In Brazil, workers registered under the CLT model, more popularly known as the signed portfolio, have benefits as provided for in labor laws. Among them, let’s talk about the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), a resource that the individual can withdraw and use in some situations.

With the pandemic, the lives of many Brazilians became more difficult, and being able to count on this labor right is a way to try to alleviate financial problems. One possibility to balance the accounts is to request the anticipation of some installments of the birthday withdrawal. If you want to know more how to anticipate the FGTScontinue reading this article!

Learn more about the FGTS

This benefit works as a financial reserve for those who have a formal contract. The company is obliged to deposit every month an amount corresponding to 8% of its worker’s salary in an account exclusively for this purpose. This account belongs to Caixa Econômica Federal, which is responsible for managing this fund.

The main function of this benefit is to use it in a moment of emergency for the worker, this is described in the law as a way of giving a temporary support for the individual to maintain quality of life. Among the main situations, the best known is dismissal without just cause or withdrawal-termination.

It may also be required upon retirement, in cases of serious illness, when the individual is aged 70 or over, if there is a need resulting from a natural disaster, in cases of dependents due to the death of the holder, birthday withdrawal, in periods outside the FGTS regime and for residential use.

More recently, other alternatives have emerged, such as emergency withdrawal, extraordinary withdrawal and immediate withdrawal.

How to adhere to the FGTS anticipation?

Among the withdrawal options, the birthday loot offers an extra opportunity. The worker who opts for this modality may receive a portion of his FGTS fund in the month of his birthday. However, when choosing this type of withdrawal, he loses the right to withdrawal-termination for the chosen time.

Faced with this possibility, many banks offer as an option the anticipation of FGTS, that is, the person can choose this loan format, in which he advances some installments of the birthday withdrawal. In exchange, the advance amount will be deducted directly from the FGTS account for the period determined in the contract to settle the credit, in annual installments on pre-defined dates.

So, you won’t need to pay the installments in slips or other forms of payment, as they will be automatically deducted from your FGTS account. For this reason, your balance will be blocked in the amount corresponds to the credit until the completion of the payment of all installments.

Another point is that there is a guarantee of receipt of the amount, therefore, the interest rates charged are much softer than those executed in other credit bureaus. In addition, applying for this credit does not require a credit analysis, making it a more viable option for negatives or people who have a low credit score.

As for the amount, it will depend on the existing balance in your account, that is, there is no defined amount. As well, it will depend on the financial institution that will grant the credit. So, it’s important to pay attention to the balance limits, fees and additional installments to check if it really is a good solution.

It is important to know that currently all banks and financial institutions are authorized to execute this type of loan, being able to get good proposals for low interest rates, in a very practical way over the internet.

For example, an alternative with attractive interest rates, without bureaucracy and in a very safe way and do loan with advance payment of FGTS at Serasa eCredeven for people with negative names, in a simple and quick way.

The best of the loan with FGTS anticipation, is that it does not compromise the person’s income, as it does not need to be paid in monthly installments. Also, it can be hired 100% online, much more practical for you.

What are the requirements to apply for FGTS anticipation?

There are some rules for applying for this credit, which we highlight below:

  • The person needs to adhere to the birthday withdrawal modality, which can be done on Caixa’s FGTS website, or even, on Internet Banking Caixa, at physical branches, and through the apps “App FGTS” and “App CAIXA Tem”.
  • You must be over 18 or emancipated.
  • Have a balance in an FGTS account, whether active or inactive, within the minimum amount requested.
  • Authorize the financial institution to consult your FGTS data.
  • And be with the CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) in good standing with the Federal Revenue Service.

You will also need to have a bank or financial institution account to proceed with the loan contract.

So, would you like to know more about how to anticipate the FGTS? Enjoy and share with your friends so they can also learn more about this option!


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