Magento comes with powerful features and functionalities for ecommerce stores. But these features might need some tweaking and adjusting to fit your brand, create a seamless experience for your customers, increase brand engagement and conversions. So, whether you’re migrating from another e-commerce site or want to improve your Magento store, this article provides more details on some of the customizations to consider. 

  1. Mobile Optimization  

With more users on mobile devices, it’s prudent to have an ecommerce store that optimized for mobile devices. Start by migrating your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and then you can proceed to customize other features to make your ecommerce store mobile friendly. 

Some of the considerations to make when optimizing for mobile include:

  • A responsive design that displays your store’s content consistently across all devices
  • Adjustable font settings to ensure your customers can read your site content comfortably regardless of their screen sizes
  • Fast site loading times
  • Image optimization to ensure your images maintain their quality, even on mobile devices 
  1. Checkout Page Customization

Cart abandonment is an indicator of a poor checkout experience by your customers. When this happens, customizing your checkout page could help you improve conversion rates. Customizations that can create a seamless checkout process include:

  • Have a short, detailed checkout form. A long form with too much detail and mandatory registration before checkout contributes to high cart abandonment rates
  • Have an automatic calculator that adds up the total order cost as the customer adds or removes from their cart 
  • Include a prefilled checkout page 
  • Include all the available payment and shipping methods
  • Include a customized thank you page at the end of the checkout process
  1. Product Shipping Method Customization 

Magento allows you to customize your shipping method by adding the available shipping methods (flat rate, free shipping, table rates or carrier-specific shipping). Other configurations you can make around product shipping include:

  • Customized shipping labels 
  • Customized shipping rates based on the destination, product weight or other factors
  • Delivery locations 
  • Shipping timelines 

Product shipping configurations are important in creating transparency with your customers and building trust as a result. It lets your customers know upfront whether you ship to their destination, especially when working with customers outside your country. 

  1. Ecommerce Store Configuration 

There’s a default interface and structure you get when you download Magento. Customizing this structure can personalize your brand and help you position your business better. The store configurations that you can make include:

  • Updating general information about your store including name, contact details, location
  • Adjusting product categories and attributes 
  • Search configurations 
  • Cache management 
  • Site security 
  • Custom catalogs 
  • SEO configurations 
  • Custom reports

Store configurations allow you to customize your business to your unique needs, improve customer experience, and enhance security both of your store and customer data. 

  1. Custom Integrations  

Adding third party and custom integrations to your ecommerce store lets you do more and improve your customer retention, checkout processes and business strategy. 

Custom integrations help you add functionalities to your ecommerce store that don’t come with Magento or do not adequately meet your business needs. Here are custom integrations to add:

  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)
  • Content Management System 
  • Order Management System 
  • Accounting integrations 
  • Marketing automation tools 

Get Help Customizing Your Ecommerce Store 

A few customizations on your Magento e-commerce store can make a world of difference in how customers perceive your brand, customer satisfaction and conversions. You can do them yourself or work with an experienced developer to help you through the process. Get in touch with Alva Commerce here for assistance with customizing your ecommerce store.   

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