The Basketball World Cup has begun. With full coverage of Jumper Brasil, know where to watch the game between Brazil x Iran, this Saturday (26). The Brazilian team comes from good preparatory friendlies and seeks to qualify for the second phase. The Iranians, in turn, dispute the fourth consecutive World Cup.


O Brazil has an interesting squad for the World Cup. That’s because there’s a mix of young talents with some experienced names. It will be coach Gustavo de Conti’s first challenge in the Cup. The commander played in the AmeriCup, in FIBA ​​tournaments, but took second place after losing to Argentina at home.

The national team, however, performed well in the friendly matches that prepared for the World Cup. Despite losing to Italy and Serbia, he got a impressive victory over Australia. That, by the way, playing in Melbourne. Brazil has a duo that could be decisive: Yago Mateus and Bruno Caboclo. Both won the Bundesliga together for Ulm. In addition, they proved that they belong together for the national team.

On the other hand, there are other names with passing through the NBA. Caboclo is one of them. But there’s still Marcelinho Huertas, Cristiano Felício, and Raulzinho. The last one just left the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gui Santos is today’s greatest Brazilian promise. He belongs to the Golden State Warriors and competes in the G League.

PG Yago dos Santos 1.75 m Red Star
PG Raul Neto 1.88 m Fenerbahce
G Marcelo Huertas 1.91 m Iberostar Tenerife
G George dePaula 1.98 m Franca
SG Victor Benite 1.94 m Gran Canaria
SF Gui Santos 2.01 m Santa Cruz Warriors
SF Leonardo Meindl 2.01 m Alvark Tokyo
PF Lucas Dias 2.08 m Franca
PF Bruno Caboclo 2.08 m Human Reyer Venice
F/C Cristiano Felicio 2.11 m Coviran Granada
C Felipe dos Anjos 2.21 m Andorra
C Tim Soares 2.11 m Nagoya Dolphins

Technician: Gustavo de Conti

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Iran is not a country with a great basketball tradition. However, it has been present at the last major FIBA ​​events. Proof of this is his fourth consecutive participation in World Cups. Likewise, it was present at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. In Japan, they lost all three group stage matches and finished 12th overall.

The selection commanded by Hakan Demir has a duo of respect. Veteran Hamed Haddadi, 38, has played in the NBA. The pivot was in the world’s top league between 2008 and 2013, with spells for the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns. Likewise, winger Mohammad Amini plays for Monaco in the French league.

PG Sajjad Mashayekhi 1.80 m Misunderstanding Zob
PG Mohammad Sina Vahedi 1.87 m Mahram Tehran
G Behnam Yakhchali 1.91 m The city is Gorgan
SG Piter Girgoorian 1.99 m Mahram Tehran
SG Navid Rezaeifar 2.02 m Palayesh Naft Abadan
G/F Mohammad Amini 2.00 m Monaco
F Morning Aghajanpour 2.02 m Yesterday
PF Arsalan Kazemi 2.01 m Chemidor Qom
F/C Jalal Aghamiri 2.02 m Yesterday
C Hasan Aliakbari 2.10 m It seemed
C Hamed Haddadi 2.18 m Sichuan Blue Whales
C Meisam Mirzaei 2.04 m Yesterday

Technician: Hakan Demir

Where to watch Brazil v Iran

ESPN 2 e Star+: Saturday (26), at 6:45 am (Brasília time)

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