Out of numerous flashlights available in the market, the Olight’s Warrior 3S stands out as an exceptional choice for a combination of tactical and ordinary flashlights! Flashlights nowadays can serve more purposes than just simple illumination and the same goes for Warrior 3S. The wonder of Warrior 3S tactical high beam flashlight can benefit you in several tasks. 

Once you familiarize yourself with its powerful functionalities you can effortlessly grasp why Warrior 3S is an ideal tactical flashlight. From a high-performing LED to a long-lasting battery and convince of use the Warrior 3s by Olight have cutting-edge technology. With its handful of top-notch features, you access a plethora of perks. 

Curious, What advantageous features Warrior 3S comes with? To know that let’s explore the flashlight’s functionalities and uses in detail:

Tactical Application

Leading its way to the top-performing tactical flashlight the Warrior 3S serves a greater purpose with versatile performance. Birighting the area with low light or no light the flashlight is competent to illuminate the surroundings effectively. So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a law enforcement expert, the use of Warrior 3S can be suitable for tactical applications.  

Paired with the TIR optic lens the 3S can offer an immense source of light to illuminate dark places. It’s a reliable tool to detect any potential threats, or obstacles ahead of your pavement with cleat illumination with a beam reaching a distance of 984 ft.

Long Battery Life

Outdoor uses often require a flashlight that can keep the illumination going for a substantial period without charging. While camping, hiking or in emergencies individuals most times lack a source of electricity to charge the flashlight. 

Keeping that in mind the Warrior 3S caters to the issue by offering a powerful flashlight capable of running for 55 days. 55 days of illumination on moon mode is made possible with a built-in customized 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion battery. 

It benefits the users to perform certain activities without facing the trouble of instant battery drainage. Even if you run out of power the magnetic charging option will allow you to recharge and utilise the flashlight frequently. 

Carry Anywhere

A premium holster with a reversible clip takes the user’s experience of the Warrior 3S flashlight to the next level. Allowing you to carry the flashlight anywhere with the convenience of clipping and holding the flashlight in a holster effortlessly. 

Further, the built of Olight’s 3S is light weight 176 grams with batteries making it carry around a child’s play. The 29.5nm body diameter along with a length of 139nm also contributes to the convenient portability of the flashlight. 

Compact in size the flashlight can swiftly fit in your pocket, attached to belts or backpacks for quick access. Wherever you go the Warrior 3S can be your companion in the dark and ensure you have illumination when needed. 

Leading Performance

Packing a punch of power in compact size the Warrior 3S has a 2,300 lumens of max output. With such max output, you can make a dark place crystal clear by illumination and spot any obstacles without trouble. 

The illumination has a light intensity reaching 23,000 candelas with a high-performing cool white LED. The performance of Warrior 3S is further enhanced with its cutting-edge features of battery indication, proximity sensor and reliable tail switch. 

With battery indication, you get to always keep your flashlight recharged before it completely runs out. The proximity sensor adds to the performance by dimming the brightness of flashlights when blocked by a nearby object keeping the user safe.     

Utilize For Self-Defence

Self-defence is one of the aspects of tactical flashlights that can be utilized during camping hiking or other situations. In the wilderness there is always a risk of animals approaching using the Warrior 3S’s illumination you can distract or even temporarily blind them for self-defence. 

It has multiple brightness levels which enables users to utilise the flash according to their convenience. Further, the Warrior 3S is a mountable tactical flashlight that you can use with equipment so, law enforcement professionals can make significant use of its capabilities. 

Sturdy Construction

Built with a unique sturdy design the Warrior 3S has a round durable bezel for personal safety and a robust build. The complete body of the tactical flashlight is made with the use of aluminium alloy for better durability. 

Even in rough conditions the flashlights can perform without any trouble and can offer robust durability. Its IPX 8 rating makes the flashlight waterproof and resistant to any water space or use on rainy days. So, even after a long time of use the Warrior 3S’s functioning and capabilities will stay the same. 


Dependable and versatile the Olight’s Warrior 3S high beam tactical flashlight can shine efficiently through the darkness. While camping, hiking or in emergencies, law enforcement duty, or security the  Warrior 3S can be functional for many more situations.

Whether it’s tactical use or everyday use the high-performing LED with an extended battery and a robust design the Warrios 3S promises a wonderful performance. 

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