You and your team are killing it. Sales are up, innovations are flowing, and company culture is thriving. But what if you could take your team to an even higher level? What if there were a way to unlock even more of your team’s potential through improved communication, collaboration, and productivity? There is – it’s called TanzoHub.

TanzoHub is the all-in-one team workspace that boosts team performance through seamless connectivity. With TanzoHub, you can chat with your whole team at once, share files of any size, set up private workspaces, schedule and join video meetings with a single click, and so much more. Everything you and your team need is in one place.

No more struggling with disconnected tools that slow you down. With TanzoHub, you’ll be collaborating at the speed of thought. Your team will become a well-oiled machine, crushing goals and hitting new heights of success. The only question is – are you ready to take your team to the next level? TanzoHub is how you get there.

What Is TanzoHub?

TanzoHub is a powerful project management software that helps teams work better together. It gives you an easy way to organize tasks, share files, communicate, and track progress so you can get work done faster and smarter.

TanzoHub lets you:

  • Create tasks, milestones, and schedules to keep everyone on the same page about what needs to get done. Assign tasks to team members and set due dates to keep work moving.
  • Share files, images, spreadsheets, and more in one place. No more wasting time searching through emails to find the latest version of a document.
  • Chat with your whole team or specific members right within the platform. Ask questions, share updates, and make quick decisions without having to meet in person.
  • Get an overview of all your projects and tasks using the dashboard. See what’s on schedule, behind schedule, or at risk of falling behind so you can make adjustments to keep things running smoothly.
  • Customize the platform to meet your team’s needs. Add custom fields, create templates, build integrations with the apps you already use, and set up automations to save time.
  • Get real-time reports and analytics to gain insight into how your team is performing and where there’s room for improvement. Make data-driven decisions to boost productivity and efficiency.

TanzoHub provides an all-in-one solution for streamlining teamwork and maximizing productivity. With the right tools and strategies in place, you can take your team to the next level and achieve more together. Isn’t it time you unlocked your team’s full potential? TanzoHub can help you do just that.

Key Features of TanzoHub for Team Collaboration

TanzoHub has some killer features for enabling effective teamwork.

Project Management

TanzoHub provides robust project management tools to keep your team organized and on track. Create projects, assign tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress. Get an overview of all active projects and tasks on the main dashboard.

File Sharing

Easily share files of any type with your whole team or select members. Upload documents, spreadsheets, images, and more. Grant permission levels to control who can view, edit, or delete files. Get notifications whenever a file you’re following is updated.

Team Chat

Have casual conversations, ask quick questions, and connect with your colleagues using TanzoHub’s team chat feature. Create different chat rooms for separate teams, projects or topics of discussion. @mention coworkers to get their attention and share important information.

Video Conferencing

Meet with team members face-to-face using TanzoHub’s built-in video conferencing tool. Schedule or start impromptu video calls with your whole team or selected coworkers. Share your screen to review documents, presentations or other work. Record calls to share with anyone who couldn’t attend.


TanzoHub plays nicely with many of the other tools you use every day. Connect your email, calendar, cloud storage, and dozens of other services for a seamless workflow. Get all your work done in one place without constantly switching between platforms.

With robust features tailored for team productivity, TanzoHub provides a powerful yet intuitive solution for taking your team collaboration to the next level. Work smarter and accomplish more together.

Integrations That Make TanzoHub Stand Out

TanzoHub stands out from other project management tools because of its powerful integrations. Integrating your favorite apps and tools with TanzoHub streamlines your workflow and boosts team productivity.

Slack Integration

The TanzoHub-Slack integration allows you to receive notifications, view and update tasks, upload files, and more without leaving your Slack workspace. Mention @TanzoHub in any Slack channel to:

  • View and update task details (add comments, change due dates, reassign, etc.)
  • Create new tasks
  • Upload files directly to tasks

This tight integration keeps your team in the loop on important task updates and progress without hassle.

G Suite Integration

For teams that rely on G Suite (Google’s business tools), the TanzoHub-G Suite integration is a must-have. It connects TanzoHub to tools like:

  • Gmail – View and create tasks directly from your inbox. No more losing track of important emails or requests.
  • Google Drive – Attach files from Drive directly to tasks in TanzoHub.
  • Google Calendar – Sync your tasks with Google Calendar to keep scheduling in check.

Zapier Integration

The possibilities are endless with Zapier, an automation tool that connects thousands of apps. The TanzoHub-Zapier integration lets you create zaps to automate workflows between TanzoHub and many other tools your team uses. For example, you can create zaps to:

  • Create Gmail tasks from important emails
  • Post updates to a Slack channel when tasks are completed
  • Sync tasks with a Google Spreadsheet
  • So much more!

With powerful integrations like these, TanzoHub becomes the central hub for teamwork. Connect your tools, automate what you can, and boost productivity. The integrations you need are there at your fingertips.

Why TanzoHub Is Ideal for Remote Teams

Why TanzoHub Is Ideal for Remote Teams

As a remote team, communication and collaboration are essential to your success. TanzoHub provides the perfect solution for bringing your distributed team together and helping you work seamlessly across locations.

TanzoHub’s messaging and chat features allow you to quickly connect with team members anytime. You can send direct messages, start group chats, share files, hop on video calls, and more. Never feel out of the loop or struggle to sync up with coworkers. The integrated chat and messaging in TanzoHub keep information flowing freely no matter where people are working from.

With TanzoHub, you also gain access to powerful project management tools built for remote teams. Create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress right within the platform. Everyone stays on the same page regarding workloads, responsibilities, and timelines. TanzoHub’s project boards give you full visibility into all team projects so you can identify blockers or bandwidth issues before they become problems.

TanzoHub also provides a shared workspace for the entire team. Upload and organize files, documents, images, and any other digital assets in one central location accessible to everyone. No more wasting time searching inboxes or local drives to locate the latest file versions. With TanzoHub, you get a single source of truth for all your team’s resources.

For remote teams, finding the right mix of connectivity and collaboration can be challenging. TanzoHub delivers a comprehensive solution purpose-built for distributed workgroups. With enterprise-level security and reliability, TanzoHub has the capabilities to support teams of all sizes. If streamlining remote work and bringing your distributed team together are priorities, TanzoHub is the ideal platform for the job.

How to Get Started With TanzoHub Today

Getting started with TanzoHub is simple. Just follow these steps:

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Head to and click the “Start Free Trial” button. Enter your email and a password to create your account. You’ll get instant access to the platform for 14 days so you can take it for a test drive.

Build Your Team Profile

Next, create your team profile. Add details like your company name, logo, and team members. Each member will get their own profile where they can share photos, contact info, skills, and interests. This helps your team get to know each other and builds closer working relationships.

Set Up Your Projects

It’s time to create your first project in TanzoHub. Give the project a name and description. Then add tasks, deadlines, files, and comments to keep everyone on the same page. Assign team members to tasks so they receive alerts and updates. Projects keep work organized and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Start Collaborating!

With your team and projects set up, you’re ready to start collaborating. Team members can update tasks, share files, add comments and mention each other to ask questions or get input. Stay in sync across devices with the TanzoHub mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Upgrade to a Paid Plan

After your free trial, you’ll want to upgrade to one of TanzoHub’s affordable paid plans to continue enjoying the platform. Plans start at just $8 per month and provide more storage, integrations, and advanced features to take teamwork to the next level.

In just a few simple steps, you can have TanzoHub up and running for your team. The intuitive interface makes it easy to build profiles, create projects, assign tasks, share files, send messages and collaborate with your colleagues. Give the free trial a try today and see how much more productive and connected your team can be!


So there you have it, all the reasons why TanzoHub could be exactly what your team needs to reach its full potential. At the end of the day, it’s about empowering your people and giving them the tools they need to do their best work. With TanzoHub’s powerful yet intuitive features, seamless collaboration will become second nature for your team. Projects will get done faster, ideas will flow more freely, and work will feel a whole lot more rewarding. What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today and take your team to the next level with TanzoHub. The future of work is here – are you ready to embrace it?

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