Flying by regular airline frequently to different places can be quite expensive. If you are looking to cut travel expenses, you should book a ticket for a family vacation with a low-cost carrier. They offer quicker journeys, reduced ticket rates, and flexible travel policies. Another interesting feature is that many of these carriers have reward programs that help you save money on your future bookings.

A Look At Low-Cost Budget Carriers Travelling Across The World

Travelling on budget enables you to bring down flight costs, but it does not offer the frills of travel. By booking cheap flights for your family during vacation, you can be sure of getting to the vacation spot on the required date without incurring heavy expenses. Here is a look at some important low-cost international carriers:

  1. Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost airline that operates from Kuala Lumpur’s low-cost carrier terminal (KLIA Terminal 2). Currently, it runs flights to 166 destinations, both domestic and international, and Skytrax has given it the world’s best low-cost carrier for fourteen years in a row. Its many affiliations include Air Asia India, Air Asia Cambodia, Air Asia, Air Asia X, AirAsia Japan, etc.
  2. Scoot is a Singapore low-cost airline that offers no-frills flights on Malaysian to long-haul routes. It operates to 68 destinations from Changi Airport, which is located in Europe and also in Oceania, providing seamless connectivity between Singapore and faraway locations in the western and eastern parts of the globe.
  3. Indigo Airlines is a budget airline with quite a large network, offering attractive low fares to 39 domestic destinations and 7 international ones. It is known for its reliability, always shows punctuality, and offers the best hospitality to its passengers. It is also one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world, providing hassle-free travel to popular destinations.
  4. Flynas is Saudi Arabia’s low-cost carrier, known for its quality passenger comforts on a budget. Currently, it offers connectivity to 70 domestic and international destinations, making it a budget-friendly means of travelling by air inside the country and also to countries in the Middle East. Its many operating bases are Medinah, Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh.
  5. Volotea is a low-cost airline that has bases in France, Greece, Italy, and Malta. It is a Spanish airline operating in 49 key destinations, offering easy connectivity between various key cities in Europe. It is quite popular for flights to cities around the Mediterranean coast. Skytrax will receive the Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe award in 2023.
  6. Transavia France is a Dutch low-cost airline that operates from Amsterdam and also from Rotterdam and Eindhoven. A modern carrier, it offers budget tickets and operates to attractive destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Currently, it runs flights to 96 destinations and is also part of the Air France-KLM group.
  7. Sun Country Airlines is a budget-friendly low-cost carrier that operates from Minnesota, United States.
  8. Air Baltic is Latvia’s low-cost carrier and one that is owned 97 per cent by its government. It uses only Airbus A220 carriers and connects to 82 destinations from the Riga International Airport. Through it, passengers can connect with so many key cities across Europe, making travelling across this region very quick and commutable. It also operates in some cities in the Middle East.
  9. is a British low-cost carrier, operating from many bases such as Bristol, London-Stansted, Belfast-International, Newcastle, Manchester, etc. It operates to 80 destinations, and in 2023, it will celebrate 20 years of operations. It is also Britain’s largest tour operator and is set to increase its number of destinations and flights to such destinations in 2024. 

Though low-cost carriers do not offer any frills during travel, they do provide light snacks and beverages, as well as certain other amenities that make the journey enjoyable. Baggage allowance may be limited, so check on this, but on the whole, cheap flights offer an easy means to connect instantly to the city of your choice at an affordable price. Grab their opportunity to fly at a low cost, cut down on travel expenses and gain considerable savings especially when you are travelling with your family or in a group.  

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