The moon is an incredible source of spiritual guidance and healing energy. Learning more about its 8 phases and tapping into their energies will help lead to a more balanced, positive lifestyle.

Lunar energy can be an enormous source of strength. Understanding its phases can help you connect to your natural rhythms, deepen spiritual growth, and foster intuitive transformations for positive life changes. By aligning internal cycles with those of the moon’s phases, this energy can serve as an anchor in your daily life and build strength from it.

Discovering and harnessing the energy of the moon can be one of the greatest keys to spiritual advancement. By tuning into its rhythms and cycles, it allows us to align more closely with nature’s rhythms while better comprehending their impact on our lives.

The energy between the new and full moon is ideal for acting upon intentions set at the start of each cycle, tracking progress toward your goals, and taking stock of how well they’re being met.

Now is an ideal time to act upon any plans you set at the new moon, putting into action those intentions you set at that stage of its cycle.

During this stage, one should demonstrate strength, determination, focus, decision-making, or reevaluation – and also healing and guidance.

Now is an opportune moment to reflect upon and recognize your achievements, while renewing commitment to goals set for yourself. Additionally, now may also be the time to clear out spaces and let go of anything that no longer serves you.

New Moon

The New Moon phase marks a time for new beginnings and renewal, sowing seeds of manifestation and intention setting. Since each lunar cycle begins with a clean slate, this lunar cycle provides the ideal chance to reset and realign energy and intentions for the month ahead.

At this lunar cycle’s New Moon, take stock of what you did and didn’t manifest during its preceding cycle, release any negative energy, and let go of anything no longer serving you. Since New Moon energy is purifying, now would be an excellent time to clean out the clutter in both home and workplace environments and eliminate anything that no longer provides pleasure or fulfillment.

Make this moon phase about your positive intentions by writing them down and visualizing their fulfillment – this practice can strengthen the power of manifestation.

New Moon energy can be very sensitive, so try to limit exposure to negative people or energy drainers as much as possible on this day. Drink plenty of water, herbal tea, detox juices, and light fruit or vegetable smoothies, and go for sauna sessions to release excess weight, toxins, and stagnant energy. Eating light fruits or steamed vegetables as well as sauna sessions or massages may also be great ways to release excess weight, toxins, and stagnant energy.

The New Moon marks a fresh lunar cycle and the beginning of something fresh, signaling hope, renewal, and faith as you make plans to start fresh with all your energy behind you. Additionally, this lunar cycle presents an ideal opportunity to set goals for each month ahead.

At this moon phase, it is a good idea to do a physical and spiritual cleansing, evaluate intentions, and focus on personal development. Also, take this time to set new intentions for the following lunar cycle – creating vision boards or making an altar representing all the positive changes you wish to bring forth is also highly recommended!

This moon phase is governed by Cancer, an earth sign known for self-care and emotional nurturing. Enjoying a relaxing moon bath or adding some gentle summer moon water into your manifesting rituals are great ways to honor this gentle lunation and thank it.

At the New Moon, it is also wise to rid yourself of anything no longer serving you – from relationships, habits, or ideas that no longer support your personal growth – whether this means people, habits, or ideas. One way of doing this would be through rituals such as burning old journals or letters with written explanations as to why these should be released, or cleansing and decluttering your home using a New Moon Decluttering Ritual.

If someone is draining your energy, try spending less time with them during this new moon. Instead, spend time with those who uphold you and give you renewed strength.

This new moon is especially significant, coinciding with Neptune’s retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces. While our conscious minds may not react directly to lunar phases, our unconscious does – so if you are Highly Sensitive it may feel more acutely than usual. Therefore, it’s imperative to take a holistic approach to wellness and practice regular self-care – journalling can also be especially helpful!

New Moons occur once every month and represent a cosmic reset. Now is an opportune time to set intentions for what you hope to expand or manifest as the moon waxes into fullness. Aligning yourself consciously with its cycle creates an effective connection between spirit and matter that can lead to powerful results.

At this phase of the lunar cycle, the moon is dark and not visible in the sky, though its effects still affect tides. Spiritually speaking, the new moon symbolizes beginning fresh with positive energy – it’s an excellent opportunity to set goals or intentions for moving forward. This could also be used as an effective time for writing down or visualizing what changes you’d like in life moving forward.

Reflection can also provide an ideal opportunity to let go of any negative energies that have been holding you back – particularly if spending too much time with individuals who sap your energy and drain you of vitality. Now is an opportune moment to make some necessary changes!

Once the New Moon has come and gone, we enter the Waxing Crescent phase. This transitional stage – when half of the moon is illuminated but half is still invisible – offers more optimistic energy than at New Moon but not as intensely intense energy as Full Moon; an ideal opportunity to start working towards your goals and implementing any intentions set at New Moon!

At this point, the full moon is still some days away, making this an opportune time to celebrate your accomplishments and reevaluate and adjust your goals and intentions for the next lunar cycle. Yoruba and Santeria practice both recognize this time as one for reflection and adjustment as Ochosi, the Orisha of Review and Adjustment rules over it.

Full Moon

At the culmination of each lunar cycle, the Full Moon shines a spotlight into our inner worlds, illuminating any areas that need additional illumination – be they blind spots, unconscious corners, or dark areas that have been hiding away for too long. By doing the necessary work and reevaluating our thoughts and emotional patterns during this time of growth or upgrades in consciousness!

Now is an opportune moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished, be grateful for what life offers us, and release anything that no longer serves your goals. Tapping into this powerful Moon phase by writing out what needs to go – asking the Moon energy to assist – and then lighting an intention ignitor can be one way of tapping into this lunar energy and moving forward with goals.

Sensitive people may experience more emotional outbursts at this time, as emotions become amplified during a Full Moon. To honor any uncomfortable or difficult feelings that come your way during this ritual moon cycle, tie it in with your zodiac sign for added depth of meaning.

Celebrate this powerful moon phase by purifying your environment with sacred smoke. Use sustainably harvested sage or palo santo to cleanse every corner of your home, body, and energy centers; or add grounding herbs like lavender, cedar needles, mugwort, or sweetgrass as incense for added healing benefits. It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature while welcoming love, abundance, health prosperity, and joy into your lives!

The Full Moon is the most intense and visible of lunar phases, providing an opportunity to recognize what’s working in your life – both large and small. Additionally, this month the Full Moon trines fellow water sign Pisces making it extra potent for introspection and uncovering any unconscious corners of the emotional world. Although hard work, such exploration is essential to growth.

At times, this phase can create tension and polarization as well as vivid thoughts and emotional behavior. Instead of giving in to this emotional turmoil, turn that energy into something constructive by writing out your thoughts on paper and conducting a release ceremony to release excess energies – this will clear away space for new ones to enter and emerge.

At the Full Moon, it can be very effective to take some time during this lunar cycle to compile a list of all of the small and big ways in which you are grateful for life as it currently stands. Doing this can help ground yourself with all that’s good in your life while setting an intention that you will carry throughout this lunar cycle.

If the full moon calls you to explore deeper spiritual waters, now may be an opportune time to engage in divination practices such as pulling tarot cards or using pendulums to access guidance. Use what information and affirmations come through from these practices to craft an inspiring mantra that will serve as your full moon intention and set yourself on an insightful journey!

The full moon of February is known as the Buck Moon due to male deer antlers reaching full growth during this time. Take this opportunity to focus on increasing balance in your life by eliminating negative influences or people that hinder it.

The Full Moon marks the pinnacle of each lunar cycle and provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon how our intentions have manifested and let go of anything that no longer serves us. According to some, the Full Moon can help “let go, or make things grow”. Now is an excellent time for doing an intention-setting ritual and writing down what changes would you like to manifest over the coming lunar cycle.

This phase of the moon provides an ideal time for emotional release, so it is a good way to free up space for new growth. Additionally, during this phase, its energy retreats into Earth so it is an optimal opportunity for planting root vegetables or fruit plants.

This Full Moon marks an auspicious time to set intentions, as its force amplifies your intentions. Repeat your intention as often as necessary until it becomes part of you and part of your everyday experience. Also, take this time to do divination such as using a Tarot card or pendulum to receive guidance from the Spirit.

Once your intention has become concrete, take time to acknowledge and appreciate all that abundance exists in your life right now. At this ritual, create a gratitude ceremony so you can express how thankful you are for all the gifts in your life.

This month’s Full Moon falls on Winter Solstice, making this month’s Full Moon an especially meaningful event. Take this Full Moon as a chance to take time for yourself and focus on those activities that nourish and nurture your soul – your worth doesn’t depend on how much work is accomplished each day!

Waxing Crescent

A Waxing Crescent occurs shortly after the New Moon, as a thin crescent rises slowly across the western sky shortly after sunset. The exact position of the crescent varies depending on where you are and its height in the sky, with illuminated areas appearing anywhere along its edges or near its bottom or top edges.

This phase typically lasts until the First Quarter Moon occurs, when its lit portion increases from 0.1% to 49.9% and the crescent can appear either curved upward or downward.

Waxing crescent moon spiritual significance: Now is an excellent time to launch new projects and implement changes, while connecting with the Moon as it symbolizes movement. Additionally, this phase preceding the full moon can help boost energies for action-taking.

Tradition dictates that lunar phases represent different aspects of life. According to Wicca, for example, the waxing crescent represents an opportunity to add something new to your life while the waning crescent marks an ideal time for letting go of those things no longer serving you.

Names of Moon phases can often be confusing. Learning their differences will help you get the most out of every Moon phase and get more out of its meaning and energy. Leslie Hale offers professional astrological readings via phone or Zoom callout, to book one visit her website now!

People born during the Waxing Crescent phase tend to be confident and stubborn in their beliefs, often resisting change with great determination. Goal-oriented and possessing a strong need for accomplishment, these individuals make great leaders. It’s a good time to continue working on something you began during the New Moon Phase while remaining committed and connected to your intuition so you can hear what Spirit is trying to tell you.

Waxing Crescent energy can be particularly charged and emotional for those feeling vulnerable, so finding healthy ways of expressing emotions – such as journaling or connecting with nature – may help. Furthermore, now is also a good time to tune into our intuition and seek guidance from the Universe on our goals as there’s an abundance of energy and momentum at play that could assist with realizing them more quickly.

The lunar cycle and its phases have long been used as an aid in finding balance within ourselves and in society as a whole. Through ritual and honoring its cycles, people can better align their natural ebb and flow with universal energies that surround us all – giving birth to deeper connections with the Goddess as they learn how to tap into her wisdom for spiritual advancement. Leslie Hale offers personal astrology readings worldwide via phone, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

Waning Crescent

The Waning Crescent phase marks a transitional period between the Full Moon and New Moon phases, providing an ideal time for reflection and review. Take stock of what manifested during the New Moon phase; how well your manifestations came true or let go of things no longer serving you to prepare for what lies ahead. This may also be a powerful time to let go of what no longer serves you while planning for what comes next.

At this transitional phase of lunar illumination, the moon illuminates on its right side (if seen from the Northern Hemisphere). This phase is also known as the Third Quarter or Last Quarter as light is gradually diminished each night until eventually, it fades completely and becomes invisible again.

Purple Moon women can experience an intense feeling during this in-between moon phase if their bleeding occurs near the end of this lunar cycle. This time is an opportunity, to be honest with yourself and work toward letting go of anything no longer serving your higher purpose or aligning with your soul, which is essential in living an empowered, fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle. By letting go of things no longer serving you, your energy can expand towards realizing your wildest dreams!

At times it can be tricky to tell whether the moon is waxing or waning. An easy way to tell is to hold out your hand with thumb and forefinger forming an inverted C curve with thumb at center – if your moon fits within this curve it indicates waxing (increasing); otherwise, it signifies decreasing. Don’t be alarmed if your moon seems dimmer!

Waxing Gibbous

After the First Quarter has passed, this stage occurs when more than half but not quite all of the moon’s surface has become illuminated. This period provides an ideal opportunity to review what has been accomplished since New Moon. Also take this time to focus on your goals, and determine which ones need more aggressive progress so that they may be reached before Full Moon.

Spiritual people use this stage as an opportunity to remind themselves they are not alone in their struggles, and that things do change and evolve, even if it may be hard to see right away. This process is fundamental – from our bodies evolving through puberty to clouds of gas forming stars in outer space.

The energy of this lunar phase can help propel growth and creation, especially if you’ve been working hard toward your goals. But remember: this lunar phase serves as a prelude to the Full Moon – with its promise of completion and abundance – so while growth and expansion should remain top priorities, don’t forget to allow yourself some downtime from reaching those goals!

For people with natural leadership abilities, this phase can be transformational. Your abilities allow you to form deep connections with other people while forging your path based on intuition alone. Trust that anything you set your mind to can be accomplished. Your presence provides comforting support to others while helping them discover strength within themselves to move forward in their lives.

The waxing gibbous moon can help build momentum for new intentions set at the new moon. Take this opportunity to revisit those intentions and put them into action – but keep an eye out; remember the gibbous phase comes before the full moon). Additionally, this phase provides an excellent chance to set micro goals related to larger intentions.

“Waxing” means the moonlight is increasing while “Gibbous” means more than half is illuminated – this phase should serve as the time for fine-tuning your goals once they have been established and in motion.

An eclipse can help amp up the energy of your desires and channel them toward what will truly nourish you on an internal level. Furthermore, this lunar phase can help strengthen ritual and ceremony practices and deepen one’s sense of sacredness.

Born during the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase are blessed with an ability to connect with people and bring out the best in them. You are naturally an excellent leader, ready to assist and guide those around you. Your beliefs and values drive you passionately forward, and your desire to connect with the world makes an impressive forcefield.

Born during the waning gibbous Moon phase can be challenging, particularly if you tend to be intuitive and guided by instinct alone. Finding harmony within yourself and with those around you is often your driving motivation; now is an opportune time to assess relationships to see where improvements could be made and be kind to yourself as much as possible.

As with the full moon, this waxing gibbous period provides us with an opportunity to take steps that reflect our desires and manifestations. But unlike its counterpart, this period allows for refinement as it allows you to focus on all the little details of life that require perfection to achieve fulfillment in each area of life.

According to That Very Night, an online resource dedicated to astrology and spirituality, this moon phase offers the ideal time for contemplating what’s been working well and what may need changing in your life. Take this chance to let go of any outdated thinking that might no longer serve you and move forward with an open mind.

This phase is often called the development moon as it represents growth and fruition on a wide variety of scales – be it plants turning into flowers, humans going through puberty, or stars emerging from giant gas clouds. Each step in this journey requires patience and persistence – just like life itself.

Strengthen relationships by connecting on a deeper level. Make the most of this opportunity to focus on your relationships with partners, family, friends, or anyone else in your life; show kindness, compassion, and forgiveness during this special time of the year!

It is an exciting moon phase that marks a new chapter. Take all that has been learned in previous phases and put it into action, then celebrate what you’ve accomplished and learned as the full moon arrives.

Waning Gibbous

The spiritual meaning of a waning gibbous moon is one of re-establishing equilibrium. This phase offers you a chance to break free from any chains that have kept you stuck or limited your growth, so now is an excellent time to focus on expanding your life as much as possible.

This phase also serves as an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments during this lunar cycle. If you’ve worked hard towards reaching your goal, now is an opportune moment to celebrate that success! That Very Night’s spiritual interpretation of the waning gibbous moon spiritual meaning reminds us that hard work should also be conducted in an eco-friendly and natural manner.

As a baby born during a waning gibbous moon phase, you likely possess the natural intuitive ability that allows you to tap into your spiritual side. Additionally, this moon sign makes for great mentorship opportunities as you can guide others along their paths – though remember not to become too perfectionistic with their guidance; people should make mistakes too!

People born during this lunar phase tend to possess intellectual sophistication that allows them to quickly absorb knowledge and glean insights from experiences. Furthermore, they’re adept at tapping into their spiritual side and often feel profound empathy – though some may become overly controlling in relationships. 

It is therefore essential for waning gibbous moon babies to remain mindful of how they express their emotions so as not to allow them to overrun their lives; meditation or other self-care practices can help waning gibbous moon babies remain grounded.


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