Car detailing is an art. It’s a combination of skill, attention to detail, and the right mix of tools and products. More than that, it’s a passionate pursuit. Tintex prides itself on providing quality detailing services for all cars old or new, big or small. We practice our mantra of quality over quantity with every car we handle. So we ensure that each car that passes through the hands of our experts receives the best possible service. So, the next time you’re looking for a car detailing studio in Portsmouth, feel free to stop by and ask for internal or external detailing – or both. 

External Car Detailing 

We start every external detailing with a thorough professional wash to remove any surface dirt and debris. We use gentle materials to protect the surface of your car. After the wash, we begin the more detailed work of polishing your car to its best possible appearance. Here, we’ll do a ceramic coating, paint correction, water-repellent glass shield, and a clay bar depending on the package you choose. 

Paint Correction 

It’s hard to escape slight imperfections on the surface of your car, whether these come from cleaning with rough detergent, sponges, or dirt. With paintwork correction, we clear these imperfections by:

  • Removing oxidized paint 
  • Concealing scratches, spots, and dents in paintwork 
  • Clearing imperfections such as uneven coating, swirls, and lines from your car 
  • Deep stain removal from your car’s paintwork 
  • Car wax application

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating takes paintwork protection to the next level. It leaves your car’s paintwork resistant to scratches, dirt, oil, water, and stains. At Tintex, we use both KubeBond Diamond 9H car coating alongside KubeBond NanoX which protects your car for up to five years. 

Water Repellent Glass Shield 

Water and water-based dirt can cause staining and reduced visibility especially when it’s raining. We use KubeBond GlassShield to introduce water-resistance capabilities to your windshield and other car windows. The goal is to ensure that water slides off easily and prevent water-based dirt from staining the glass. 

Interior Detailing 

Tintex also offers interior detailing to remove stains from the interior of your car, eliminate odours, protect your interior furnishings, and remove stains from various surfaces. We begin our interior detailing process with a deep cleaning and conditioning of your car’s interior. This process includes vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning every surface of your car and polishing these surfaces. 

Finally, we protect your car’s interior surfaces with KubeBond Nu and leather or Fabric shield. We use KubeBond Nu, which is a nano-ceramic coating designed for your car’s interior surfaces. This coating protects your car’s interior from harmful UV rays, prevents cracking, and fading, and allows your interior furnishings to withstand high temperatures. 

We also ensure to leave your leather or fabric thoroughly cleaned and protected. With KubeBond’s LeatherShield, your car’s interior can maintain the suppleness of new leather and provide additional protection by improving the anti-absorption properties of the stitches. 

We also offer window tinting as part of our interior car detailing service. Window tinting provides you with several benefits including:

  • Internal temperature control 
  • Protection from UV rays 
  • Reducing glare, thus improving visibility 
  • Maintaining privacy whether you’re in or out of your car 
  • Protecting the interior of your car 

When shopping for window tint UK, read through your local window tinting regulations. If you’re not sure, you can apply the “car tint near me” search filter to find local window tinting services that comply with local regulations. 

Maintain Your Car with Tintex 

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. But don’t take our word for it. Read our customer’s reviews about their experience with us. And when you’re ready, bring your car for a detailing. We recommend detailing two to three times every year, but we’ll also provide you with care tips you can implement to keep your car looking polished in-between visits. 

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