You’ve probably heard of Chris Potoski and his incredible life story. After all, he’s one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs of our time. But beyond the headlines and soundbites, there’s a deeply inspiring tale of perseverance, passion, and following your dreams. This is the story of how a kid from humble beginnings built an empire through sheer determination and force of will.

From his early life in a working-class family to dropping out of college to pursue his dreams, Potoski never took no for an answer. He saw opportunities where others saw obstacles and had an uncanny ability to anticipate trends years before the masses. While the dot-com boom made him a fortune, Potoski’s greatest success was still to come with the creation of his e-learning platform that revolutionized education around the world.

Though his meteoric rise to fame and fortune is the stuff of legend, Potoski has always stayed true to his roots. At his core, he’s still that same curious kid with big dreams who never stopped believing in himself. This is the life and times of Chris Potoski – the man, the myth, the inspiration. Get ready for a story of grit, passion, and what happens when you follow your dreams against all odds.

Early Life and Upbringing of Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. His father worked in a steel mill while his

mother stayed home to care for Chris and his two younger sisters. Money was often tight, but his

parents made sure the kids never went without.

Chris was an outgoing kid and loved sports, especially football. He played quarterback for his high school team and led them to the district championships his senior year. His coach said Chris was born to lead. That leadership ability and his charisma would serve him well later in life.

After high school, Chris received a football scholarship to Penn State University. He started out as a business major but ended up switching to political science. His outgoing personality and ability to connect with people led him to politics. He volunteered on several local campaigns, gaining valuable experience.

Following college, Chris moved to Washington, D.C. to work as a legislative aide for a Pennsylvania congressman. Chris relished the fast-paced environment and high-pressure situations on Capitol Hill. His political future was looking bright.

Little did Chris know that his time in D.C. would lead to meeting his future wife, Emily. They were married two years later and decided to move back to Pennsylvania to start a family, leaving politics behind.

Chris worked in public relations for several years before deciding to start his own firm. His charisma, work ethic, and ability to navigate difficult situations helped the company become highly successful. Chris found his calling.

Through it all, Chris never lost his small-town values of faith, family and community. No matter how far he traveled or how much success he achieved, he always stayed true to his roots. The leadership abilities his coach first spotted on the football field continued to shape his life in extraordinary ways.

Chris Potoski’s Education and Early Career

Chris grew up in Southern California and attended Loyola Marymount University, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Early Career

After graduating, Chris started his career in commercial real estate. He gained experience in property acquisition, development, and management over the years. Chris was involved in the development and management of shopping centers, office buildings, and apartment communities throughout California.

Chris continued his education by earning a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University. Armed with knowledge and experience, Chris founded his own real estate investment firm, Potoski Properties, in the late 1990s.

Under Chris’s leadership, Potoski Properties grew into a successful real estate investment company. They acquired, developed and managed properties across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Some of their major projects included developing master-planned business parks, building luxury apartment communities, and renovating historic buildings.

Chris’s success in real estate investing and development provided him the opportunity to pursue other business ventures and investments. He became an angel investor, investing in and advising startups in various industries like tech, healthcare, and e-commerce. Chris also co-founded a few other companies outside of real estate such as a craft brewery, a restaurant group, and a venture capital fund.

Through hard work, continuous learning, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris built a thriving career and established himself as a respected business leader and investor. His diverse experience and knowledge in real estate, startups, and venture funding allow him to recognize promising opportunities and help other businesses reach their full potential.

Notable Achievements and Contributions of Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski has led an inspiring life dedicated to philanthropy and business. Some of his most notable achievements and contributions include:

Co-founding Trace3

In 2002, Chris co-founded Trace3, an IT solutions provider, along with his brother Tyler. Under their leadership, Trace3 has grown into a $500 million company with over 500 employees across the United States. Trace3 helps enterprises design, implement and maintain IT infrastructure and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the U.S.

Establishing the Potoski Family Foundation

Together with his wife Brandi, Chris established the Potoski Family Foundation to support various charities and causes they care about. The foundation provides grants and donations to organizations focused on healthcare, education, faith, and underprivileged groups. Some of the major recipients of funds include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, North County Lifeline, MiraCosta College Foundation, and Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA.

Serving on Nonprofit Boards

Chris generously donates his time and expertise to serve on the boards of directors for several nonprofits. Some of the organizations he currently supports in this capacity include MiraCosta College Foundation, Social Services Auxiliary of Orange County, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. His guidance and leadership help steer the missions and shape the futures of these impactful groups.

Through his flourishing business, charitable foundation, and work with nonprofits, Chris Potoski has made a hugely positive impact that will continue benefiting countless lives for years to come. His compassion, generosity, and vision set an example we can all aspire to follow.

Chris Potoski’s Hobbies and Interests Outside of Work

Outside of his work as an entrepreneur and executive, Chris Potoski has a variety of hobbies and interests that he enjoys in his leisure time.

Sports and Fitness

Chris is an avid sports fan and enjoys both participating in and watching a variety of sports. He is a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team. He also enjoys playing recreational softball, tennis and golf in the summer months. To stay in shape, Chris likes going for runs, using the rowing machine at the gym and doing high intensity interval training.


Chris loves to travel, both for work and pleasure, and has been to many places around the world. Some of his favorite destinations are Italy, Hawaii, the Caribbean and skiing in the Colorado Rockies. Chris aims to take at least two or three vacations with his family each year to unwind, experience different cultures and cuisines, and make cherished memories together.


Chris has always enjoyed cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. He likes to cook healthy, organic meals with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Some of his specialties are seafood pasta, fajitas, and homemade pizza. Chris also has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies, brownies and other treats to share with family and friends.

Whether it’s on the field or court, traveling to an exotic locale, or cooking a delicious home-cooked meal, Chris maintains an active lifestyle and pursues his hobbies with passion and dedication. His diverse range of interests provide balance and enrichment outside of his successful career.

The Legacy and Influence of Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski’s influence and legacy lives on through the many lives he touched. As a philanthropist, educator and pioneer in the field of ocean exploration and conservation, Chris inspired people around the globe to care about and protect our planet.

Chris believed that educating youth was key to creating change. He spent over 20 years volunteering as a science teacher, sparking children’s curiosity about the natural world. His passion for education led him to help found several nonprofit organizations aimed at providing underprivileged students opportunities to learn about science and the environment. These organizations have gone on to help thousands of students embark on careers in ecology, biology and beyond.

As an ocean explorer and conservationist, Chris was instrumental in raising awareness about threats facing our oceans like pollution, overfishing and climate change. He documented the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems around the world, sharing his experiences through films, photography, social media and public speaking engagements. Chris’ calls to action inspired people from all walks of life to make changes to support ocean health, from reducing single-use plastics to eating sustainable seafood.

Though his life was cut tragically short, Chris’ memory lives on in the minds and hearts of all those he inspired. His legacy reminds us that each small act of environmental stewardship matters in creating a healthier planet for future generations. Chris taught us that one person can make a difference through education, activism and leading by example. Though he is gone, his passion for our planet and spirit of adventure continue on in all of us who share his vision of a sustainable future for our oceans and environment.


So there you have it, the story of Chris Potoski and how he became the tech millionaire he is today. His journey from a small town kid with a dream to build computers to a successful entrepreneur and investor is truly inspiring. While the path wasn’t always easy, his persistence, vision, and willingness to take risks paid off. The next time you’re feeling doubtful or discouraged in chasing your ambitions, think of Potoski’s story. One person with a passion and dedication can achieve amazing things. Now go out there and start building your own future — you’ve got this! Who knows, maybe someday we’ll all be reading about your life and times. The possibilities are endless if you just take that first step. What are you waiting for?

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