, let’s say 1.6 years) and then sell the box with the suspected device for a profit.

drawer search

Anyway, I immediately looked in my drawers and found various old stuff that I carelessly unpacked and used, which is why there is a significant surcharge for original Dr. Marco devices, hand-signed if desired. (Warning, satire. No, I’m not really selling the beauties!)

A1203 aka iPhone

What can I say? An old sleeping cell phone is exactly that A1203, but with 8 GB and slight (lye!) signs of wear from 2007. I remember seeing the iPhone in the hands of a sports comrade for the first time and immediately knowing: I want it! The iPhone (yes, without everything!) A1203, originally unpacked and used by me for a long time. Bids from 1,000,000 euros (plus VAT).

A1203 iPhone

A1303 aka iPhone 3GS

Right next to it in the drawer: three iPhone 3GS, A1303, with all storage variants (8, 16 and 32 GB) from 2009 (I probably bought three of them back then), only slight signs of wear (lie), starting price each 1,000,000 euros (plus VAT). .VAT).

iPhones 3GS, Modell A1303

A1332 aka iPhone 4

I remember the cool autumn day in October 2011 when I held this device in my hands for the first time. What a difference from the 3 versions that looked pregnant. Finally a design that I fell in love with immediately, so: On offer and at an absolutely bargain price, an iPhone 4, model A1332 in white (which was still called that at the time) with 16 GB. Starting price 999,999 euros (plus VAT).

iPhone 4, Modell A1332

A1429 aka iPhone 5

And the love went on. It’s really hard for me to part with the iPhone 5, model A1429 from 2013, which is why I have to ask for a surcharge. But I have one in white and one in black, if you want to buy both, you get a usual Apple discount! Starting price per 1,000,001 euros (in a bundle 2,000,002 euros) (plus VAT).

iPhone 5, Modell A1429

A1530 aka iPhone 5S

Nostalgia comes up with the next auction item. Back then, our favorite company was still doing some very fun stuff, calling their phone a number one year and the same number followed by an “S” the next. What times! With the iPhone 5S combination, this model A1530 came onto the market in 2013, although for whatever reason – according to MacTracker – I own the model for the Asian market (except China) (not for long). Either way: starting price 1,000,000 euros (plus VAT).

iPhone 5S, Modell 1530

A1586 aka iPhone 6

I never went through with the plus. So there is no iPhone 6 Plus in the collection, but the normal iPhone 6, model number A1586 from September 2014, then from 649 dollars (16 GB), 749 (64 GB) or 849 (128 GB) to get. Apple has always been able to price. But… twice as a bonus, once with a black front and the other time with a white front. You guessed it, at a special price of 1,000,000 euros each (plus VAT).

iPhone 6, Modell A1586

street kid

There is a black hole in my head, but in the collection offered here is a 2016 1st Gen iPhone SE (32GB 2017). If you bid on another iPhone, you get it for free.

(without photo)

iPod for sale in 2038

Let’s stop there and wonder at all the old iPads that are still lying around. But… your columnist also wanted to be as smart as the seller of the old stuff mentioned above and bought the last iPod available in 2022 at the normal price and hasn’t (!) unpacked it yet (see photo). Bids from 2038!

iPod from 2022

Our columnist Dr. Marco is on holiday, but on Mastodon: fileccia@dju.social, you can reach him personally at marco@apfelpage.de

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