WhatsApp announced in a blog post that WhatsApp channels are now being rolled out in more than 150 countries. Channels are a way to receive updates from various providers that are important to you. The function is already known from Telegram. You can find out how the WhatsApp channels work here.

WhatsApp channels – Status becomes ads

After opening WhatsApp, you will find the Community, Chats, Status and Calls options at the top of the screen. Yesterday evening the status became a Current tab. This takes you to the various status messages and now also to the channels.

WhatsApp channels – principle already known from Telegram

WhatsApp channels or the principle of channels is already from Telegram known. Many people have one here Channel, which can then be shared via broadcast news. Anyone can become a member, you just have to subscribe to the channel.

WhatsApp states that once you subscribe to a channel, your phone number cannot be viewed by admins or other subscribers. Other subscribers to a channel also cannot see who you follow. The channels are also separate from your normal chats.

The following improvements after the test phase and rollout of the WhatsApp channels

After the test phase and the rollout in a further 150 countries following improvements made on the canals:

  • Improved directory – You can now find channels to follow that are automatically filtered by your country. You can also see which channels are new or particularly active and popular by seeing the number of subscribers.
  • Reactions – You can react with emojis to give feedback and see the total number of reactions. Your subscribers, on the other hand, don’t see how you react.
  • Editing option – Administrators will soon be able to make changes to their reports for up to 30 days before we automatically delete them from our servers.
  • Forwarding – When you share an update to chats or groups, the message will include a link back to the channel so users can learn more about it.

Unlimited users, emoji reactions

With a WhatsApp Channel you can send messages to one unlimited number of users from you. Channel messages are one-sided, which means subscribers cannot respond directly to reports or send messages to channel admins. A response is only possible through emoji reactions.

You can add more subscribers to your channel through this Share channel link gain:

  • External link: You can share a link to your channel on other websites or apps. Your channel and messages can be accessed in WhatsApp.
  • Share in app: Subscribers can share channels they like with their WhatsApp contacts.
  • Browse the app: WhatsApp users can find channels using the search function or in the directory.

Create WhatsApp channel (currently not possible)

It is currently not possible to create your own WhatsApp channel, but it is already described in the FAQ.

To one Create channel,

  1. open WhatsApp on your phone and go to Current-Reiter.
  2. Tap the plus button behind Channels and select New channel out of.
  3. Tap Let’s go and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Enter a name to finish creating your channel. You can change the name again at any time.
  5. Personalize your channel with picture and description
  6. Tap Create channel and you’re done

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