You may know Andrew Santino as the hilarious stand-up comic and podcast host, but how much do you really know about his personal life? Andrew likes to keep the details of his marriage and family life private, but we’ve done some digging and have the inside scoop for you. Turns out, Andrew has been happily married for over 10 years to a woman named Ashley. They have two adorable daughters together, Mia and Lola, who occasionally make appearances on Andrew’s social media. While Andrew’s comedy routines often center around relationships and marriage, he seems to have found the perfect balance of maintaining a successful career in the spotlight while also prioritizing time with his family behind the scenes. Keep reading to learn more about the woman who captured Andrew’s heart and the cutest Santino kids taking after their funny dad.

Introducing Comedian Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino is a comedian originally from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles. You may recognize him from shows like Dave, Arrested Development or his podcast Whiskey Ginger.

Early Life

Andrew grew up in a big Italian family with three brothers. He always loved making people laugh and started doing stand-up comedy in his early 20s. After a few years honing his craft in the Chicago comedy scene, he moved to LA in 2013 to pursue comedy full-time.


Since then, Andrew’s starred in shows like Dave, Arrested Development, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also has a podcast called Whiskey Ginger where he interviews fellow comedians and friends over drinks.

Personal Life

Andrew’s been married to his wife, Genevieve, since 2016. They have a daughter named Olive, born in 2018. Andrew’s said having a kid has given him a whole new appreciation for his own parents and upbringing. Family seems really important to Andrew, and he’s referenced his wife and daughter on his podcast and social media.

Even with his busy schedule, Andrew makes time for his loved ones. His comedy also draws a lot from everyday experiences, observations about relationships, and amusing takes on marriage and parenting. This blend of the relatable and ridiculous is what makes Andrew Santino’s comedy uniquely funny and heartfelt.

Andrew Santino’s Marriage to Natalie Santino

Andrew Santino met his wife, Natalie Santino, in 2006 and they tied the knot in 2009. Ever since, Natalie has been by Andrew’s side through all of the ups and downs of his blossoming comedy career.

Andrew and Natalie keep their relationship private for the most part, but you can tell from Andrew’s social media posts that they have a fun, playful dynamic. Natalie, who works as an executive assistant, seems very supportive of Andrew’s unconventional work schedule touring as a stand-up comic.

  • Andrew has said that Natalie “puts up with his nonsense” and keeps him grounded. Having a stable partner like Natalie has likely been crucial for Andrew to pursue his dreams.
  • The couple doesn’t have any children yet but Andrew has mentioned that fatherhood is likely in the cards for them down the road. For now, they seem content focusing on Andrew’s career and traveling together when possible.
  • Andrew and Natalie have a shared love of music, comedy shows, and their two rescue dogs. They lead an otherwise simple life together in Los Angeles when Andrew isn’t on the road performing shows.
  • All in all, Andrew and Natalie Santino appear to have a loving, balanced relationship built on mutual trust and support. With Natalie by his side, Andrew found both a life partner and his biggest fan. After over 10 years of marriage, these two seem to have a connection that will last.

Insights Into Andrew and Natalie’s Relationship

Andrew Santino and his wife Natalie have been married since 2019. While Andrew keeps his personal life private, he has shared some insights into their relationship over the years.

Andrew and Natalie met in 2012 and dated for 7 years before tying the knot. Andrew proposed during a romantic trip to Hawaii in 2018. He has said that Natalie is his best friend and biggest supporter. She has stood by his side through many ups and downs in his comedy career.

Though Natalie stays out of the spotlight, Andrew frequently expresses his admiration and love for her on social media. He has called her his “ride or die” and said she makes him want to be a better person. It’s clear Andrew values Natalie’s opinion – he has mentioned running new jokes and routines by her to get her feedback.

Andrew and Natalie don’t have any children yet, but Andrew has said he looks forward to starting a family with Natalie when the time is right. For now, they seem content focusing on Andrew’s busy career and enjoying life as newlyweds.

While fame and success can put strain on relationships, Andrew and Natalie’s marriage appears to remain strong. Andrew recognizes that Natalie’s unconditional support has been instrumental to his success as a comedian. Though they value their privacy, the glimpses they do share into their relationship show a couple deeply devoted to one another. After 7 years of dating and 2 years of marriage, Andrew and Natalie seem to have found the secret to a long and happy relationship – being each other’s best friend.

Andrew Santino’s Thoughts on Marriage and Parenting

Andrew Santino has been married to his wife, actress Melissa Villaseñor, since 2011. They have two young children together, a son and a daughter. While Santino keeps his family life private, he has opened up about his thoughts on marriage and parenting in interviews.

  • Santino believes that marrying Villaseñor was “the best decision he’s ever made.” He credits her patience, humor, and support as helping him grow as a comedian and person.
  • Santino views parenting as both challenging and rewarding. He tries to make time to be fully present with his kids when he’s not on the road touring. He helps with homework, attends school events, and coaches his son’s sports teams. Santino believes instilling good values and a strong work ethic in his children is one of the most important jobs as a parent.
  • Traveling frequently for work and being away from his family is difficult for Santino. He relies on video chatting to stay connected and makes the most of the time he has at home. Santino’s goal is to find the right balance between his career and personal life so he can be the best husband and father possible.
  • Santino hopes his kids will pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their dreams. However, he has no expectations for them to follow in his footsteps as comedians or actors. He simply wants them to grow up to be good, kind people who contribute value to the world.

Overall, while Santino keeps the details of his marriage and family life private, he has shared his commitment to them and desire to be present as much as possible. His devotion to his wife and children is clear, even with the demands of his successful comedy career. Santino appears to approach parenting with patience, humor, and an emphasis on instilling positive values – much like his approach to life and comedy.

What’s Next for Andrew Santino’s Comedy Career and Family Life

Andrew Santino has had an eventful few years in both his comedy career and personal life. His new comedy special “Home Field Advantage” was released on Netflix, and he also married his long-time girlfriend, TV host and actress Melanie Collins. There’s no slowing down for Andrew, though, as he has many exciting projects on the horizon.

Upcoming Comedy Shows and Tours

Andrew is known for his high-energy stand-up shows and has performances booked around the country over the next year. He’ll be headlining shows in cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, and more. Andrew is also planning an international comedy tour, with stops in Canada, Europe and Australia. Fans all over the world will get a chance to see Andrew’s hilarious and relatable brand of storytelling comedy live.

New Podcast

Andrew recently launched a podcast called “Bad Friends” along with fellow comedian Bobby Lee. The show features the comedic duo discussing stories from their lives, current events, and interviewing other comedians. “Bad Friends” quickly became one of the top comedy podcasts and led to a live tour. Andrew and Bobby have great chemistry and comedic timing, so expect many more episodes and live shows from “Bad Friends” in the future.

Focus on Family

When he’s not on stage or recording his podcast, Andrew is focused on his new marriage and family life. He and Melanie got married in 2021 in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family. The couple had been dating for over five years before tying the knot. Andrew has said that while his career is important to him, Melanie and their relationship come first. Fans can expect lots more comedy from Andrew Santino, but also more cute couple photos with Melanie as they start this new chapter of their lives together.

Andrew Santino has accomplished so much in his career already, but there are no signs of him slowing down. With new comedy specials, tours, podcast episodes and a happy marriage ahead, the future looks bright for this funnyman. Andrew’s fans will be along for the ride, supporting him in all of his endeavors.


So there you have it, an inside look at Andrew Santino’s family life. While he keeps much of his personal life private, it’s clear that his wife and kids are his top priority. At the end of the day, no matter how busy his stand-up and acting schedule gets, Andrew always makes time for the people that matter most. Though fame and success can often complicate relationships in Hollywood, Andrew and his wife seem to have built a strong foundation of trust, support, and laughter that withstands the challenges of his career. If his comedy is any indication, there’s never a dull moment in the Santino household. Looks like Andrew’s living the dream both professionally and personally.

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