The term social media is a comprehensive concept. It is often used to describe any form of digital technology or platform that facilitates communication. Social media allows users to create content and showcase their products and services. It also serves as a medium of communication between businesses and their customers. 

Across the globe, more than 4.9 billion people use social media. Popular examples include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Each platform has its unique pattern, which is exploited by different businesses. The best part of social media is that most users have more than one account. So, it is easy to reach out to the same audience through different platforms.

Ultimately, social media forms an integral marketing component of many businesses. Just as new companies create websites to showcase themselves, they also do the same for social media. This article explores some of the benefits of social media as a marketing tool.

Brand Visibility 

Brand visibility is a crucial component of marketing. A brand that is not visible is like a store that no one can find. When people know nothing about your business, it translates to poor sales. Beyond that, it speaks a lot about the integrity of the organization. It explains why even the most successful brands like Coca-Cola and Apple still use social media. 

Particularly for startups, it provides a leveling ground. This is unlike before, where new companies find it challenging to compete or even break into the market. Now, it is possible to reach millions of people around the world even on the first day of launching your brand. A primary beneficiary is the highly competitive iGaming industry. 

With the increasing number of new MGA casinos being launched daily, breaking into the market has become seamless. These new online platforms are able to gain quick visibility using various social media. Across different platforms like Instagram and Twitter, these brands can easily highlight their strengths. At a glance, users can see their game catalog, bonuses, and promotions without visiting the website. This is very crucial because most new brands always offer more to get customers’ attention.

Better Customer Service

Before now, most businesses provided customer support using conventional channels. The most common ones are telephone, email, and the option to visit their nearest land-based location. In today’s digital world, most users do not have the patience for any delay as these conventional approaches are often slow. But with social media, businesses can now offer improved omnichannel customer service.

What this means is that you can reach out to a business on different platforms. For top brands, it is expected that you will get the same quality of response, including the response time. With that in place, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook prove to be valuable customer service tools for businesses.

Customer Targeting

Another benefit of using social media marketing is that it supports customer targeting. This comes in very handy when running ads. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable users to customize their audience. For instance, a typical Instagram ad allows you to choose the preferred customer locations. You can also select specific cities and decide on the coverage within each location. Similarly, there are other targeting options, like age and gender, that further allow you to narrow down your customer preference. 

The benefits of such possibilities are endless. That’s because you do not want to be showcasing your product to the wrong customer. Imagine a business that sells male fashion accessories and advertises its products to young ladies below 18 years. It will be almost impossible to get a conversion from such ads. Instead, you want to select your audience from specific locations (based on your choice and justifications), age, and shopping preference. All of these are possible with social media.

Increase Website Traffic and Sales Lead

Social media provides businesses access to over 4.9 billion people. Each time you post anything, it also appears on Google searches. Likewise, brands can also add links to these posts to drive traffic intentionally.

Furthermore, most social media pages allow users to upload products for direct purchase. This is primarily available for business accounts. That way, you can add product catalogs and prices, and customers can make payments directly.

Brand Confidence

There is this feeling of assurance that comes with having an active social media presence. Imagine a business that only has a website. Customers may find it difficult to trust that brand. Instead, they prefer one that has as many social media pages as possible. It feels even better when the business is active across these multiple platforms.

Today, many companies understand the need to boost customer confidence using social media. Across different platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, some go as far as employing social media managers. That way, there can be some level of consistency in the content.

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