Many people want to know what the acronym serp is, a word often used in content marketing. Therefore, we have prepared this complete article that answers everything you need to know.

The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the result displayed by search engines when the user enters the keyword in the search box and presses “Enter”. To have a good ranking in search engines, investing in the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies is essential.

Thus, knowing a little more about the SERP is important to increase the visibility of your site. Since you will understand how the results page of Google and other search engines work. Thinking about it, we prepared a complete content with everything you need to know about what SERP is.

What is SERP?

First of all, if you are looking to improve the reach of your website and make it appear on the first page of Google results, it is also necessary to invest in other SEO tools. hire a link building agency Brazil, or with other specialties is quite interesting in building a quality SEO and SERP strategy. That’s because, nobody better than experts to boost your website.

SERP pages mostly show organic traffic results and also show ten results per page. Through them it is possible to understand the science behind Google, truly understanding how a search is performed.

The SERP is made up of 10 result pages and each result has an excerpt, that is, a summary of the page with the title, the link and a short description of the content. In some cases, links to websites are also included in the snippet, when Google considers the website to be more relevant.

How important is the SERP in relation to SEO?

Knowing the SERP and its features, it is possible to create much more effective SEO strategies. It’s a way to get to know the competition, unravel their strategies and, consequently, create more efficient responses to their actions, for example, thinking about investing in ads or featured snippets.

Unlike the order of links in organic search and sponsored content, snippets follow the convention that privileges the user experience. This means, for example, that your content can be more prominent than your competitors because it is built with elements that support your presentation in snippets, but not necessarily in first place in the ranking.

Main features of SERP

On Google, today’s leading search engine, every search yields a different result. This is because Google works with a tool called Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) which are micro-moments capable of making the results page have different structures and content according to each user’s search. To help you better understand the main features of the SERP, we will know the main features of Google below.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are also known as Google’s zero position, as they are in the top positions, which makes them very interesting. Snippets are direct response and summary boxes that appear with the aim of making life easier for the user, so that he does not need to access the page link to obtain the information.

They can appear as lists, paragraphs or tables and are ideal for providing recipes, guides, walkthroughs, definitions or product comparisons.

Google Images

Google Images is an organic resource that ranks website images based on their SEO optimizations. If you are having trouble gaining space in SERP homepage results, you can focus on Google Images.

Google News

Newsboxes are small boxes containing prominent images from news sites. When searching for a term related to recent news, the user may find this result format.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping results are the paid results of companies that want to advertise their products in this format. They often feature products with titles, images and prices, placing them side by side so users can compare different options.

Google Adwords Ads

If you don’t mind paying to get a good placement on the Google SERP, you can use Google Adwords Sponsored Links. That’s because, you determine the keyword you want to advertise and Google will put you in front of the organic results. However, the search engine flags when a link is paid so users are aware of this.

How to improve the result on the SERP?

Google considers certain factors when searching and ranks them as the most important and relevant results for each search term. Thus, the relevant result is one that brings rich and diverse content, that is, it contains more information and has an organized structure, which can facilitate reading and add knowledge to the user.

Therefore, when creating an SEO strategy, it is recommended to create a specific page for each keyword that your website wants to be well positioned on Google. Working and optimizing some content is a good strategy to ensure relevance and high ranking on Google.

Thus, it is also important to consider the various SEO factors, such as the keyword in the title of the text and in the body of the article, in addition to having a good meta description.


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