Searching for the top NodeJS Mongodb hosting providers?  Finding a reliable and secure Node.js hosting platform is harder than with WordPress. 

The Node.js hosting industry is catering to customers looking for JavaScript runtime environments. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore are one of the best Node.js providers.

With DedicatedCore VPS has nodejs web hosting and MongoDB service, you do have root access and complete control over your server environment. Using this guide, you can find the best MongoDB hosting providers for Node.js.

Node.js: What is it?

In the last few years, Node.js has become one of the most popular and loved programming languages. JavaScript and its obstacles are also resolved by this language and its convenient structure. 

JavaScript is now easily accessible to developers on their devices. The Node.js server-side platform is open-source. In Google Chrome, it uses JavaScript Engine V8. Individual machines cannot run JavaScript. 

To limit its use and capabilities, it needs web browsers. In Node.js, standalone applications can be built on devices, potentially resolving this problem. Hosting with Node.js eliminates waiting times. 

Compare and contrast the similar web hosting of Hostinger (alternative)which is capable of offering the most powerful web hosting to get online success faster and more efficiently.

Commercial and business websites use it more. Node.js is a great option for businesses with scalable and fast hosting needs. Your next step is to choose a provider.

5 Best Managed Node.js VPS Hosting For MongoDB Projects

  1. DedicatedCore 

Deploy or install your Node JS application on a VPS. Cheap and affordable VPS with node js server is available at DedicatedCore. First time, choose a very secure and reliable Linux VPS for your node.js development. 

An ideal investment for developers, designers, and businesses using node js VPS hosting. DedicatedCore offers cost-effective node js VPS hosting that will help you grow your online business efficiently. 

Rest easy knowing our hosting support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any cheap cpanel vps server queries you may encounter.

VPS server support systems for node js make deployment easy and efficient. You can expand your business on this platform. DedicatedCore, the best Node.js MongoDB VPS hosting services is fully scalable and SSD-based. 

Cheap node js VPS hosting plans are available with DedicatedCore.

  • Providing the fastest and most limitless SSD storage available
  • A security and protection system that is hacker-free
  • Process and monitor servers in a flavorful way
  • Backup (automated) is provided for free
  • A budget-friendly price range
  • Environment compatible with SEO
  • Support for real-time customers

DedicatedCore offers node.js, MongoDB, and Ubuntu VPS server configurations. 

  1. DomainRacer

Using DomainRacer, you can easily start hosting your website using node js. You should consider cheap Node.js web hosting if you’re running a business in a rapid environment.

The cheap Node JS hosting offered by DomainRacer utilizes self-healing technologies. The guarantee of 99.99% online availability is provided to you. Node js MongoDB hosting websites deserve the best performance.

You can get the fastest loading speed with DomainRacer’s node js control panel web hosting service. Your website’s speed does not depend on where your server is located.

  • You can use Node.js to speed up your site
  • Providing ultra-reliable service with a 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Without downtime, Node.js scales automatically
  • Multi-port Node.Js application deployment
  • Applications built with Node.JS can automatically map domains
  • Free setup support for fully manageable applications
  • MySQL, PHP, and MariaDB support are available
  • The code-writing process is easy to use and involves fewer risks
  • With high traffic, page load times should be reduced
  • Install Node.JS with a single click and you are ready to go
  1. Hostgator

In the world of web hosting, HostGator is a household name. The best Node.js hosting providers may not always associate it with its popularity, however. HostGator doesn’t promote its Node.js hosting as heavily as they do its other packages. 

While they may not see it as a big deal, their VPS plans come with Node.js hosting, and their VPS plans are excellent! To install Node.js on your VPS, just contact them and ask them to do it for you. You’ll not only be able to use Node.js from there.

Node.js Mongodb Hosting Features 

Non-Blocking I/O

The non-blocking I/O architecture of Node.js makes it lightweight and efficient. Several Node.js functions are non-blocking, such as readFile and writeFile. Allow your application to continue running while awaiting an operation. 

Once an I/O operation has been performed, the Node.js server will handle any additional requests.

A Single-Threaded Process

For applications that require I/O, Node.js runs in a single thread. Rather than handling requests in several threads, only one thread handles them. In other words, your software will perform worse if it consumes more CPU resources.

An Event-Driven Approach

Node.js’ event paradigm processes events for all I/O operations. Multiple connections can be handled simultaneously by the server using callbacks. It does not delay other server programs from executing.


It is open-source, so Node.js is a good choice. Modules developed by developers can be shared with others. The community may grow as a result. Modules can be customized to meet users’ needs by others.


In Node.js, all I/O operations are asynchronous. The server doesn’t have to stop running other programs to run them. In addition to performing faster, lighter, and more efficiently than other scripting languages, it also consumes less memory.


Choosing the right managed VPS hosting is crucial when hosting MongoDB projects with Node.js. These providers offer exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability. Make the right choice of Node.js MongoDB hosting for success with DedicatedCore or DomainRacer. You can host your MongoDB projects on these options if you’re a developer, startup, or enterprise.

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