Having trouble making decisions on things like renovating your home, starting a business, or even where to find aluminum casement windows? You’re not alone. In China, there’s been a big shift in manufacturing from quantity to quality. 

Especially when it comes to aluminum products. One of those products being casement windows. Their rise in popularity is due to being durable and energy-efficient while still maintaining a nice aesthetic. For the longest time, finding them was a struggle, but with their increased production comes an increase in sellers. But getting the legit and reliable one is a bit confounding.  Here’s some tips on how to find a reliable seller.

Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory

Weiye Aluminium is one of China’s top suppliers for aluminum casement windows. They offer both OEM wooden color aluminum doors and custom aluminum sliding doors. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they also have a wide range of other products that include aluminum casement windows, custom aluminum furniture, and even custom aluminum curtain walls.

With over 80 internationally advanced production lines and an annual output of 500,000 tons. It’s clear to see why they’re at the top. They also have some great additions, such as a large-scale automatic vertical oxidation and electrophoresis production line in Asia, along with a 7000-ton extruder in South China.

They also have three huge brands named Weiye Aluminium, Weiye Doors and Windows, and Weiye Aluminium Furniture that are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, sanitary ware (whatever that means), home decor and office.

JMA Aluminum

As a leading company with advanced aluminum extrusion production equipment, JMA Aluminum is a wholesale provider of aluminum casement windows that specialize in creating high-quality aluminum profiles for windows and doors. They’re well known for their innovative designs and strict quality control. JMA Aluminum’s casement windows are designed to provide excellent appearances and performance. With different sizes, colors and finishes, their customers can pick what best suits their needs. 

These windows are also energy efficient, which can reduce homeowner bills as well as being an environmentally conscious choice. Additionally, they offer exceptional customer service, and the company is recognized for their expertise.

Huixin Aluminum

Got a project in the works? Huixin Aluminum has exactly what you need to make it happen. They carry a big catalog of window styles, sizes and finishes that’ll fit any property. Whether it be residential or commercial use, the variety is there. For example, they offer aluminum casement windows that are durable and energy efficient.

You can choose between customization or have them made as standards so you’re able to find the perfect fit for your unique situation. Their company is driven by commitment, and they strive to meet all specific demands from customers.

Zhejiang Roomeye

Who would’ve thought a wholesale supplier of aluminum casement windows would put so much work into their products? Zhejiang Roomeye takes pride in how smoothly each unit operates while also maintaining security with the best materials they can source. Any color, size, and finish you desire, they just might have it in stock.

Even energy efficiency levels were considered when making these windows, too! Modern architecture doesn’t come cheap, but it can be worth it if done right, and this company is a prime example of that kind of dedication to quality craftsmanship.


Having high quality and low prices is always a plus when it comes to home supplies. The five suppliers above are all known for providing excellent customer service and commitment to excellence.

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