Check out in this article the main marketing trends for 2023.

O marketing continues to evolve at high speed and it is imperative to adapt and evolve with changing trends to stay competitive and retain high quality customers.

O marketing, when well implemented, can change the trajectory of a business. Strategies that exploded in popularity in the past are now being pushed aside in favor of new techniques that are much more connected with consumers.

With artificial intelligence, marketing of influence and IF THE dominating the space online marketingit is essential that your company is prepared for these changes.

Going beyond the marketing funnel

For those still using the ‘funnel approach’ and their marketingit’s time to level up.

The ‘funnel approach’ is becoming obsolete and may be one of the reasons behind the drop in sales volume. O flywheel marketingfounded by hubspotbrings an innovative vision about the shopping journey and uses all functions focused entirely on the customer, such as impeccable service, marketing and sales to interact with customers at every stage of the buying process – even after checkout. The funnel approach focuses on attracting new customers and wrapping them in a narrative or service to turn them into tickets. leads qualified.

A flywheel-based approach continues to be used to attract as many customers as possible. potential buyers (leads). Next, you still need to continue to engage and delight customers, even after purchase, which means that the company must continue to interact with ‘affectionate’ customers rather than treating them as unique potential customers.

Shopping through social networks

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this tendency of marketing is already popularizing in many markets around the world. With the click of a button, you can use the tools of the Instagram to provide your credit card details and complete a purchase.

A post where one product is compared to another, using persuasion techniques, for example, can reduce the size of the sales funnel, eliminating the awareness steps that until now were necessary before the moment of purchase.

You e-commerce websites are capitalizing on this trend by using the Instagram, Facebook, pinterest It is twitter to find potential buyers for advertisers and influencers with a simple click.

‘Comparison posts’ have been gaining traction in recent years, and we predict it will be the norm for sales marketing strategies in 2023.

Content customization

Despite the growing increase in artificial intelligence In the digital marketplace, consumers still want to engage with brands, and as automation continues to grow, it’s important to connect with your customers using the new tools that are emerging.

‘Generic emails’ can indeed reach a huge list of potential buyers, but this type of marketing will not be enough in 2023.

emails Custom orders based on customer history and data will trump bulk shipments. Segment your lists email into categories and study consumer behavior to personalize each submission.

The key is to make customers feel like they are being treated individually.

the content marketing

Content is still the king of the business and will continue to be in 2023. However, quality must be the focus, over quantity, in addition to more diverse content. When you’re outlining your marketing strategies for 2023, diversify your content strategy and change the way you engage customers by creating more videos and interactive content, for example. That said, don’t lose sight of the articles by blog, which should be comprehensive and informative, and posted on a regular basis, as they contribute to boosting visibility and a IF THE of business.

Content is the fuel that makes your marketing strategy marketing happens, but be careful, content that is used in excess, that is, repeated many times, ends up saturating the audience, especially if it becomes evident that the purpose of the posts is not to inform, but only to sell, this will be negative for engagement.

Take the time to diversify your content strategy.

It’s okay if you don’t have something to post every day. The ‘key point’ of a content strategy is to attract and engage the audience and not annoy them with low quality information.

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