Ads without Labels in X, do you know anything about that? Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and social media has become an essential component of everyday life.

However, sometimes intriguing situations arise that make us question how these platforms work.

On this occasion, we will delve into a recent discovery that has perplexed X (Twitter) users.

It has been revealed that X is showing ads in some users’ feeds without labels, making them go unnoticed as normal content.

In this article, we’ll explore this unusual phenomenon and provide you with tips on how to spot these unmarked ads in your feed.

What Happens to Unlabeled Ads?

Advertising on social media is a common practice and, in most cases, is appropriately labeled as such.

However, this time, it has been discovered that X could be breaking rules set by regulatory agencies such as the FTC in the US and EASA in the EU, which require clear advertising labels.

TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez was one of the people who investigated this issue and discovered that, because many ads on X are properly labeled in the top right corner, identifying those that are not becomes a more complicated task.

In her search, Sarah found what she described as “a good handful of unlabeled ads” in her X feed, raising questions about whether this is an accidental mistake or an intentional practice on the platform’s part.

How to Detect Unlabeled Ads in X

If you are an X user and want to check if you have untagged ads in your tracking feed, here is a simple trick you can follow.

When you’re viewing a post in your feed, look for the three-dot icon in the top right corner of that post. Clicking this icon will display a menu revealing important information.

If the post is an untagged ad, you’ll see the options “Not interested in this ad?” and “Why this ad?” at the top of the menu. These indications are clear signs that what you are seeing is advertising, even if it is not marked as such.

What Can Happen Next?

The revelation of unlabeled ads on X raises questions about whether the platform is flouting regulations set for online advertising.

As in other cases, the answer to this question will likely fall in the hands of regulators such as the FTC and EASA, who will need to investigate the matter and determine whether X is violating regulations.

Time will tell if this will have significant implications for the platform and if changes will be implemented to the way advertising is shown to X users.

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Why is it important to correctly label your social media ads?

Properly labeling social media ads is essential to ensuring transparency and honesty in online advertising. Users must be able to clearly identify what is advertising and what is not.

What actions can regulators take in the event of an online ad labeling violation?

Regulators may investigate violations and take legal action, which may include fines and penalties, to ensure compliance with online advertising regulations.

The reveal of unlabeled ads in X’s feed is a reminder of the importance of transparency in online advertising. Users must be able to clearly identify when they are viewing promotional content.

As regulators examine this matter, we will be watching to see if this leads to changes in the way advertising is presented on X and other social media platforms.

Transparency and user trust are critical to the long-term success of any online platform.


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