As the Netflix show Squid Game captivates audiences around the world, the iconic pink jumpsuits and creepy doll masks have become one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. If you’re looking to recreate the looks from the thriller series, here’s everything you need to know to assemble your Squid Game costume. From the teal tracksuits to the red light, green light doll, the options for embodying characters and themes from the show are endless. Whether going solo or coordinating a group costume with friends, a Squid Game-inspired outfit is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party or event. Let the games begin.

Introduction to Squid Game and Its Iconic Looks

If you want to recreate the instantly iconic looks from Netflix’s record-breaking series Squid Game, you’ll need to pay close attention to the details. The show’s dystopian world is brought to life through the vibrant and symbolic tracksuits and masks worn by its 456 players.

To embody a player, you’ll need a teal tracksuit with white stripes and collar, plus white sneakers. The ensemble is completed by a number on the back and chest, ranging from 001 to 456. You can purchase a pre-made tracksuit and iron-on numbers, or for full authenticity, sew on felt numbers yourself.

The sinister pink guards are also essential to the show’s visuals. Their jumpsuits feature a circle, triangle or square logo on the chest to denote their rank. The pink color symbolizes childhood and innocence, creating an unsettling contrast with their menacing actions. A plastic automatic rifle and black gloves will let you impersonate one of the guards.

No Squid Game costume is complete without the signature geometric masks. The players don simple white masks with a circle, triangle or square shape cut out of the center. The guards wear half-masks that are hot pink on one side and teal on the other, the show’s symbolic colors of players versus guards. You can purchase blank masks to paint and decorate yourself for a custom DIY touch.

With the right tracksuit, mask, props and attention to details, you’ll have everything you need to portray characters from Netflix’s Squid Game. Just don’t actually participate in any real-life versions of the games – your costume should stay strictly fictional!

Where to Buy an Authentic Squid Game Costume

To achieve an authentic Squid Game costume, you’ll want to purchase high-quality pieces that closely resemble those featured in the show.

Online Stores

The easiest way to buy an authentic Squid Game costume is through online retailers that specialize in film and TV show costumes and cosplay. Two recommended options are:

  1. EZCosplay – They offer complete Squid Game tracksuits, masks and other accessories. Their products are made from durable materials and designed to match the details seen in the show. They ship worldwide and have a good reputation for quality and service.
  2. Miccostumes – Another popular online store for cosplay and costumes. They provide a variety of Squid Game outfits and masks that are tailored to different price points. For a higher-end option, you can get a tailored player tracksuit and mask. For those on a budget, they also offer more basic pieces to create your own DIY costume. They are a trusted source for cosplay items and ship globally.

In addition to the tracksuit and mask, don’t forget other key accessories like white slip-on shoes, black gloves, and a t-shirt to complete the look. You may also want props like a toy gun or player ID tag to make your costume even more realistic.

With the popularity of the show, many costumes and components can sell out quickly. So, if you want an authentic Squid Game costume for an event, it’s best to shop as early as possible to ensure you can get all the necessary pieces in time. With the right outfit and props, you’ll look like you came straight out of the show!

DIY Tips for Creating Your Own Squid Game Outfit

To create an authentic Squid Game outfit for Halloween or cosplay, here are some DIY tips to guide you:

Select Your Character

The first step is choosing which character you want to portray – a player, guard, or Front Man. The players’ tracksuits are the most recognizable and easiest to recreate. The guards’ outfits require more detail with the fencing mask and pink jumpsuit. The Front Man’s all-black attire is simple but requires accessories like a shotgun or walkie-talkie to be identifiable. Consider your skills and available resources to determine which character is feasible for you.

Source The Tracksuit

For players, the iconic teal tracksuit is essential. Look for a plain teal tracksuit set with white stripes down the arms and legs. Add the player’s number to the jacket and shirt using iron-on numbers or fabric. The numbers should be large, clear and placed on the chest, back and sleeves.

Masks and Accessories

The players’ plain white masks with a triangle nose are simple to make using cardboard, felt or plaster. Cut eye holes and attach an elastic strap to keep it securely on. The guards require a fencing mask painted pink with a black visor. Their jumpsuits need pink accents, belts, and “Squid Game” logos. The Front Man needs a black mask, shotgun, and walkie-talkie.

Details and Finishing Touches

Pay attention to small details to elevate your look. Add the “Squid Game” logo to clothing and the “SG” logo to masks. Include a player’s profile card with your photo and number. Carry props like a dalgona candy, marbles or the game invitation. Style your hair as in the show, and consider contacts for an authentic eye shape.

With some time and effort, you can create an impressive Squid Game outfit to stun onlookers. Focus on the specific character you want to portray, source a high-quality tracksuit and mask as the base, then add meticulous details and accessories to bring it all together into a realistic cosplay or costume. Your hard work will pay off for an unforgettable look that fans of the show will surely appreciate!

Squid Game Inspired Party Ideas and Decor

To host a Squid Game-themed party, consider some of these decor and activity ideas:

Squid Game Inspired Decor

Decorate using the signature colors of green and pink featured prominently throughout the show. Consider green tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups along with pink accents. For larger decorations, blow up green triangles, circles and squares like those on the players’ tracksuits.

You can also recreate elements from the actual sets. For example, make life-size standees of the guards or large signs with the rules of each game. Construct a small model of the dormitory where the players sleep or the underground bunker control room. These types of elaborate sets will make guests feel fully immersed in the Squid Game world.

Games and Activities

A Squid Game party isn’t complete without games inspired by the show. Play classic children’s games like Red Light, Green Light where players have to freeze when the “guard’s” back is turned. For Tug of War, set up a rope and have teams compete to pull the other team over a line.

You can also invent your own games in the spirit of the show using supplies like cardboard, string, marbles and paint. For example, create a hopscotch board with different shapes and have players complete the sequence. Or, fill kiddie pools with plastic balls and have players search for numbered ping pong balls within a time limit.

Get creative and think of new ways to put a deadly twist on familiar party games without the mortal consequences! Your guests will have a blast strategizing, forming alliances and competing against each other to become the winner of your real-life Squid Game.

With the right combination of decor, costumes, games and a little imagination, you’ll be hosting an unforgettable Squid Game watch party in no time!

FAQ on Squid Game Costumes

Many fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game are interested in putting together costumes to portray characters from the show. Here are some frequently asked questions about creating an authentic Squid Game costume:

What do the different shapes on the tracksuits mean?

The shapes on the tracksuits represent the different ranks of players in the game. Circles are the lowest rank, triangles are middle rank, and squares are the highest rank. The Front Man, who oversees the games, wears a black tracksuit with a square. Guards wear pink tracksuits with circles.

What other clothing items do I need?

In addition to the tracksuit, you will need:

  • White slip-on shoes: All players and guards wear simple white shoes.
  • White t-shirt or tank top: Players wear plain white undershirts beneath their tracksuits.
  • Optional accessories: Bulletproof vest (for Front Man), rifle (for guards), baton (for guards)

Where can I purchase a Squid Game tracksuit and other items?

Squid Game tracksuits, t-shirts, and slip-on shoes can be found on various costume and cosplay websites, as well as some major retailers like Amazon. Some recommended options are:

  • CosplaySky Squid Game Costume Tracksuit
  • Lelili Squid Game Player Suit Costume
  • ReliBeauty Squid Game Costume Sweatshirt and Pants Set

You may need to purchase circle, triangle or square patches separately to adhere to the tracksuit, depending on which character you want to portray.

Any tips for completing the look?

Some tips for finishing your Squid Game costume:

• Style your hair similar to the characters, such as a buzz cut for players or slicked back undercut for the Front Man.

• Consider temporary tattoos, like the numbers on the players or the Front Man’s unique facial tattoo. Use makeup to recreate the shapes on the tracksuits if patches are unavailable.

• Study the characters’ mannerisms and poses. Mimic their stances, gestures and expressions for the most authentic portrayal.

• Group costumes: Team up with friends to dress as guards, players and the Front Man for a complete squad. Assign each person a different rank shape for cohesion.

With the right clothes and some attention to detail, you can put together a compelling Squid Game costume to impress other fans. Best of luck in recreating this sinister yet captivating look!


As you have learned, recreating the looks from Squid Game is easier than you may have thought. With some basic pieces that can be found at a thrift store or purchased inexpensively online and a bit of DIY work, you’ll have everything you need to pull off an iconic outfit from the show. Whether you want to dress as a player, guard, or Front Man, the options are there to create an authentic costume and pay homage to this cultural phenomenon. Now that you know what each role requires, you can start planning and sourcing the necessary components. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to take your place in the game. Let the challenges begin!

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