As an avid fan of anime, you’ve likely heard of Kissanime and may even frequent the site to stream your favorite shows and movies. Kissanime is one of the largest free anime streaming sites, with a massive catalog of content and a simple interface. However, there are some important things you need to know before using the site. While Kissanime may seem appealing due to the sheer volume of content and lack of cost, there are significant risks and downsides to be aware of regarding the legal, ethical and security issues surrounding the site. This article will explore the truth about Kissanime, outline what you really need to know before using the site, and provide safer and more ethical alternatives for streaming the anime you love.

What Is KissAnime? A Brief History

KissAnime is a popular streaming website that provides anime content free of charge. Launched in 2007, KissAnime started as a small site focused on streaming popular anime titles. Over time, it grew into a large community and database for anime fans.

Today, KissAnime offers viewers access to thousands of anime movies, TV shows, and OVAs. The content available spans many genres including action, adventure, comedy, drama, ecchi, fantasy, horror, and more. Both subbed and dubbed versions are provided when available.

To use KissAnime, you simply create a free account, browse the anime selections, and start streaming. Episodes are updated soon after they air in Japan. KissAnime also has useful features like an anime list section to track the shows you’re watching, an anime schedule to see when new episodes will be released, and more.

While the service KissAnime provides is appealing to many anime fans, it does come with some downsides. KissAnime is an unofficial streaming site, so the content is often pirated and of questionable legality. There are also intrusive ads, possible malware, and streaming issues to be aware of. For the best experience, an adblocker and antivirus software are recommended.

Overall, KissAnime aims to be a one-stop shop for watching anime online. If used safely and responsibly, it can be a useful resource for anime fans seeking free and convenient access to a wide range of shows and movies. But due to the legal issues involved, official streaming services are generally a safer choice.

Kissanime has been the subject of legal controversy due to allegations of copyright

infringement. ###

The site provides streaming access to a wide range of pirated anime shows and movies, enabling viewers to watch content that is typically only available through official streaming services or physical releases. Rights holders argue this undermines their ability to profit from and continue creating the content.

In 2016, KissAnime received a takedown notice from Funimation, a major licensor of anime for streaming and home video in North America. Funimation requested that KissAnime remove embed codes that were being used to stream pirated versions of shows Funimation had licensed, such as One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. KissAnime complied with some requests but not all, leading Funimation to threaten further legal action.

More recently, in 2020, KissAnime received a similar takedown notice from Crunchyroll, another major anime licensor and streaming service. Crunchyroll requested the removal of content to which they held exclusive streaming rights, such as Tower of God and The God of High School. KissAnime again only partially complied, stating that as an anime streaming site, they believed they were protected under fair use.

While KissAnime continues to operate, its long-term viability remains unclear given the legal issues surrounding its content and business model. Rights holders seem unlikely to stop issuing takedown notices and threatening further legal consequences. Viewers should keep in mind that using unofficial streaming sites can negatively impact the anime industry. The safest option is to use official streaming services when possible.

KissAnime Alternatives for Watching Anime Online

When KissAnime is no longer an option, you have several alternatives for streaming anime online. Some recommended sites include:


Crunchyroll is a popular legal streaming service for watching anime. They have a huge library of subtitled and dubbed anime, including many simulcasts of currently airing shows. Crunchyroll offers both free with ads and premium ad-free streaming options.


Funimation specializes primarily in dubbed anime and has a wide selection of shows and movies to choose from. Like Crunchyroll, they have free with ads and premium subscription plans. Funimation is a good alternative if you prefer watching anime in English.


AnimeLab is a top anime streaming site, especially for viewers in Australia and New Zealand. They have a large collection of subbed and dubbed anime available to stream for free with ads or with a premium subscription. AnimeLab also simulcasts many currently airing anime titles at the same time as Japan.


HiDive from Sentai Filmworks has a catalog of popular anime titles, including many harder-to-find shows. They offer streaming with ads for free or an affordable subscription for an ad-free experience and exclusive content. HiDive is available as an app on most streaming devices and gaming consoles.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free streaming service with a modest selection of subbed and dubbed anime to choose from. As a legal and legit streaming site, Tubi TV is safe to use, though the content library is more limited. The major benefit is that it is completely free to use with minimal ads.

With multiple alternatives available, you have options for continuing to enjoy watching anime even after KissAnime. Selecting a legal streaming service supports the anime industry by providing revenue to license and distribute content to audiences outside of Japan.

The Future of KissAnime – Will It Make a Comeback?

The future of KissAnime remains uncertain. After the site was taken down in August 2020, rumors surfaced that KissAnime administrators were working to bring the site back online. However, as of early 2021, KissAnime has not yet returned. There are a few possibilities for the site’s future:

KissAnime makes a comeback with a new domain

It’s possible that KissAnime will relaunch under a new domain name and web address to avoid further legal issues. The site’s administrators could register a new domain and upload the site’s content and interface to get KissAnime back online under a new name. While this may satisfy users eager for the site’s return, it also opens the possibility of the new site facing the same copyright challenges and subsequent removal.

KissAnime remains permanently shut down

Given the number of cease and desist orders and legal actions taken against KissAnime, the site may remain permanently closed to avoid further legal consequences. The administrators behind KissAnime likely want to avoid facing criminal charges for copyright infringement. Keeping the site offline for good, while frustrating for users, ensures the administrators face no further legal repercussions.

A new streaming site takes KissAnime’s place

With KissAnime gone, a gap exists in the market for free anime streaming sites. Other sites may step in to fill this gap, launching new streaming services to replace KissAnime. Some potential competitors could be GoGoAnime, 9Anime, AnimeDao or similar sites. However, any new streaming site would likely face the same legal challenges as KissAnime in hosting unlicensed content.

While the future of KissAnime remains unclear, anime fans continue to hope for the site’s return or emergence of a viable, legal alternative. For now, the truth about what’s next for KissAnime or the anime streaming industry as a whole remains to be seen. We can only wait and see if KissAnime makes a lasting comeback or if a new contender enters the arena.


In the end, the choice is yours. As with any streaming site, Kissanime comes with risks to be aware of. However, for many anime fans, the huge library of shows and movies make it an appealing option. If you do use the site, take normal precautions like using an adblocker and antivirus software. And consider supporting the anime industry in other ways, like purchasing licensed merchandise. While piracy is an ongoing issue, Kissanime continues to operate and provide content to millions of viewers. Whether you use it or not, the popularity of Kissanime highlights the demand for easily accessible anime worldwide.

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