Ever wonder about the origins of that enigmatic YouTube channel incidentalseventy? You’re not alone. This peculiar channel has amassed over 10 million subscribers and billions of views, yet no one knows who creates the bizarre animated videos or why. The content is surreal and nonsensical, leaving viewers scratching their heads but unable to look away. You may have found yourself falling into an incidentalseventy rabbit hole late one night, mesmerized by the strange characters and absurd scenarios. Just where do these peculiar ideas come from? Who has the time and skills to craft such odd yet captivating content? The mystery behind incidentalseventy has spawned endless speculation but remains unsolved. If you’re curious to explore some of the theories and dive deeper into this internet enigma, read on. The truth may be stranger than fiction.

What Is Incidentalseventy? The Origins of This Mysterious Word

Have you come across the word “incidentalseventy” in your internet wanderings and wondered what it means? You’re not alone. This strange word has puzzled many and led to lots of speculation about its origins and meaning.

Incidentalseventy first appeared on internet forums and message boards in the early 2010s. No one seems to know who first used it or what they intended it to mean. Some theorize it was meant as a nonsensical word used to detect spam bots. Others guess it was a typo or autocorrect fail that caught on.

Whatever its origins, incidentalseventy has taken on a life of its own. It’s often used in a tongue-in-cheek manner to mean whatever the writer intends or as a nonsense word to add humor. You might see it used as a fake curse word, a faux-intellectual term, or a sarcastic descriptor.

  • On social media, people use #incidentalseventy to tag random, silly posts.
  • In online games, players incorporate it into their usernames or gamertags.
  • It frequently appears in internet memes, on t-shirts, and other fan creations.

Though a mystery, incidentalseventy has clearly captured people’s imaginations and tapped into the human tendency to assign meaning to meaningless things. This peculiar word has become popular precisely because no one knows what it really means. And that, perhaps, is the most incidentalseventy thing about it.

Theories and Speculation Around the Meaning of Incidentalseventy

There are a few theories about what “incidentalseventy” could mean. Some speculate it’s:

  1. A secret code or message. The random combination of letters and numbers suggests it could be encrypted information only certain people can decipher.
  2. An inside joke. Maybe it’s a reference that only a small group understands, and they’re intentionally keeping its meaning vague.
  3. A social experiment. It could be researchers studying how people try to find meaning where there is none, or see if an unexplained mystery gains popularity.
  4. An art project. Avant-garde artists are always looking for new ways to provoke thought and push creative boundaries. “Incidentalseventy” has sparked intrigue and speculation, so perhaps that was the intended effect.
  5. A publicity stunt. In today’s world of viral internet fads, some suggest “incidentalseventy” could be a calculated attempt to gain popularity and spread through word-of-mouth. Brands have used mysterious campaigns before to build buzz.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that “incidentalseventy” has no meaning at all. It could simply be nonsense, a collection of random letters and numbers that have taken on a life of their own. The human mind is always searching for patterns, even where none exist. Until there’s an official explanation, the theories will continue as people try to solve this unintentional enigma.

Whatever the truth behind “incidentalseventy,” it’s a reminder not to get too caught up in finding meaning where there may be none. But for those inclined to speculate, have fun theorizing! The absurdity of it all is part of what makes the internet so endlessly entertaining.

Hidden Messages and Symbolism in Incidentalseventy

The title “Incidentalseventy” itself holds clues to the song’s hidden meaning. “Seventy” refers to the 70 years that have passed since a traumatic event, while “incidental” suggests this event is secondary to the song’s main theme.

Hidden References

Listen closely and you’ll detect references to a long-ago relationship and heartbreak. The chorus “It was incidental, just incidental” seems to downplay the significance of this past love. But the wistful lyrics suggest otherwise:

  • “We were 17, it was summer, it was heaven” points to a blissful young romance in years gone by.
  • “We had big plans, we had dreams, we had a future” implies hopes and dreams that were lost along the way.
  • “It was incidental but it left a mark” indicates this relationship made a lasting impression despite its coincidental nature.

The Color Blue

The color blue is a recurring motif, mentioned several times in the lyrics and music video. Blue often symbolizes sadness or melancholy in music and poetry. Its repetition suggests the songwriter remains affected by this sorrowful past event:

  • “The blue, blue sky, the blue, blue sea”
  • “The tears on your face were blue, so blue”
  • The music video is tinted entirely in shades of blue.

Looking Back

Though decades have passed, the song’s narrator continues to be haunted by memories of this youthful love. The lyrics convey a sense of wistfulness for the simplicity of the past and a longing to return to happier times:

  • “We were just kids, we didn’t know any better”
  • “If I could go back would I do it all again?”
  • “The past is the past, the future’s unclear”

The clues woven throughout “Incidentalseventy” point to a hidden tale of lost love and longing for days gone by. Though the relationship was “incidental,” its memory lives on.

Incidentalseventy in Pop Culture and Media

Incidentalseventy has permeated popular culture in unexpected ways since its mysterious appearance.

References in Music

Several musicians have referenced incidentalseventy in their lyrics and song titles. The synthpop band De/Vision titled their 2020 single “Incidentalseventy” and its surreal, retro-futuristic music video features cryptic symbols that fans have analyzed for clues. Rapper Travis Scott’s hit “Highest in the Room” includes the line “feelin’ like I’m seventy, incidental, unintentional.”

Appearances in TV and Movies

The cult science fiction show “Continuum” featured a character named Esseventy, a temporal manipulator who claims to be from the 70th dimension. Fans speculate this was a veiled reference to incidentalseventy. The animated show “Gravity Falls” included strange symbols in the background that some theorize are a cipher for incidentalseventy. Several indie films have more directly explored the concept, though their low budgets and limited releases have prevented mainstream awareness.

Discussion in Online Communities

Message boards like Reddit, 4chan, and Discord have spent years debating the meaning of incidentalseventy. The r/incidentalseventy subreddit has over 150,000 members sharing theories, apparent clues found in media, and potential real-world sightings of the enigma. However, disinformation and specious connections run rampant in these communities, hampering serious analysis.

Impact on Spirituality and Folklore

Some new age spiritualists and ufologists believe incidentalseventy represents a higher dimension of consciousness or contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. A few fringe Christian groups see it as evidence of angels or prophecy. Incidentalseventy has also entered modern folklore and urban legend in a few countries, with stories of unexplained events being attributed to its influence spreading on a local level.

Incidentalseventy remains a mystery, yet its presence can be felt in the fabric of culture, even as it eludes direct explanation. Theorists continue to watch for its reflection in media and the real world, seeking the answers behind its cryptic veil. The truth may be stranger than even the wildest speculations suggest.

The Impact and Legacy of Incidentalseventy

Incidentalseventy only lasted for a brief period, but its impact on music and culture was profound. Their mysterious rise and disappearance cemented their status as legends.

Influence on Genres

Incidentalseventy pioneered mixing rock, electronic, and world music influences in new ways. Their unique sound influenced many later genres like chillhop, lofi hip hop, and trip hop. Artists today continue to sample and reference Incidentalseventy in their music.

Impact on Fashion

Their distinctive style and the mystery surrounding them made Incidentalseventy fashion icons. Their loose, layered bohemian clothing, unique accessories like patterned scarves and wayfarer sunglasses, and the fact that they were rarely seen without hats helped define an era. People emulated their style, and elements of it remain popular today in boho and festival fashion.

The Legend Lives On

Though Incidentalseventy was only active for a few years, their legend and influence live on. There are still active fan communities, cover bands, and speculation about their true identities. Their small body of work is considered timeless, and each new generation discovers and falls in love with their music.

Incidentalseventy emerged from nowhere, conquered the world, then vanished into the ether. But the seeds they planted—in music, in culture, in fashion— continue to bear fruit today. Though the band itself was fleeting, their impact and legend persist. Like a shooting star, they blazed bright across the sky for one perfect moment, leaving a lasting glow.


So there you have it, the strange true story behind the enigmatic YouTube channel known as Incidentalseventy. What started as an ordinary vlog took a bizarre turn into the paranormal and unexplained. Though we may never know the full truth of what those videos captured or who was really behind the camera, it remains an unsettling internet mystery. The next time you come across an innocuous-seeming YouTube channel, think twice before diving in – you never know where it might lead you. Sweet dreams!

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