Contrary to New Year resolutions that may quickly fall by the wayside, having an inspiring phrase as your word of the year 2024 can serve as a valuable motivator.

Are you searching for meaningful New Year resolutions? Consider selecting your word of the year as a better resolution solution. A word of the year 2024 catalyzes to unite and clarify your goals in an all-inclusive manner, rather than using New Year’s resolutions to do it.  

Finding your word of the year doesn’t just involve finding one that reflects your values or goals; it is also about developing an approach and reflecting on how that word has helped foster growth during its first year.  

An alternative approach to making New Year resolutions, choosing a word of the year provides a way of setting goals more effectively while uniting them under one umbrella.  

Your word should serve as a daily reminder to regularly take time out and reflect on God’s work in your life, as well as guide its growth throughout 2024. Additionally, sharing this journey is also an opportunity to build stronger Christian communities within church groups, small groups, or online Christian networks.  

What Is a Word of The Year?  

Setting intentions for the year with a word of the year can be an effective way of setting intentions and setting realistic New Year’s resolutions that don’t feel so daunting and overwhelming. Plus, choosing one can help focus on goals, stay on track, and feel supported by community members.  

Every year, Oxford English Dictionary editors select one word to represent that year as its Word of the Year. Their selection committee not only considers popularity; instead, they consider both cultural significance and linguistic value when making this selection. It is always fascinating to see which words of the year reflect current events or everyday discourse in society.  

This year, frizz was named as the word of the year, surpassing prompt (in terms of AI queries), Swiftie (followers of Taylor Swift in their massive year of success), and situations – showing just how quickly our language evolves and social media’s role can contribute to its popularity.  

Authenticity has become a buzzword of 2023 and an ideal to strive towards more than ever before. Merriam-Webster saw its lookups for this word skyrocket this year due to conversations and news reports surrounding identity, AI, celebrity culture, and celebrity culture in general.   

But remember, being authentic doesn’t mean acting false; rather it means being true to yourself without trying to impress others through superficial qualities or superficial characteristics.  

Other popular words of the year included EGOT, doppelganger, and covenant. EGOT refers to an acronym of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards that can be difficult to attain; searches for this term saw a sudden upswing after Viola Davis won all four earlier this year; while interest in doppelganger increased following news that an apparent submersible traveling towards Titanic wreckage may just be deepfake.  

It is fascinating that the Oxford English Dictionary editorial team includes teams based both in Britain and America; yet over time their chosen words of the year often vary significantly due to our language being global in scope and how quickly a word can become popular worldwide. This may reflect how quickly new trends can spread globally.  

A word of the year is an umbrella phrase, concept, or theme that captures our collective zeitgeist and serves as an easy way to identify aspirations, intentions, and priorities for the year ahead. Choosing one word allows us to stay on track with our goals by giving us a common language through which to discuss them more openly.  

Merriam-Webster selects its Word of the Year annually from the new words added to its dictionary that year. Their editors look for words with widespread appeal that represent society as well as being often used, meaningful, and have greater cultural ramifications.  

This year’s winner is “authenticity,” an ever-evolving word with profound personal significance. We increasingly value authenticity as an attribute that symbolizes honesty, truthfulness, and genuineness – qualities desired both at work and in relationships alike.   

Tech giant OpenAI founder Yann LeCun recently advised executives to speak truthfully and with authenticity on social media; according to an American Psychological Association survey of young Americans conducted recently, over 50% say they want more authenticity in their professional lives.  

“Rizz,” “coronation,” and “dystopian” all speak to our current zeitgeist; each is connected to news events such as deepfake imagery or investigations into President Trump’s campaign.  

However, “rizz” was popularized by TikTok creator Kai Cenat as an informal term for charisma. Merriam-Webster added it to their online dictionary in September and has become one of the top search terms this year.  

Oxford language experts selected their final word after carefully considering its cultural and linguistic significance, as well as how often it had been used throughout 2017. Oxford’s shortlist consisted of prompt, Swiftie (referring to fans of Taylor Swift), heat dome, and situations (an undefined romantic relationship). Oxford selected one word from its shortlist after taking into consideration its cultural and linguistic relevance as well as usage throughout 2018.  

How To Choose a Word of The Year?  

Are You Setting Intentions and Goals for 2024? To help choose your word for 2024, take time to reflect on the past year and what goals you hope to attain this year. Journaling or visualizing your ideal future life are great ways of doing this; or seek assistance from friends, family, and colleagues for word suggestions.  

Once you have chosen your word, try to truly embody and incorporate it into your everyday life. Perhaps framing and hanging it prominently or writing out the definition on notecards are great ways of reminding yourself regularly of its power. The important thing is being consistent when remembering your phrase!  

When considering your word, don’t fret over whether it fits – there are no rules! Instead, focus on finding something that resonates with you and fills you with joy.  

Selecting a word of the year can be an incredibly powerful way to guide you through both its challenges and joys. It provides an effective alternative to setting resolutions that focus on corrective behaviors, helping you more quickly reach your goals.  

An annual theme can provide focus, motivation, and direction in all areas of your life. By connecting your goals and intentions to this guiding word for 2024, you can be certain that they align with your values and aspirations. By selecting one for 2024 as well, you can ensure a more intentional and productive year ahead!  

Step one is to create a list of words that resonate with you, either on paper or using an app on your phone. After writing down several such words, cross out those that don’t fit as contenders for word of the year 2024 and spend some time reflecting upon those remaining on your list; reading aloud may help spark ideas, discussing with friends may spark more thinking or journaling may provide further insight – whatever helps find you your word of 2024!  

Once you have chosen your word of the year, it’s important to begin planning how it can fit into your life. A vision board or list of intentions based around it could be helpful; your guiding word could also be displayed prominently at home put onto phone wallpaper, or made into word art pieces like frames.  

Selecting a word of the year can be highly beneficial in several ways. First and foremost, it encourages introspection and deep thought. Aligning actions with innermost values and goals while providing a constant reminder to remain on course towards them throughout the year is another benefit of choosing a guiding word – it provides support when times get tough while inspiring continued personal development and improvement. Selecting yours could be a transformative experience you carry with you throughout life!  

How Do You Choose a Word of The Year?  

If your New Year’s resolutions have become a futile effort, try choosing one word of the year to set an intention and theme for how your life should unfold in 2024. A word can provide more structure than several complex resolutions and be easier to keep up with than numerous resolutions.  

Start by writing down words that resonate with you, without overthinking. Trust your instinct and go with whatever comes to you first. Use this time to reflect on last year and consider any changes for 2024; consider how your chosen word could help with achieving those changes and choose one accordingly.  

Once you have narrowed down your list, research each word further in a dictionary to gain a greater understanding of their meanings. This step is essential as choosing your word of the year should have a lasting effect on daily life and should have significance beyond just your daily tasks. If you need assistance from friends or family members when choosing, ask for their input too!  

Select one word from your list that resonates most deeply. It could be something familiar or one that has been on your mind; whatever it is, make sure it represents what direction your life should take this year.  

One or more words could serve as your life theme, with each focusing on different areas like work, health, or relationships. You could also choose one word that encapsulates each aspect of your life – for instance work, health, or relationships.  

Once you’ve selected your word of the year, it must always remain visible throughout the year and as a reminder. Affirm your intentions daily by reading aloud or repeating them aloud to yourself as an affirmation.  

Why Choose a Word of The Year?  

At its core, your Word of the Year should serve as a personal inspiration that drives and directs all aspects of your decisions, actions, and reactions throughout 2024. To select an inspiring and guiding phrase that will resonate with your aspirations for 2024 it’s important to take some time to reflect upon experiences from the past year as well as themes that have arisen within both personal and professional spheres during 2024.   

To select an apt theme word, it’s advisable to take time to reflect on past year experiences that have been meaningful as well as themes that have arisen throughout 2024 that might help select something meaningful as your word of 2024 theme 2024!  

One advantage of choosing a word of the year is that it provides a strong basis for all your other goals and intentions. For instance, if your word of the year is “discipline,” subgoals might include exercising regularly, following an evening routine, and being punctual for meetings. By connecting all these subgoals back to your overarching word of the year, you can ensure you remain motivated and committed to meeting them all.  

Additionally, choosing your Word of the Year can be an exciting and creative way to start a new year! Display it on a poster or art piece as a daily reminder. Write it on a notebook or journal front cover to keep yourself focused and motivated throughout the year – then share it with others as an inspiring way of encouraging and motivating!  

How To Use Your Word of the Year?  

Every year, editors at the Oxford English Dictionary select one word that has captured people’s imagination over the previous 12 months and has captured people’s attention as being representative of its ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that year – perhaps having lasting potential as a cultural phenomenon.  

To choose your Word of the Year (WOTY), consider your hopes and ambitions for 2024 from both an individual and professional standpoint. Consider which of your previous choices triggered any memories, helped create plans, or inspired your goals in 2024.  

Once you’ve settled on your WOTY, write it down and keep it visible throughout your daily life so it can serve as a constant reminder. Sticky notes around your house or office can serve this purpose nicely; journal entries could even feature this word and wear jewelry featuring it to demonstrate commitment.  

Utilizing your World of the Year as a guide will enable you to stay on course and feel supported throughout the year. Furthermore, it will serve as an annual reminder of what matters most in life – how you fit into it all and your purpose on planet Earth.  

Finally, it’s essential to regularly reflect on how your Word of the Year (WOTY) has affected your thoughts, actions, and spiritual development. You can do this by writing in your journal or meeting regularly with friends to assess its influence; joining a supportive community like our free FB group could also be an invaluable way of sharing and getting feedback from others on your journey – this way making WOTY truly part of your lifestyle and increasing its chances of lasting impact in your life long-term.  

How To Use a Word of The Year?  

Every year, dictionaries discuss and select their Word of the Year, selecting an expression that best captures the mood, concerns, and significant trends of that year. The word may be brand new or an existing term that has gained momentum through its use in popular culture.  

Picking your Word of the Year can be an excellent alternative to setting New Year’s Resolutions, providing clarity, and helping to align actions with innermost aspirations. Furthermore, this practice encourages self-reflection while making you mindful of your intentions throughout the year.  

To select your Word of the Year, begin by reviewing your past year of achievements, failures, and challenges. Consider what worked and didn’t, then consider where you want to grow in future years. Once you’ve identified areas where growth could take place, identify what qualities or virtues you would like to embody for each area – then use a thesaurus to expand on them further.  

Start by writing down all of the words you find fascinating and consider how each can affect your life in 2024. Once your list is made, select just a few that speak to you and create visual reminders such as sticky notes or wall art that serve as visual cues to keep you focused throughout the year; or write your WOTY on a handkerchief or tie so it stays close by throughout your day!  

As part of your goal-setting, it can also be helpful to share your guiding word with other people, either individually or as part of small groups or online communities. Sharing is a fun way to encourage each other to reach goals more quickly!   

You could even organize regular check-in meetings, so everyone stays on track! For example, meet up for coffee with friends to discuss WOTY in an open and supportive setting or join a free Facebook community with like-minded individuals for added support on your journey!  

How To Share a Word of The Year?  

If God has laid a word of the year upon your heart, there are various ways you can share it. Simply speaking about it with friends and family can build community and accountability; or write it in your journal and reflect regularly to observe how He is working in your life. Another way of spreading your Word of the Year is posting it on social media, which can inspire others and keep yourself accountable to it.

Your word of the year can also serve as an effective mantra, helping to keep you on track toward achieving all the goals He has placed before you. Say it out loud or write it in the mirror to remind yourself about your intentions and goals set for 2024. This can serve as an effective reminder to stay focused and focused on reaching all God has destined you to accomplish this year.  

If you need assistance choosing your word of the year for 2024, check out past word-of-the-year selections or search “word of the year ideas 2024.” Once you’ve chosen your word of the year, take time to consider its impact on your life this year. Once this is complete, set goals or intentions related to it as an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions which may sometimes feel daunting or impossible.  

Selecting a Word of the Year can help make 2024 an intentional and fulfilling year. With its straightforward implementation process and potential to inspire motivation and action, choosing one might just do the trick! Give it a go and tell us your results –  

What Is a Word of The Year for You?  

A word of the year is an intention that guides your choices and actions throughout the year. Unlike New Years Resolutions which tend to be general and broad in scope, a word of the year should focus on one specific area in your life that you wish to address.   

You can pick your word or look through lists on Pinterest to gain inspiration – when selecting one make sure it can easily fit on a sticky note; something easily remembered will help keep your focus on your goals throughout 2019.  

A Word of the Year can be an excellent alternative to New Year’s Resolutions, allowing for greater introspection. Picking one could also inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and provide a mantra when times get tough – for instance, if you tend to wear busyness as a badge of honor, choosing Slow or Steady might serve as an encouragement to take time for yourself or speak up in work situations.  

As well as being an invaluable and positive tool, choosing a word of the year can also be enjoyable! It provides a chance to reflect upon your strengths, passions, and values; how you wish to live your life this year; or even use your word as inspiration to create a vision board to visualize goals and intentions for 2024.  

Some may find selecting their word straightforward, while others might have difficulty narrowing down their options. If this is the case for you, try writing affirmations around each of your top choices to see which resonate with you most; or look back over past goals and intentions to identify any themes or areas for focus. Once you choose one, keep it top of mind by posting it somewhere visible, writing it on a sticky note, or creating a vision board containing this theme or area.  

What Is Your Word of The Year?  

As you select your word of the year, take some time to reflect upon which themes and qualities are most significant to you this year. Doing this can help identify areas in your life you would like to improve upon most; whether that be health, personal growth, or professional development. Likewise, this exercise offers you a great chance to reflect upon past lessons learned and how best they might be applied in the future.  

Once you’ve chosen your word of the year, make it a constant part of your daily life by writing it somewhere visible where it can be seen often – be it a sticky note, planner page, or art hanging in your home – by creating this word as an ongoing reminder it will help guide your choices and actions throughout the year. To add another creative twist try creating a vision board or journaling why this word resonated with you as a guide throughout the year.  

An annual Word of the Year provides an ideal alternative to New Year’s Resolutions and can provide more meaningful goal-setting throughout the year. Instead of trying to change everything at once, your focus can instead be narrowed to one area that can be worked on slowly over time – this enables more realistic expectations as well as offers something to fall back on when life gets complicated.  

Maintaining multiple goals and tasks can be daunting, particularly if you set ambitious resolutions that become unachievable quickly. A word of the year for 2024 could provide the accountability that keeps you moving towards reaching those goals and can inspire them towards realization.  

Welcome aboard my journey this year as I embark upon my guiding word of “abundance.” By choosing to live an abundant lifestyle this year, I know I will accomplish more than ever imagined! 


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