Online gambling as an industry has grown significantly in recent years, creating massive opportunities for affiliate marketers. Beginning your journey in this space requires that you understand the unique features of the industry including what makes a good iGaming partner, commission models, and the steps to help you choose a good affiliate marketing program. 

What makes a Good iGaming Partner?

As an iGaming affiliate, you can choose to work directly with casinos or join an affiliate marketing program. A program works better as it gives you a diverse portfolio of brands to work with, therefore, increasing your earning potential. That said, before choosing an affiliate program, consider the following:

  1. The Commission Structure 

Gaming partners who offer competitive commissions are the best to work with as they increase your earning potential. There are different gaming affiliate programs commission plans that you must understand while choosing a partner including revenue share, cost per action and combined commission plans. 

While evaluating a gaming partner’s commission plan, go for platforms that reward quality conversions as these are often adhering to various local and international financial regulations. 

  1. Quality Brand Partnerships 

You can tell the quality of an iGaming partner by the brands they partner with. For instance, P4P.Partner runs Spades Queen affiliate program and OneDun Casino affiliate program, both of which partner with leading brands in the iGaming sector. 

Among the brands in the affiliate programs are EA Gaming, Wazdan, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play and EpicMedia, among other leading gaming brands. 

  1. Transparency

A good iGaming partner should be transparent about their commission structures, terms of use, and payouts. You must know what to expect and a system to address any issues as they arise. 

  1.    Compliance and Regulation 

The iGaming space is heavily regulated. Unscrupulous players are often exiting the market, often without fulfilling their obligations to partners. Therefore, before you engage with an iGaming partner, verify that they have the right licenses to operate as an iGaming enterprise in all the jurisdictions they exist in. 

  1. Marketing Resources and Support 

Affiliate programs have terms and conditions on how affiliates should source and direct traffic to their sites or products. Therefore, they must provide marketing resources and support to guide you in adhering to these terms and increasing your earning potential. These resources can be in the form of blogs, newsletters, demos, and samples of acceptable marketing graphics and strategies that affiliates can use. 

Commission Plans 

Affiliates earn by directing consumers to partner brands for a commission, which can be a percentage of net revenue or a cut when new users join a gambling platform. 

  1. Cost Per Action (CPA)

The cost per action (CPA) commission plan allows you to make money when a new user registers and deposits with a brand that’s part of the P4P.Partner brand network. With this partner program, you earn a commission when a new valid customer spends between 100-500 EUR for their first time deposit. 

  1. Revenue Sharing

In revenue sharing commission plans, affiliates earn a percentage of the net revenue that a player generates. Revenue sharing is the most lucrative commission plan especially if your brand can generate high quality and highly engaged players.  

  1. Hybrid   

Hybrid gaming affiliate programs commission plans combine several commission plans. For example, it may combine CPA and revenue sharing models, but also include other metrics that play into considering the commission percentage. Such metrics may include the percentage of sales, location of the traffic and conversion rates.  

Choosing a Good Affiliate Marketing Program 

Whether you are a brand or an individual, the affiliate program you choose will influence your earning capacity. As a rule, ensure that the affiliate program meets the qualities of a good iGaming partner. In addition, they should have open communication, keeping you updated about changes in their commission structures and new features in their systems. In addition, they should have responsive affiliate managers. 

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