In the world of web browsers, speed is key.

Vivaldi, one of the most beloved browsers for its customization and advanced features, has taken a big step towards even better performance with its latest update: Vivaldi 6.2.

Windows Portal: The Key to Performance

One of the issues reported by users over the years was speed when opening new windows. Vivaldi has responded with an innovative solution: Portal Windows. This feature, derived from Reacta JavaScript framework, revolutionizes the way Vivaldi handles multiple windows, resulting in faster window opening and a significant reduction in memory usage.

Windows Portal Benefits

Windows Portal allows you to more efficiently share running code between windows. The Vivaldi development team has worked hard on this project for years to achieve this implementation, which represents a fundamental change in the way windows are managed in the browser.

Andre Schultz, one of Vivaldi’s key developers, explains that this code refactoring allows a single script context to run for all windows in the same profile. Private windows run in a separate context, further improving efficiency and security.

Amazing Results

The results speak for themselves. During internal testing, a 37% improvement in opening new windows was observed compared to the previous version. Even compared to a 2018 version of the browser, windows now open an impressive 64% faster. This was accomplished on a machine equipped with a processor Intel Core i3 a 2 GHz.

It’s important to note that the exact speed can vary depending on settings, but most users will notice a significant improvement.

New Possibilities on the Horizon

Working on Portal Windows opens up a world of possibilities for Vivaldi developers and users alike. Among the exciting features coming up is the ability to move mail tabs between windows, something that wasn’t possible before.

More What’s New in Vivaldi 6.2

In addition to performance improvements, Vivaldi 6.2 brings a number of exciting additions that make the browsing experience more personalized and powerful.

  1. Suggestions in the Address Bar: Now you have the freedom to prioritize the order of the dropdown menu, adapting it to your specific needs. You can hide categories and select their priority, from bookmarks to search history.
  2. Geolocation on MacOS: Vivaldi for MacOS now matches the functionality of its Windows counterpart by using MacOS’s built-in CoreLocation system. This is useful when you want a website to provide you with a local map, routes, or nearby restaurant suggestions.
  3. Button to Clear Navigation Data: This handy button in the history panel allows you to quickly delete your recent browsing data and history. With just one click, you can maintain your privacy and maintain a clutter-free browsing experience.
  4. Improvements in Vivaldi Mail 1.7: Vivaldi Mail version 1.7 introduces new mail filters that improve the user experience. You can customize them to your preferences, whether you prefer individual icons or text labels.
  5. Support for FastMail OAuth Login Method: You can now seamlessly log into your FastMail accounts using the OAuth login method, eliminating the need for application-specific passwords.


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