Not many countries can boast of the extensive and deep-rooted gambling culture that the Irish can. While their approach to all types of gambling has been liberal for years, there’s an added element that results in sports betting and casino gaming finding such a broad audience in Ireland. The internet is literally awash with casino gaming companies. 

As they all battle for their own part of the industry, the Irish market continues to play a pivotal role in determining the psyche of casino gamers. Despite the relatively small size of the country, especially when compared with their European neighbours, online casinos in Ireland are seeing significant growth, with the industry now worth over £1bn. 

The features of a top online casino

Before the internet changed everything we do online, businesses that specialised in gambling, such as land-based casinos, were much more localised. Although many of the big names in the industry had branched out and operated multiple casinos set up across various countries and cities, the internet levelled the playing field, allowing relative minnows to provide fresh new services to those looking to play casino games.

However, the components that drove the success of land-based casinos are similar to the ones that determine the quality of online providers. Some of the top variables include the selection of games on offer, the provider’s reputation and the quality of their customer service. Real money casinos available in Ireland adhere to these same principles. 

Alongside these non-negotiables, the security of a site and how people respond to the service on social media and via online reviews is also imperative for those companies looking to impact the industry. It doesn’t matter if Irish customers are looking to do their grocery shopping online or exploring solar panels, ensuring that the business delivers a dependable service goes a long way towards establishing them as a top online casino. 

Although there is a wide range of providers looking to challenge the status quo, the determining factors to weigh up stretch across several different international markets. Often, the generic hallmarks of a strong business determine the top online casinos, but with so many to choose from, which ones actually stand out from the sea of competition?

The importance of bonuses and promotions

Customer service, game quality and top online reviews all help to highlight the quality of an online casino. However, for many prospective new customers, the prominent aspect that enables the top casinos to establish themselves at the industry’s zenith is the quality of the welcome bonuses they offer to their new customers. As we explore the list of the best online casinos, you’ll see just how important it is for these companies to offer bonuses that are distinctive to their brand but consistently provide an alternative. 

For instance, the current welcome bonus available at Spinaway Casino allows you to claim up to €2,000 and 200 free spins. While this number differs depending on the company, and some might offer specific bonuses for individual games, this tends to be the most common route that casinos use to get people to their site to sign up. 

In any business, offering a service at a cut rate or for free will spark people’s interest. Ultimately, welcome bonuses are the gambling equivalent of a buy-one-get-one-free offer or a try-before-you-buy scheme. You can use these bonuses to sample what is on offer on the site without putting your hand in your pocket, and by using the service, you’ll get the best idea of the site you’d like to use.

Our top pick: Joo Casino

Irish bettors can use hundreds of online casinos, and we’ve conducted hours of painstaking research to give you the best half a dozen or so. By compounding some of the variables we have already touched on today, including top bonuses, our first pick is Joo Casino. 

If you’re somebody who plays a lot of casino games, you might have heard of the Aussie-based gambling operator. Statistics show that gambling Down Under is in the midst of a boom, so it’s no surprise that many companies based in Australia are starting to announce themselves on the world stage, and many Irish gamblers are paying attention. 

They’re starting to make waves in the industry, and their global online presence continues to gather momentum. Just like Spinaway Casino, which we touched on earlier, Joo also offers 200 free spins across a range of their slot games — but perhaps more eye-catching is the potential €6,000 worth of potential bonuses for new customers. 

Some providers will put all their focus into creating a bonus that works just to get customers in the door, but once you’re on their site, you might find issues with the level of service, the site aesthetic or customer service. However, Joo Casino is unique thanks to the fact that their top-quality bonus is matched with a significant variety of slot games and table games to explore.

Other providers to consider

One of the most impressive components of the online casino industry in Ireland is that you can shop around and take a look at several different bonuses. You’re not limited to just one or two providers, and nothing is stopping you from exploring what half a dozen providers have to offer. With all this in mind, here are some of the other big names that tick a significant number of boxes:

  • FireVegas Casino – Another provider with a fantastic range of bonuses and welcome promotions. This Canadian gambling juggernaut has a range of live tables, but the jewel in its crown is the mobile app, which has won several awards and is often cited as the high point of its online service. Unsurprisingly, many Irish bettors are seeking out their service, and their standing in the overall industry continues to improve. 
  • Rooster Bet – Aussie companies are striking while the iron is hot. As legislation continues to provide opportunities for new Australian-based gambling companies to offer a global, digital casino service, Rooster Bet is another name that Irish bettors can seek out. With 300 free spins on offer for new customers and a customer support desk that is 24/7, this is another casino provider making serious ground on the big names in the sector. 
  • Lala Bet Casino – For many Irish gamblers, the key factor to consider regarding a casino’s quality revolves around withdrawals. If you’ve been lucky enough to scoop up a big win playing a casino game, you don’t want to go through a painstaking process of providing all sorts of different documents just to receive your winnings. Although you should find no issues with the casinos we’ve discussed, Lala Bet is renowned for its fast withdrawals, but its overall service is also of premium quality.

Closing thoughts

It’s been a challenge to choose the best online casinos available to Irish customers. Over a dozen of the casinos we looked at could all provide a more than suitable service; OlympusBet, Seven Casino, PriBet and GG Bet Casino are other strong candidates. 

We’d recommend checking them all out and fully utilizing their welcome bonuses and promotions before choosing the one that best suits your gambling preferences. The strength of the competition is driving a lot of innovation and high-quality casino games for Irish customers, and it appears as though it is a trend that is set to continue.

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