The legacy of Brunetti, now known as Brunetti Oro, speaks volumes about the brand’s transformation from its small beginning in 1943 into an internationally acclaimed symbol of fine Italian pastries. This journey is a testament not only to Brunetti Oro’s unwavering commitment to quality and tradition but also to its innovative spirit and adaptability in a dynamically evolving culinary landscape.

Brunetti’s Maiden Voyage: From Rome to Melbourne

The Brunetti story, ultimately leading to the celebrated Brunetti Oro, began in 1943 with Giorgio Angele. In Rome, Angele initiated his path to becoming a pastry chef, and his talents quickly gained recognition. Such acclaim led him to join the Italian Olympic team in Melbourne in 1956 as a pastry chef. His journey continued in Australia when he opened his first cake shop in Kew East that same year.

The Emergence and Expansion of the ‘Brunetti’ Brand

1991 marked a significant turning point, not only for Angele but for the culinary landscape of Melbourne. Angele took over a café named Brunetti, which laid the foundation for the Brunetti brand. The Angele family, a key force in Brunetti’s growth, successfully expanded its presence across Melbourne. As a result, Brunetti quickly became synonymous with authentic Italian pastries, developing a strong and loyal customer base.

But Brunetti’s reach was not confined to Melbourne. It embarked on an ambitious journey, setting up franchised stores in Dubai and Singapore, thus establishing its footprint on the global stage.

The Flagship Store: A Testament to Brunetti’s Success

In 2017, Brunetti further augmented its brand image with the launch of a flagship store on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane. This venture amplified Brunetti’s commitment to an immersive customer experience, offering an assortment of delightful cakes, a unique Brunetti x Lavazza coffee blend, and a 300-seat restaurant serving fresh Italian meals.

The Advent of ‘Brunetti Oro’

In 2021, the Brunetti brand took the form of Brunetti Oro, guided by Giorgio’s son, Yuri Angele. This milestone not only upheld the successes of the past but aimed to refine them to resonate with the modern consumer.

Brunetti Oro unveiled an innovative feature — a virtual cake builder for custom cake orders. Customers can outline their preferences, after which the Brunetti Oro team presents them with the best options, including a preview of the final product.

Brunetti Oro has its sights set on further expansion, with the first international Brunetti Oro location set to open in Singapore by 2023.

In Summation

When one thinks of Brunetti, it is crucial to remember its evolution into Brunetti Oro. The story of Brunetti Oro is one of culinary passion, resilience, and quality, from its inception as a single pastry chef’s journey to becoming a globally recognized brand. Brunetti Oro stays true to its roots, continuing to delight customers worldwide with authentic Italian pastries while innovating and evolving to meet changing preferences. The brand ‘Brunetti’ now distinctly signifies ‘Brunetti Oro’, a name that encapsulates tradition, innovation, and the finest Italian pastries.

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