Podcast Tomorrow Is Gone | Web3 for Business launches special series on the possible psychological effects of the next phase in people’s lives

São Paulo, February 2023 – The podcast Tomorrow Is Gone | Web3 for Business, conceived and presented by Adriana Molha e Ana Wadovskiwill launch on February 2nd at 7am on Spotifythe series: The psychological impacts of Web3: what to expect from the new generation of the internet. Over a sequence of five episodes, Adriana and Ana talked to the internet psychology teacher in the postgraduate course at the Faculty of Informatics and Administration Paulista (FIAP) and founder of the consulting firm Playground da Inovação, Fernanda Furia.

A cyberpsychology, in Portuguese internet psychology, acts on the relationship between human beings and technologies. The discipline seeks to research and identify the social and psychological impacts of technological advances on people’s lives and routines, as well as proposing ways to better deal with the profound transformations brought about by advanced technologies in society.

The Psychological Impacts of Web3

The Podcast Tomorrow Is Gone | Web3 for Business will address issues that directly affect our daily lives, over 5 episodes:

  • 1 – Sexuality and online dating (parts 1 and 2);
  • 2 – Cooked digitally;
  • 3 – Childhood and adolescence on the Web3;
  • 4 – Digital immortality.

Web3 arrived with everything. Very quickly, new technologies are emerging, new ways of organizing communities, metaverse, immersive reality and many other innovations. People are increasingly diving headfirst into the Web3, without fully knowing the effects and psychological impacts of this new revolution. Despite the imminent risk, this subject is little commented on and there are no preventive initiatives to contain the possible damages of this new phase of the internet.

According to Fernanda, we live in an era of metamorphoses in the world triggered by powerful technological developments that provide endless opportunities and, at the same time, unprecedented risks and challenges. “Deepening and expanding knowledge of Internet psychology is urgent, not only to cure the ills already installed in our society, but also to anticipate problems and envision ways of social well-being and psychological protection for people”, clarifies the specialist.

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With the objective of generating content and information about the next phase of the internet, Adriana and Ana dedicated themselves to the search for knowledge and specialization. With the knowledge acquired, they decided to share it in an accessible way to all, through their podcast Amanhã Já Foi | Web3 for Business.

Currently, the podcast brings together 44 episodes in 2,000 minutes of content. Brazil and Portugal concentrate the largest audience, followed by Ireland, Argentina and Australia. The program also features weekly specials and series, such as bytes of the week. Every Tuesday, Adriana and Ana talk about the latest and greatest news from Web3.

Sobre a Go Digital Factory

Go Digital Factory is a company that develops solutions to educate people about Web3, Metaverse and the New Generation of Technologies through workshops, lectures, content and podcast. Created and led by women, founding partners Adriana Molha and Ana Wadovski, the company is focused on becoming a forerunner in the generation of Web3 content and information in Brazil. It currently has operations in Brazil and Portugal. The company also offers free content on the GO blog and also on the podcast Amanhã Já Foi | Web3 for Business. More information on site.

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