The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been hiding a few a laugh and intriguing Easter eggs because it first debuted in 1993. These secret capabilities and layout factors are peppered for the duration of the vehicle and function as a way for designers to inject character and pleasure drivers. Keep reading to analyze all approximately the best easter eggs found in the iconic Grand Cherokee models through the years.

The Origins of Jeep Easter Eggs

Jeep designers started incorporating hidden “gems” into their fashions within the late Nineties. It began small via engraving little animal silhouettes into difficult-to-discover areas or including discreet badge information. As time went on, Jeep became an artwork form in its own right. This small info that most effective real fanatics may additionally be aware of also serves as a way for designers to sign their paintings and go away a non-public touch at the motors they labored so difficult to create.

How to Locate the Easter Eggs

Many Jeep easter eggs are well-camouflaged and blend seamlessly into numerous surfaces and components inside the interior and exterior. Some beneficial recommendations for easter egg searching for your Grand Cherokee include:

  • Searching inside storage compartments, under seats, and behind panels
  • Looking closely at badging on wheels, doors, mirrors, and graphics
  • Running your hands across texture surfaces to feel for etchings
  • Scanning for clues during your usual routine around the vehicle

Top Grand Cherokee Easter Eggs Revealed

Here are five of the best and most surprising easter eggs that Jeep has included in its beloved Grand Cherokee for drivers to discover:

  1. Tail Light Spider Web Crack open the red tail light panel and etchings of a tiny spider web reveal themselves across the inside lens. This creepy crawly edition first appeared in the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  2. Summit Logo Lizard The luxurious Summit edition features a tiny lizard logo etched underneath the front driver’s side door handle pull cup. It’s placed just under the Summit badge in a location that’s easy to miss.
  3. Jeep Grille in Storage Lid Lift up the storage compartment panel next to the steering wheel. Tiny molded replicas of seven decades worth of iconic Jeep grilles are impressively contained inside.
  4. Backseat Bigfoot Passengers riding in newer models should scan the bottom of the back row seats to spot imprints of two giant Bigfoot feet marching across the fabric towards the tailgate. These mysterious prints hint that an adventurous sasquatch might have taken a ride too!
  5. Gecko on Window Switch Panel Front seat occupants should peek just above the automatic window controls on the driver’s door to catch a peek at the mini green gecko that’s permanently perched there keeping watch in the Grand Cherokee.

The Joy of Discovery in Jeep Easter Eggs

Part of the delight for Jeep owners is discovering these easter eggs out in the wild for themselves. There’s a true sense of surprise and excitement when you first stumble across the hidden lizards, imprints, and engravings purposefully tucked away throughout your vehicle’s finishes and features.

So get out there and start investigating every nook and cranny inside and out on your Jeep Grand Cherokee! You never know what fun little gem might be secretly waiting to be found and spark a bit of joy in every journey.

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