Well, there you are, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a guy in a bright costume with a metal mask and cape comes zooming up on an angle grinder. What the heck? Who is this nut job? Why is he riding that thing like a skateboard? And why is he headed straight for that bike lock? Oh boy, looks like Angle Grinder Man is at it again, using his trusty power tool to save bicycles from bike thieves. You’re about to witness this superhero’s latest wild adventure. Time to buckle up because Angle Grinder Man doesn’t slow down for anybody. He’s on a mission to grind those locks to dust and return stolen bikes to their rightful owners. And you’ve got a front row seat to all the action!

Introducing Angle Grinder Man – The Real Life Superhero

You’ve heard of Superman and Batman, but have you heard of Angle Grinder Man? This caped crusader prowls the streets of England armed with an angle grinder and a strong sense of justice.

Who is the man behind the mask? His real identity remains a mystery, but this vigilante first appeared in May 2021 when he used his grinder to cut off a wheel clamp called the “Barnacle” that had been placed on a car in Kent. Angle Grinder Man strikes again!

Since then, he has made it his mission to free vehicles that have been unfairly clamped or impounded. Usually arriving on a moped, Angle Grinder Man wheels up to the trapped car, sparks up his grinder, and cuts through whatever is holding the vehicle. Vroom vroom – you’re free to go!

Some view him as a modern day Robin Hood, while others question the legality of his actions. But he argues “I’m not stealing from anyone, just releasing what should not be impounded.” This citizen crime fighter even has his own motto: “Release the Clamp!”

While usually wearing a green and gold costume, Angle Grinder Man’s true face remains unseen. All we know is this caped crusader roams the streets at night, grinder in hand, seeking justice for drivers. Friend or nuisance? You decide! But one thing’s for sure – he’s one unique superhero!

The Birth of Angle Grinder Man and His Trusty Grinder

Who was the man behind the mask and grinding wheel? His real name is Julian Clary, a mild-mannered bicycle courier in England. But when he strapped on a motorcycle helmet and grabbed his trusty angle grinder, he became the crime-fighting vigilante known as Angle Grinder Man!

It all started one day in 1996 when Julian was making a delivery. He saw some repo men about to tow away a woman’s car even though she was trying to make a payment. That’s when Julian decided to take action. He raced home, threw on his helmet, grabbed an angle grinder from his toolbench, and sped back to cut the tow truck’s cuffs off the car. The grateful woman called him her hero!

After that, Julian started patrolling the streets as Angle Grinder Man, using his grinding wheel to cut wheel clamps called “the boot” off unfairly ticketed cars. He also sliced open handcuffs when he saw police making questionable arrests. His alter ego became a local legend!

Angle Grinder Man always made sure to leave a calling card so the city knew he had foiled their unjust immobilizations and detainments. Sometimes he even circled back to pay the meter if a person’s time had just run out. With his trusty angle grinder in hand, he fought parking injustice throughout the land!

Angle Grinder Man’s Most Daring Rescues and Escapades

Angle Grinder Man became an overnight sensation with his bold rescues and wacky antics. Though some question the legality and safety of his methods, he’s gained a cult following for his fearless exploits.

  • One of his most famous capers was rescuing a stranded motorist by cutting through a parking boot on their car with his angle grinder. Though parking enforcement was not pleased, the grateful driver was freed!
  • During a heat wave, Angle Grinder Man brought relief by grinding off the locks of several fire hydrants and letting them flow freely, much to the delight of overheated citizens.
  • When a bicyclist’s lock jammed, Angle Grinder Man zipped to the scene and swiftly cut through the lock’s shackle. The bicyclist was able to carry on his way thanks to this masked vigilante.
  • In a daring display, Angle Grinder Man ground through a thick metal chain being used to lock up a community garden by controversial developers. His act of defiance gained praise from environmental activists.
  • One stranded trucker was amazed when Angle Grinder Man appeared and carved up a fallen tree blocking the highway. Traffic was soon moving again thanks to this man of steel.

Though undeniably reckless, Angle Grinder Man’s wild stunts have earned him folk hero status among those who feel traditional rules and authorities have failed them. His methods may be unorthodox, but this grinding crusader prides himself on helping the helpless. For now, authorities tolerate his antics, as long as no one gets hurt. But they warn that his vigilante angle grinding cannot continue indefinitely.

Why Angle Grinder Man Is Both Loved and Controversial

Angle Grinder Man is a complex figure who elicits strong reactions, both positive and negative. Here’s a look at why this vigilante is so divisive.

  • He’s taking the law into his own hands. Some see Angle Grinder Man as heroic for cutting off wheel clamps when overzealous parking enforcers target innocent drivers. Others argue he should let the proper legal channels handle unfair tickets.
  • There are safety concerns. Angle Grinder Man wears protective gear, but using a power tool to remove clamps could be dangerous. There is also the risk of inspiring copycats without proper precautions.
  • His actions have questionable legality. Although he claims to target only unfair fines, destroying private property could be illegal. This raises issues around appropriate vigilantism versus unlawful destruction.
  • He garners publicity. Some believe Angle Grinder Man is motivated more by fame than by justice. His flamboyant costume and persona lend credibility to this view. Still, the coverage spreads his message.
  • Parking policies need reform. Many sympathize with Angle Grinder Man as a symptom of overly punitive parking enforcement. Though his methods are extreme, he draws attention to the need for fairer rules.

At the end of the day, reasonable people can disagree on the merits of Angle Grinder Man. Is he a hilarious folk hero, or reckless and self-serving? The truth likely lies somewhere in between. But his escapades will certainly continue to amuse, enrage and divide public opinion.

The Future of Angle Grinder Man – Will He Continue to Grind Crime?

Over the years, Angle Grinder Man has become a cult hero in the UK for his daring feats of crime fighting and public safety work. But what does the future hold for this caped crusader?

  • It’s hard to say if Angle Grinder Man will continue his angle grinding antics indefinitely. At some point, he may decide to hang up his cape and goggles for good. After all, he’s not getting any younger! The physical demands of angle grinding may become too much over time.
  • However, it seems Angle Grinder Man is not quite ready to retire just yet. He has upgraded his angle grinding equipment over the years to be lighter weight and more efficient. This allows him to continue his late night grind sessions around London.
  • As long as there are wheel clamps and other metal obstacles endangering the public, Angle Grinder Man will likely keep on grinding. His passion for freeing the citizens of London from unfair parking practices and other metal menaces seems as strong as ever.
  • There is also the possibility that someday Angle Grinder Man could pass the torch to a new generation of angle grinding vigilantes. Imagine an entire league of angle grinding heroes keeping the streets safe!
  • For now, assume that any metal object illegally obstructing or endangering the public is at risk of getting ground. Angle Grinder Man continues his unusual brand of civic service for the good people of London. His grinding war on crime is sure to carry on into the future.


So there you have it, the wild adventures of Angle Grinder Man. From freeing bikes to cutting off wheel clamps, he’s on a mission to fight injustice one power tool at a time. Sure, his methods are unorthodox and probably illegal, but you have to admire his spirit. At the end of the day, we could all use a little more joy and mischief in our lives. Angle Grinder Man reminds us that the world doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Though you may not want to copy his stunts, you can still take a page from his book. Find your inner superhero. Fight the little injustices you see every day, even if it’s just with a smile or kind word. The world needs more characters like the Angle Grinder Man to shake things up and make us laugh.

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